Isn’t it about time we got a EvE online monopoly board? why i have to use the shoe when i can use a rifter! the question i ask you guys is what should the retail places be and for where :wink:


I would buy it XD

Boardwalk could be Jita

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Amarr for Park Place

Tama and Rens for Baltic abd mediteranian
Concord for jail

Pick 4 (one from each empire faction) of the NPC mining corps for the rail roads

Interbus and something else for utilities
Sisters for free parking.

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Maybe no need for individual systems , what about regions? is there enough? say like syndicate and cloud ring for old kent road and whitechapel

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Crap… We may need a US to UK monopoly translation too! LOL

I don’t know old Kent road and Whitechapel. Oh wait i think that is Baltic and Mediterranean…

The railroads could be asteroid belts!

What do you mean ‘Monopoly’? Clearly, Eve Online as a board game won’t be all that different from an overly complicated game of Risk?

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aww, deleted. :frowning:


Don’t forget the Chance and Community Chest cards.

You have been elected CEO of the Corp – Pay each player 5,000,000 ISK
Advance to Jita. - If you pass Go, collect 20,000,000 ISK. If you pass Rancer, explode.
Go to Banned – Go directly to Banned – Do not pass Go, do not collect 20,000,000 ISK.
Rifter nerfed - Pay 10,000,000 ISK.
Pay Alpha poor tax of 1,500,000 ISK.


Now you made me wonder if whoever owns Monopoly rights licenses it for limited runs of fan-made mods…

Perhaps a mix of both games.

They must. I’ve seen variants for every city, tons of sports team ones, and other variants.

Heck… World of Warcraft monopoly…

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I was just thinking about this :slight_smile:

I need this in my life.

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