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‘Avilki’s Exotic Meals’ Prepares To Deorbit Aging Restaurant

FITTAKAN - It is busy in orbit of Gulfonodi XI as ‘Avilki’s Exotic Meals’ corporation prepares their famous first restaurant, The Impulse, for its descent into the ocean planet below. The venerable Gersten-class mini-station had served hungry and adventurous Gulfonodians for over 40 years until its closure last month, but now its tale is coming to a dramatic end, as outlined by its owner and operator, Garle Avilki;

“It is an end of an era. I’ve worked here almost every day for the past forty years, so of course I’m sad to let it go, probably more than anyone. But the operating costs of this 55 year old station had risen year after year, with aging systems requiring difficult repairs or replacements as years passed, so much so that it was becoming an increasing financial drain. As a final nail to the coffin, I couldn’t find anyone who would have wanted to buy it even for scrap, so I opted to decommission it with style.”

No danger to residents of Gulfonodi XI is expected because of the deorbiting, as the station is estimated to burn up almost entirely during controlled descent, and its largest surviving parts are calculated to hit the surface thousands of kilometers away from inhabited areas. As part of the deorbiting preparations the station is being stripped of hazardous materials in order to minimize the impact to the planet’s ecosystem.

There are currently no plans to open another restaurant in its place, according to AEM’s press release, leaving the orbit “symbolically indefinitely vacant.”

The station is scheduled to be deorbited later this week in what is expected to become a small but notable event with many local VIPs, including a number of local clan chiefs, already voicing their desire to come watch the decommissioning ceremony in person.

Additional materials:

A brief history of Avilki’s Exotic Meals

The Impulse started as an ambitious project by Mr. Avilki in late YC 78. Already managing two successful restaurants in Aeddin III offering traditional Minmatar cuisine, he in his own words, “Just felt that I was meant to do something bigger.”

Something bigger in this case was to open a restaurant in space, but not just any restaurant. He needed something that larger stations could not offer for his vision: “Breathtaking low-orbit views, that you were partaking in something special, yet offering an intimate, homely feel.”

Much to the surprise of many of his close friends and family, he then sold his successful businesses, mortgaged his terrestrial home in Aeddin for a sizable loan and bought the Gersten modular station already in orbit of Gulfonodi XI, previously operated by Core Complexion as a minor research facility, and began the work of modifying it to a luxury restaurant.

Approximately half a year later in mid-YC 79, The Impulse opened for business after an energetic advertisement campaign, becoming an instant hit for the well-off citizens of the system, offering exciting mixes of traditional Minmatar food with fusion dishes of Minmatar-Gallente cuisine, as well as local food sourced from Gulfonodi XI.

By YC 90 , Mr. Avilki had created a small business empire, having opened similar restaurants in orbit of Gulfonodi VI and VII, both of which are still in operation and enjoy popularity among business owners, wealthy tourists, VIPs and are popular venues for those seeking to make larger meetings and gatherings extra-memorable.

Garle Avilki, now 76 years old, is the 14th richest permanent resident in Gulfonodi.

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Do you know if there are DUST implants available for those who wish to have a last meal while the restaurant is deorbiting?


That is a good question, but the answer is no. When our correspondent visited the station almost everything in it had been removed, it is mostly just a shell with temporary boosters fixed on the outer hull to maintain orbit and once at the correct orbital point will begin the deorbiting procedure. Clone bodies inside the station during descent would likely also be counted as unnecessary pollutants. If anyone formerly part of the DUST program still wants to try this, I suggest they contact Garle Avilki, as I have no authority on this issue.


Station Decommissioning In Gulfonodi Successful

FITTAKAN - The Impulse, a low-orbit luxury restaurant was successfully deorbited on Gulfonodi XI today, burning up and remaining parts hitting the surface without any danger to the residents of the planet, as planned by the deorbiting specialists.

The decommissioning ceremony was held aboard an ‘Opux Luxury Yacht’ rented by the owner of the restaurant, Garle Avilki, and followed by a crowd of local dignitaries, celebrities and moguls, all previous patrons of the station during its 40 year history.

Ennur V Enveloped In Dust Storms, Winds Reach Record Speeds

EOLDULF - Ennur V is experiencing the largest and most violent dust storms in its settled history, with the entire planet being enveloped in massive dust storms. While large, even global scale dust storms aren’t unheard of on barren planets, Ennur V is also experiencing severe, hurricane level winds, measured so far to peak at 58 m/s.

The colony domes are built to withstand wind stresses that are several times stronger, but anything outside of them is in severe danger, and planetary travel is effectively halted for the duration of the worst storms.

