"MMO" is a misnomer. It should be "MMAO"

MMO stands for “Massive Multi-player Online” game.

But, based solely on the activities of a large portion of the user-base, shouldn’t it be changed to MMAO ???

MMAO >>> stands for Massive Multi-Advertiser Online" game!

A lot of players work hard to help market a game that not only do they have no financial investment in, but one they actually pay to play! It is unbelievable. They are having “fun” helping a corporation market its product! and pay monthly for the privilege. (Just like the CSM … CSM stands for “Unpaid Workers.”)

Its a serious issue.
And of course Shills and the guilty are going to immediately respond with; “It’s not true! There’s no such thing! Conspiracy Theory!” etc.

But its a phenomenon that has become a staple of our society. Manufacturers will sell articles of clothing that will turn your back into their billboard. And Now Video uploading websites, live streaming websites and other social media are turning kids into aggressive marketers.

Is Gaming becoming a culture of marketing?

Its sad that so few, a precious few, adults can have meaningful discussions. :frowning_face:

What constitutes “advertising”? What constitutes “marketing” a product?

“Hey, have you played game X?” < is that marketing or advertising?
“I’m playing Game X, you should try it, and play with me.” << is that marketing or advertising?

I’m sure there’s a point here somewhere, but I couldn’t be bothered to look for it…


we’ll call you, “Exhibit A”

You can call me Exhibit F. I’m sure there’s also an Exhibit U lurking out there somewhere…


This is an illuminati conspiracy, CCP is with the NWO and have a mind control device that turns players into payers and slaves. :scream:

Also :popcorn:


Thank goodness. I thought it was Russian hackers again.


Maybe there are some reptilian russian hackers among them who knows. :wink:



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Just be a bit less serious and it could be LMAO. :smirk:


In truth, I only hang out here on the forums with my many alts because I’m a paid crisis actor.

Wah wah wah. “Someone ganked my freighter” and “I haven’t been able to login all weekend because of the wardec.”

Still haven’t figured out who sends me the monthly cheques but as they say “Am I bovvered?”

When you talk about WoW, like you did, you basically do the same thing.

I OP a FabRod alt?

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Also, some rather gross and inappropriate comments have been removed. I think I’d much rather you guys argue about AFK mining or something…


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I have a corpmate that likes to stream EVE and Kebler’s space program. He doesn’t have a huge following but he has some.

In theory, he is marketing these games to his followers. However, the game makers have nothing to do with this. They just make a game and if my corpmate switch to streaming WoW, Call of Duty or even Chess matches, it’s not the fault of any game manufacturers. It’ just what my friend finds enjoyable.

So I don’t think it is the game maker’s actions or fault. Yes they want any and all advertisement, but they don’t force or require people to stream. It’s just some people like to stream, some peopke like to watch.

I’m pretty sure he is a Fab Rod alt

If you’re going to hyphenate ‘multi-advertiser’ it would still be ‘MMO’

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