What is wrong inside of CCP?

I understand that a game needs to change and balance passes need to happen to keep a game healthy. I also know that a game should be rewarding and fun for the time/money invested into it.

But CCP has removed the fun for a lot of the players in the last two years and driven a lot of players out of the game. Since Scarcity started Eve has lost 10-33% of the players. We all see the daily active users on line, we all noticed a lot of empty space and we know there are a lot of angry players here.

I also know that CCP saw a 3-8% increase in profit this last quarter and that open the chinese server is the only reason that happened but the chinese server has not covered the player lose.

What that means is a lot less content.

So that bring us to what is wrong inside of CCP? The last two year has killed indy, killed mining and killed capital game play. CCP prides itself on HUGE WARS. Well without minerals flowing like water or even minerals being in space like before moon mining started, a LARGE WAR will never happen again.

So is the issue at CCP a bad captain of the ship? A rogue dev trying to force their will on the game? A company that spends it’s profits on developing new games in london and not investing it back into Eve?

How has Eve turned in a game I hate and all my friends left? While company does not care at all about the on going damage to Eve and players?

What’s the point of HUGE WARS if people get ships for free?

I mean, there obviously are some things in EVE that could be done better, but ‘minerals should be flowing like water’ is not something I agree with.

Part of what makes EVE player versus player gameplay fun is that it’s meaningful, which follows from the fact that ship loss isn’t a triviality.

When minerals are flowing like water, rocks are endless and ships are ‘already replaced’, EVE turns into a regular shooter.

Now I’m not saying that I understand every choice CCP is making (processed planetary goods from moons, what? :confused: ) but the idea behind the Scarcity phase was good.


Ships aren’t “free” by any means.

Even with abundant materials they still need the tools to collect and process it, manufacture the ships and fits, and then sell them for markup.

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If the prices are low enough they could just as well be considered free for practical purposes, even if someone is selling them for markup.

As they said, they wanted address unsustainable economic activity and capital proliferation. They also did things, like implement PvE mechanics that rewarded fighting, and punished bot aspirant krabbing and trade.

Now, the bitter vets would like to tell you that this is because CCP made the game worse, but this isn’t true… not really. The truth of the matter is that a lot players got upset simply because CCP ■■■■■■ with their isk efficiency and/or their ability to make money through low-attention/afk game play.

Of course, this is not to say that CCP doesn’t make mistakes, or that I agree with all of their recent design philosophies as of late. But I actually do think that they’ve also made some really good moves that have helped set Eve up for the third decade. Thus, imho, the real reason we get so much complaining is not indicative of terrible changes, but of the fact that better vets be adapting and having fun, while bitter vets be struggling and complaining.

I mean, I don’t know about you, but I distinctly recall bitter vets having no shortage of things to complain about in the middle of the age of abundance.

Now, I do think that there are interesting and meaningful discussions to be had about things like designs that encourage conflict, how cost influences player risk taking and activity levels, and how change and adversity affects different players in dramatically different ways. But I’ve got business to take care of, and this is turning into a wall of text. So, I’m going to stop here.

But, I’ll check back in to see if this thread goes anywhere interesting.


The only real problem is that nobody at CCP actually plays the game or really understands why somebody else would want to play the game.


If I was CCP id probably get tired of listening to the same people (not going to say names) that constantly ■■■■■ and moan and ■■■■■■■ whine and cry with ANY change whether it be something that helps the economy or hurts. always the same ■■■■■■■■■■■■■ that are ■■■■■ ing about any ■■■■■■■ change.


I’m not sure if this accurately reflects how he feels, but I feel like he could have phrased things better. So, allow me…

Ships should not be so cheap that even capitals are considered disposable by large numbers of players.

Anyway, I need to go.

look at all the people replying though.

Looks like OP stirred the pot.

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Sorry, the changes are terrible because they don’t seem to be founded on any sense of immersion mechanics.
EVE needs change to remain in dynamic balance (forever), but recent updates have been clunky, clumsy fingered touches that make the dreidel wobble noticeably.

Bottom line is, EVE could have been a Farsite better by now, but it is not.

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it is a simple truth. people we used to play with have left the game. the main reason was the sledgehammer approach to industry in general. I am sure they are looking at different metrics. but i measure my gaming experience by the people i play with. I miss too many of them

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