MJD for Alphas

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I think CCP should open the doors to Alpha Clones and allow them to fly and use any any module or ship up to a Dreadnought, both TII and TIII included. The drawback would be that the ships and modules normally assigned the Omega classification would have restricted bonuses or traits that could only be unlocked if the player subscribes to an Omega Account.

For example: An Alpha is able to fly a fully TII fit Hecate. The restriction is that the player could choose only one mode for the Hecate. The selected mode would be locked until a full sub was purchased.

Modules would function along the lines of having penalties applied that would be unlocked once a sub is paid for.

This can’t be considered a “lock box” scam either because the Alpha can earn ISK in the game playing for free to earn the ISK to purchase an Omega Account.

(Cypr3ss Deteis) #42

So maybe this is where we differ, because I don’t know what you find fun, but I don’t find killing sub-par opponents (no matter the ship) fun, so providing them with under powered/outclassed ships then asking them to fight just seems pointless.

I want more omegas dying in well skilled & fitted ships, as that provides much more interesting engagements.

Fixed that for you. :slight_smile:


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The whole idea of letting alphas have all ships and modules bit only weaker then omegas is a bad idea because eve isn’t always about the abilities of 1 pilot. The group can be more powerful. And if you made it so no one has to pay to play eve then RIP.

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(Verdis deMosays) #45

If you want to kill opponents in well ft ships, then you agree with me. MJDs for alphas are a critical part of a good solo/small gang fits.

Thanks for your support!

(Dravick Afterthought) #46

You should go into politics, with that sort of
twisted logic you’d be perfect…

(Cypr3ss Deteis) #47

I do.

LOL, no I do not, you’re really not very good at the whole “reading and comprehension” thing are you.

If you say so. But allowing alphas to use MJDs wouldn’t put them in ‘well fit ships’ by any stretch of the imagination.

So in this day and age reading and comprehension skills are very important, yours are obviously not great, to say the least. Will suggest it’s probably best to ask an adult to clarify my post for you.


(Verdis deMosays) #48

My reply was attempting to outline a logical fallacy of yours. You wish to fight players in well fit ships. But you only want to if they are subscribed.

Why does the idea of alphas having access to a critical part of the fitting for ships they are allowed to fly bother you so much?

My assumption is that you prefer farming easy kills with little risk to yourself, because alpha MJD access forces you to commit to a risky environment.

The threat of any BC/BS being able to field a MJD forces people to engage a BC/BS inside scrambler range. That is where those hulls are most dangerous due to neuts, webs, grapplers, and the massive tank those hulls provide. Without a MJD to force people to commit to the fight, or risk losing their target, BC/BS hulls can simply be pointed and whittled down by any ship capable of applying dps at range.

If you believe in good fights, and risk vs reward gameplay, you agree with me.

(Daoden) #49

Giving alphas more access to items removes their desire to plex/sub

(Lexie Huren) #50

That makes sense. If Alphas have access to more of the nice things, and the benefits of being Omega are consequently reduced in comparison, how would it encourage players to financially support the business that provides the game?

Notions of doing good things for some customers, while noble, goes right out the window if a business isn’t making enough money. Can’t help customers if the doors don’t stay open.

(Cypr3ss Deteis) #51

I apologise (to the rest of the forum) for not recognising a troll from the start, well played.

Last I checked an alpha is limited to 5mil - ~20mil SP (thx Kynami Vaille), if you think that puts them in a well fit BC/BS I just don’t know what to say.

Sneaky day later edit:

I think you should have a read up on what exactly a logical fallacy is. Your confused ramblings over what you think concerns me couldn’t be further off. Try taking what I’ve written at face value instead of applying your warped logic to it.

Seems to me you want people to agree with you, even though the only argument you’ve provided is ‘because I want it!’.

Am curious how you are identifying an alpha pilot prior to engaging? Unless you’re already engaging BCs/BSes with a scram, it would appear that you’re out actively hunting alphas, which seems like a really lame way to go about things, but from your previous posts it wouldn’t surprise me at all.

