MMORPG: EVE Online Interview: Learning Lessons In The Aftermath Of World War Bee 2

“We’re very used to being blamed for all sorts of things,” EVE’s creative director Bergur Finnbogasson told MMORPG in an interview last week.

Because you are the reason for all sorts of things going downhill after all.

But EVE is a single shard universe. I don’t think it’s humanly possible to be able to decipher these second, third and fourth waves of impact of [the] changes, which always happens. Hindsight is always 20/20"

Players can and repeatedly have correctly explained to CCP all sorts of multilevel consequences coming from CCP changes that CCP said “no one would ever be able to foresee”. Statements like these only go to show that CCP has not the slightest idea how our game works, and they are not doing any effort of changing that so that they can deliver better development quality.

“We have learned so much from this war,” Bergur said with a huge smile on his face over our Microsoft Teams call.

Is Bergur a parrot? CCP said the same thing after the last wars and then proceeded to ignore everything they learned and continued in ignorance of everything they learned.

"… We’ve already done some improvements.”

What exactly? CCP has not improved or reworked any of the mechanics or features that cause the server to always buckle.

“During the war we were looking at server performance, we’ve been looking at modernization of our tech stack. And we have upcoming projects, looking at modernization of our tech stack that will hopefully improve our server capabilities. … We open up for 10,000 people, people show up with 13,000. We expand to 15,000, they bring 20,000.”"

What did I just say? CCP just ignores what they learn and keeps doing what they have always done. The literal definition of insanity. If they had learned something and would actually take what they learned to heart and act upon it, they would introduce ways to disperse these masses that attack a thing instead of forcing people on one grid over and over and over again.

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I think they mean turning Bounties off because for some reason that helped the customers in Null have a better time.

Or something.

CCPese is hard to understand.

They tried that and everyone hated fozzie so…

The problem is no matter how you try to disperse the stack the one who brings the biggest one to the first area of contention will simply be able to snowball that into the others. Every idea that involves spreading objectives to spread fleets has this issue.

Yes and there are far more cases where players claimed it would cause something that never happened.

If you have the community spout out ever probable and improbable outcome some are going to be right.

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While it is true that you cannot completely mitigate all the issues, with spread out FozzieSov, you can at least do something in other systems with just tidi or less tidi while a huge battle rages in one system. It is still better than 10k people on one grid until technology finds a way to actually make that playable without tidi and lag.

We used to have something called Focus Groups in the past that were supposed to be experts in their field. If the same kind of people keep telling CCP that certain thing will happen, they should at least confer with CSM to see if these things are actually likely to happen – if CCP was actually interested in these things. Stupid screeching should be easy to filter out.

That’s why they don’t pay attention to your thread.

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