Monthly Economic Report - August 2022

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Agatha, get the six shooter. The poors are REEEing in the yard again.

I feel like there’s a Bernie Sanders joke in there somewhere for that last graph.

@CCP_Estimate The LP data is not included in regional stats.csv

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You don liek Capitalism?

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Edit: Ah guess so what with those flags n all.

Hello @CCP_Paragon , @CCP_Swift ,

This is not the first time you have dared to show us this very eloquent graph of the distribution of wealth among all active players in New Eden.

However, what leads me to come and comment on it for the first time is the fact that, like our IRL leaders, history has therefore ultimately still taught you nothing.

Also, if you really want to understand why absolutely everything is now going from bad to worse, then simply revise your economic and social science courses, especially all those relating to inequalities!

Fight of the Century: Keynes vs. Hayek - Economics Rap Battle Round Two - YouTube

A quick reminder of the basic definition of the Gini index:

"The Gini index (or coefficient) is a synthetic indicator that measures the level of inequality for a given population. It varies between 0 (perfect equality) and 1 or 100% (extreme inequality). Between 0 and 1 , the inequality is all the stronger as the Gini index is high.

It is equal to 0 in a situation of perfect equality, where the variable takes on an identical value for all the individuals in this population. It is equal to 1 in the situation of total inequality, where the variable is equal to 0 for the whole of this population, with the exception of a single individual.

The inequalities thus measured can relate to quantitative variables, such as income, wages, wealth, common goods, etc.

Like IRL, New Eden therefore suffers from a much too high Gini index!

Like IRL, New Eden is collapsing!

The reason for this? PLEXs!

By creating the PLEXs to counter the ISK black market, while contributing to CCP’s sole profit IRL, and therefore not to that of the players in return for their expenditure of time in game, you have allowed a scientifically well-known evil IRL , to come and spread within the persistent universe of New Eden.

May I ask you to please reproduce the same graph below, but this time with player data from, say, 2006 or 2007, i.e. only three or four years after launch of the game in 2003.

Oh ! You no longer have access to this datas? It is very regrettable!

Because the simple fact of comparing these two graphs, that of 2006 or 2007, and that of 2022, would allow you, I am sure, to better understand you by the figures, in particular all those specific to the Gini index, the long-term consequences of the mere introduction of PLEXs within New Eden.

Indeed, what you believe to be a perfect in-game trickling device between wealthy players and poor players is strictly not one in reality; the mere introduction of PLEXs has only invited inequalities, namely all those already measurable IRL, within New Eden, thus asphyxiating at the same time, its entire virtual market, gradually pushing the poor players towards the exit.

In other words, EvE Online has indeed become a pay to win game…

So say: where is your chief economist who started all this?

STORY: Thank you Doctor Eyjo! New Eden is dying and I now know why - Communications Center / General Discussion - EVE Online Forums

So. Try To Fly Safe Again. Or Not.

Tic Tac Tic Tac …

Ully Loom

ps: you know dear Hilmar, maybe you should think about creating a scientific library within CCP, so that all your employees can come and consult it from time to time; it is because EvE Online is above all a science fiction game, that it would be really important to consider it, and this in order to enlighten the continuation of your developments; only then will the cash come back; so what the hell are you waiting for; SAVE New Eden…

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About the ISK held by percentage of player base and those richest players. Can we get an est. of how rich the richest and poorest players of that group are?

How much isk is held by players who are employees of CCP? We know they are permitted legitimate characters.

A less charitable person would think that that report was deliberately divisive; I don’t know, maybe to factionalise a growing consensus of players and a united player advocacy.

Yet I would not consider CCP capable of such Imperialistic tactics.


Now here’s a guy looking for a silver lining.

@CCP_Paragon any chance we can get an exact isk number for the share of wealth %.
I think some of us would like to know if we’re cracking the top 10%.

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No. The people who have the most liquid ISK in EVE did not get there by selling PLEX. They got there by relentless market activity and market manipulation, over more than a decade, often with the support of large blocs of players whose actions supported and magnified the effects of their manipulation.

For example: buying up raw ice in massive quantities at low prices, then triggering the original Ice Interdiction and selling off those stockpiles as the price spiked. That one incident took Aryth roughly 6 weeks (out of over 15 years) and made him trillions. The alliance benefitted, both from the social bonding of the activity, having some prior awareness (and so being able to invest alliance resources into ice as well), individual members benefitted (via nebulous ‘you guys should invest in ice’ forewarnings in our GS_ISK jabber room), but Aryth himself made absolute bank.

And, again, that’s one incident in a career of basically constant market manipulation.

So no, PLEX isn’t the boogeyman you think it is.

Running a university.

You’re not. Seriously, if you have to ask, you’re not.



Excuse me @Arrendis , but what you write here in no way constitutes a contradictory demonstration about me since you absolutely do not go back to the cause of this incident in the New Eden market that you mention, knowing moreover that there is no hasn’t had one since, say, 2008.

This is why I suggest to CCP to reproduce here the same wealth distribution graph, but for the period 2006 or 2007, so that we can compare it with that of 2022. Without this graph, this report presented in this way is of no interest. .