LOL. Here’s the thing, adding an MJD to a BC/BS does not make for a threat (unless your dumb enough to sit still 100km from them), as it enables them to get away… how is someone running away a threat? Wait wait… are you American? And as mentioned above, anyone with half a brain is engaging BC/BS with a scram in case it has an MJD.


(Kynami Vaille) #52

An account that never used any alpha injector or never lapsed from omega at some point may hard cap at 5m SP. Otherwise the actual cap for alphas is a bit over 20m SP.

(Tradulix) #53

Why not implementing more features not to upgrade to omega? I don’t see the advantage. Many arguments have been posted … vote 4 close.

(Verdis deMosays) #54

Cypr3ss, this is a serious discussion. I am not trolling you. I am somewhat frustrated at an endless circle of ad hominems and irrationality from you.

MJD use by alphas needs to be revisited by CCP. I gave my reasons.

You know just as well as I do that alphas need far more than 5m SP to effectively fly battleships. That equals revenue for CCP via extractors/injectors, plex, or omega time.

MJD use for alphas who have trained skills for years allows them to effectively fly two extra classes of hulls. It is simply a core mechanic, and in most cases of max alphas I have spoken with, will NOT be an incentive to sub. What are incentives are T2/T3 hulls, and cynos/caps. When it comes to BC/BS as a max alpha, they become a niche use hull, not a go-to.

I don’t believe I can make it any clearer than that, and if you still need to ramble off character attacks, feel free. Every post gets this more attention.

Thank you,

(Cypr3ss Deteis) #55

LOL, suuuuure your not. And you are by far the King of irrationality.

Not trolling you say? Hahahahaha HAHAHA HA!!!.

This is true, but at this point I’m thinking it’s taking on the persona of the AFK Cloaking thread/s, so best of luck :slight_smile:

My very first post answered your ‘question’, yet you chose to dismiss it, because it didn’t agree with you. Your whole ‘discussion’ centers around “I want to play Alpha and use an MJD”, to which the majority of respondents have said “no” to (in various forms).

I get you think your idea is a good one, unfortunately very few others (inclusive of CCP) agree with you.


(Verdis deMosays) #56

I would hesitate to speak for CCP, until they weigh in personally.

I am promoting a suggestion, and asking CCP to look into it, that is all. One of three things will happen:

1: they won’t spend time on it. In that case, I will keep on with FW pvp and use battleships the same rare bit I do.

2: they will look into it, and disagree. In that case, I will also keep on with FW pvp and use battleships the same rare bit I do.

3: they will look into it, and agree. In that case I will use Battleships and Battecruisers a LOT more than I do.

In any case, it is their prerogative, but given their interest in iterative development, and community conversation, i think it is at least worth broaching.

(Ranar Linyne) #57

Short answer is if alphas have everything they need they won’t sub. They need to sub, not because i am some sort of purist, but because the game needs them to sub. The alpha clone program is just an extended version of the old two week trials they used to do. Everything about it is designed to make you sub, and you should.

(Gerard Amatin) #58

I see no issue here.

On the other hand, I would see an issue if Alpha clones were able to perfectly use all of the capabilities including MJD of the biggest sub-capital ships.

Alpha clones have access to a lot in this game, but there should always be a reason nagging them to become Omega. And in your case, that’s the MJD. If there was no reason for you to consider becoming Omega, then there would be an issue.

(Verdis deMosays) #59

People keep saying “if they had access, they wouldn’t sub.” Let’s look at what else alphas can’t use for a second.

Mining Barges
Strip Miners
Industrial Command Ships
Expedition Frigates
Covert Ops
Sentry Drones
Recon Ships
ECM Drones
T2 Ewar modules
T2 Large weapons
Electronic Attack Frigates
Command Ships
Command Destroyers
Tactical Destroyers
Strategic Cruisers
T2 Analyzers
T2 Heavy Drones
Logistics Cruisers
Logistics Frigates
Anchorable Bubbles
Anything Triglavian
Anything Capital

And yet you still say that if you give Alphas a MJD they won’t have an incentive to sub?

(Daoden) #60

No, it will just remove one more thing that might make them. Alphas should not get the MJD because it does limit them. Again if they want every thing they can go omega either by cc or plex.