Altbrard VI Celebrates Founding Day

ALMUR - Today is a global holiday for Altbrard VI, as the planet celebrates the day it was resettled exactly 100 years ago. Formerly used by the Amarr as a large administrational outpost for managing affairs in the Almur constellation, it was completely abandoned during the Rebellion and stayed untouched by human hands for over twenty years. As the nascent Republic was expanding and needed resources, the temperate planet of Altbrard VI was a natural choice for a “breadbasket world”, and produces a large part of the foodstuffs used in the constellation to this day.


Dramatic footage from the surface shows how locals escape towards the shelter just before the storm.


Ennur V Dust Storms Wane, Planetary Economy Begins Recovering

EOLDULF - Enveloped in massive and violent dust storms early last month, citizens of Ennur V can finally breathe a sigh of relief as storms have finally receded in the past three days from inhabited areas, having lost most of their power in the past two weeks. While immediate danger to lives has passed, the planetary economy took a downturn as shipments and travel to and from the planet have been erratic at best.

“We’ve been living on government handouts for the past month, couldn’t get any of our shipments out and no shipments means no money. This was the first time we’ve been out of business for this long because of dust storms, usually it’s less than a week, or two weeks at most. I hope this storm won’t repeat itself anytime soon.”
-Mining Foreman of Akopsen, Baur Mald

Economical analysts predict that despite the two month long dip in trade and halted production, the planetary economy will rebound quickly because it is a large producer of noble metals in the Eoldulf -constellation, and industrial centers across Ennur are already digging deep in their material stockpiles, having deeply felt the temporary loss of their main local supplier.


It would be impossible anyway. Warclone implants are incompatible with capsuleers


A great loss, anyone know of any other quality Restaraunts in the area? I’ve gone to Avilki’s all my life.


[Entertainment News]: Minmatar Wrestler Leaves Fans Bewildered in Eram

MEINIGEFUR - Wrestler belonging to the Everyshore Wrestling Federation which is on tour in Republic space, shocked his fans late last night with a dramatic entrance and an equally dramatic exit. The widely popular - and controversial - wrestler known as “Lostar Brali” was scheduled to fight the upcoming star “Double J.”

Brali entered the stage with his theme music and signature pyrotechnic display, which was quickly stopped as the wrestler was not dressed in his normal wrestling attire but casual clothes, holding a microphone. The crowd then erupted in confused booing, prompting the wrestler to motion for people to quiet down, speaking to the microphone:

“Hey! Listen, listen…I got to get something of my chest and frankly I don’t think any of you want to hear what I have to say…

But after that hell in a cell match against Jack-Knife at Stolen Liberty last Sunday; I couldn’t give a damn how you feel about this.

See…It’s said that when you enter a hell in a cell match you walk out a different man. The brutality you face locked inside changed even the most steadfast superstars in New Eden… But I wasn’t changed. All I experienced was realization. See, while you all were sitting at home or in the stadium as Jack-knife grated my face against the walls of the cell. Cheering as I took seven chair shots to the chest, cheering as I get put down for the three count…

I realized that I still am a slave. A slave that gets prodded along on stage to dance for you. To take a beating for your pleasure. Then at the end of it all you got to show for it is a hunk of silver strapped to burnt leather. Jack-knife can keep that title for all I care and all those sheep in the locker room can fight for it to become the top slave in the pens. But me? Heh, you know what I do when someone tries to keep me in captivity….”

Dropping the microphone after his monologue, he returned backstage, pushing and throwing other athletes out of his way until he reached the General Manager’s office, tackling the door, tearing it off its hinges like they were nothing. The GM appeared visibly confused about this turn of events and even more so as Brali then proceeded to lift him up and powerbombed the man through his desk. Brali then left the set as cameras focused on the unconscious General Manager, with on-site medics rushing in to the room.

Though injured in the event, our hospital sources say that the Manager will make a full recovery.

Rumors are abound that this is a new storyline for the wrestler, and reactions so far are mixed both in professional and fan discussions.

Additional Information: Brief history of “Lostar Brali”:

Himri Besi, known best by his stage name “Lostar Brali” is known in the EWF for playing the role of a former slave, one rescued during the Elder Fleet Invasion. Besi himself is a son of Brutor immigrants and was born and raised in the Federation.

According to his fictional backstory, during his escape he killed a minor Amarrian holder by plowing them through their own gold-encrusted table, though no Amarrian Holder family admitted that something like it ever happened. Clanless, though identified to be of Brutor ancestry, he could not find connection to his Tribal ancestry, and left for the Gallente Federation like many before him had, before even going through the Voluval ritual. After series of odd jobs in the Federation he was by chance picked up by a local promoter, and soon rose to fame as a highly cunning wrestler who won most of his matches through tactics and agility instead of brute strength - though make no mistake, he is still over a hundred kilograms of muscle, able to lift other grown men effortlessly for executing wrestling moves.

For several years now he has been a widely popular and also a controversial figure - many Minmatar feel like he is making a mockery of their culture for the Gallentean markets to exploit - but nevertheless he has millions of fans in the Republic as well, garnering interest in this previously underappreciated sport in the Republic by his fame alone.


Massive Anti-Slavery Operation Underway - Republic, Capsuleers Working Together

SAN MATAR - We are reporting from Nirbhi in the San Matar constellation, on the third day of the “Dawn of Liberation” -operation. Hundreds of thousands slaves have been liberated so far from “unsanctioned labour camps” across Amarr Empire, Ammatar Mandate, and some sources claim, in Angel Cartel space, by joint operations of various capsuleer forces and Republic Justice Department vessels.

This operation is planned to last two weeks and coincides with the Liberation Day celebrations, the 140th standard year anniversary of the Great Rebellion that bought through blood, sweat and tears freedom to trillions of Minmatar.

Several capsuleers have voiced criticism of the operation, particularly in that Republic Justice Department operated transports appear to have great difficulties in reaching the sites in sufficient numbers, often leaving rescuers with an overabundance of freed slaves on their ships, as the modified Wreathe -class transports seem to have sacrificed a great deal of transport room in exchange for exceptional maneuverability and countermeasures to be able to move through Amarrian- and their allies territories without being intercepted.

The lack of sufficient numbers of transports has to the horror of many, led to unconfirmed reports that some capsuleers have simply abandoned unknown numbers of “surplus” slaves to their fates in jettisonable cargo containers, which aren’t built to last in vacuum for more than a couple of hours, effectively meaning in most cases abandoning these people to their deaths.

No official statements regarding these criticisms and reports have so far been released.

Rectification: The transports were previously erroneously referred to as Mammoth -class transports. They are actually a modified Liberator variant of the Wreathe -class.


First off many thanks for spreading word of the current humanitarian crisis and the need to actively save and re-home the people being found. That the RJD cannot spare the manpower to take them all in is tragic, and that the Agency is rewarding capsuleers despite them spacing baseliners reprehensible.

For my part for several years now I’ve been running an Arcology project to help rehabilitate and house freed slaves and other civilians. Anyone unable to find other facilities to this purpose are be very welcome to donate or even sell them to us. We’ll have our work cut out dealing with the numbers involved here but are dedicated to doing what we can.


Vherokior Traditional Music Group To Tour Ortner Constellation

ORTNER - Traditional Vherokior music group, “Greenbirds” has started their tour of the Ortner -constellation and venues in their largest population centers, starting from Rens tonight and ending in Hulm in eight weeks time.

The “Greenbirds” are a group of performers, most well known of whom is perhaps Parun Nilba, the groups main vocalist and harp player. Together they combine their considerable skills in various ancient instruments, consisting of various forms of zithers, harps, flutes and drums, and perform Vherokior folk music from centuries past, as well as select modern arrangements.

Normally the group doesn’t stray far from the insatiable audiences of the core worlds, but according to their media relations team, a more extensive tour was heavily requested by fans around the Republic.


I can confirm that some capsuleers abandon people in cargo containers.

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Kahah Massacres Heat Up Debates In The Republic

FITTAKAN - From our main studio here in Teonusude, Agdar Herleidjunn:

For the past two weeks, the Khanid Kingdom has continued the eradication of the slave stock of Kahah III. Initially a budding slave rebellion in the aftermath of the chaos of a chemical attack perpetrated reportedly by Blood Raiders, the planet has been reported to have become a host to a mass grave of millions of slaves of various ethnicities, but mainly Minmatar.

While both the Republic and the Federation have condemned of what has since been dubbed the “Massacre of Kahah”, political reasons have stayed the feet of both powers in any official capacity, though there are unconfirmed reports that both nations engaged in similar covert actions in the system as the high profile capsuleers claimed to have done at the early stages of the rebellion and “pacification.”

Whether these reports of covert involvement are true or not, it has done little to soothe tensions and discontent around Republic space, with strong displeasure particularly among the Brutor and Sebiestor having been aimed towards Sanmatar Maleatu Shakor himself for his apparent inactivity and lack of public address on the issue.

Additionally, it has been reported in several sectors of Republic space that violence and discrimination against those Minmatar who openly practice the Amarr faith has once again begun to rise in response to the events.

The supportive statements from the Federation citizens appear to have endeared many, with praise being showered over Anallan Kevier’s statement that the Federation and Caldari have both “turned a blind eye to the barbaric practice of slavery for far too long.” Of course, many also hope that this vocal support would turn into actions sooner rather than later.


Well, what did they expect?

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