The fact that CCP has brutally broken with its original commitments consisting in never interfering with the persistent universe of New Eden and its market, is indeed the major cause of the reversal of both the economic and playful balance of the game.

It is imperative to clearly understand that this higher level of interference in the persistent universe that is attributed to CCP in spite of us, is the equivalent, if I may say so, of a divine posture. Yes, you read well. But if in the case of the real world any declaration of the existence of a God is a matter of belief, then in the case of the virtual world, such as the universe of New Eden, it is unfortunately now a matter of fact.

Like many publishers of online video games, CCP made the mistake of believing that it could control everything in its own interest. Instead, the gradual loss of players now shows them just the opposite, because in the virtual absence of subscribers, it will be their entire livelihood that will go up in smoke.

You have to understand the fact that it is also all the pleasure of playing EvE Online that was suddenly disrupted by this sudden change in behavior on the part of CCP. The 2011 crisis was the perfect demonstration of this, except that CCP probably learned nothing from it.

We must therefore very seriously consider in the future the writing of a law prohibiting any publishing company from interfering with the course of things in the persistent universe that it has previously created, as these illegitimate interferences can have a catastrophic impact on the psychological state, even psychiatric, of the players, then by ricochet, on the state of the game itself in fine; some recent topics on this forum have also given a perfect illustration of this…

Hence the need for orderly regulation of the sector at the highest level, because New Eden is only one example taken from among others.

That being said, it is rare to see a company share with its players the economic data of the persistent universe it has created. What is less rare, on the other hand, is that she draws the right conclusions from it. However, on this point, CCP does not manage to bend this rule and therefore wrongly falls into the analytical off-topic.

This is not only harmful for the entire community, which continues to empty itself of all its veterans in the almost general indifference of a whole new generation of players with very dubious behavior, it is also and above all harmful for the editor himself who is literally throwing his baby out with the bathwater.

Such a waste ! A mess that no amount of publicity or mass propaganda can reverse. Only a return to the source could reverse the current steam, and even then, as the damage to the community is already immense.

Again, over 17 million characters have been created in New Eden. Where have all the players gone? Why doesn’t CCP let them speak? There is a whole field of solutions here that remains totally unexplored by the publisher…

Because it is certainly not the players with the biggest CB who will save this MMO-RPG-RTS which has become in fact in 15 years, a simple combat arena, and still…

Ully Loom is now a completely restructured character in ALPHA since the +33% inflation crisis, and this after more than 19 years of existence, and she will remain so until CCP shows a real sign of positive change in the world. benefit of its persistent universe and its players.

But the worst part of this story is that EvE Online has well and truly become in 15 years, a real textbook case of everything that should not be done with a persistent universe; I also dare to hope that European regulators will use it as an example when writing the next directives that will impose themselves on all these subjects.

So. Try To Fly Safe Again. Or Not.

Ully Loom

You claimed the economic imbalance was caused by PLEX. The cause of this incident (the ice interdiction) was the decision being made to interdict specific types of highsec ice because of where hostiles lived and what kinds of ice they and we were making money off of at the time. It was in no way related to PLEX. At the time, PLEX was a very niche product that was selling for less than 1/10th what it is today, and was useful only for game time in a subscription-only game model. It wasn’t a thing you really made a lot of money on.

Rather, the big private moneymakers at the time for seed cash were privately-held moon mining towers for T2 production. Then you go into market manipulation.

. . . what?

Also factually untrue. CCP’s been ‘interfering’ in the game through and outside of the market literally the entire time the game’s existed. Do you think introducing battleships didn’t interfere with the market? Or moon-mining itself, in its original form? Every change CCP makes to the game interferes with the persistent universe and the market. Every single one. To insist that a game developer shouldn’t is to tell them they shouldn’t develop their game.

The ‘major cause’ of the ‘reversal of […] the economic’ balance of the game is caused in large part by CCP’s changes, but it’s absolutely insane to say they can’t ‘interfere’. You talk about the 2011 crisis (The Summer of Rage), but that was a significantly different creature than the current long-term decline. 2011 was about a lot of things, including a naked cash-grab, an openly expressed attitude of ‘exploit the players’, and most notably, massive promises that then got half-assed because CCP wasn’t smart enough to just license an engine for WiS.

Right now, CCP is still at least presenting the proper ‘we tried something, it didn’t work, it was a hard lesson, we’re trying to make it better’ messages about the ecosystem overhaul. It’s inevitable that some things aren’t going to work. It wasn’t inevitable that they’d need 3 years to implement what could’ve just been one massive (and drastic) patch, they didn’t want to ‘interfere’ too much at once.


CCP owns EVE. They own your character. They own every story you tell your friends about what you did in EVE. ‘Let’s pass a law telling intellectual property owners what they can do with their property that doesn’t even exist outside of their computer system’. That’s rich. You are here voluntarily. You don’t like the product, unsubscribe. I did. Still don’t like it? Stop playing.


I’m going to say this…

One of the few things that decades old players look too is the data that CCP choose to report…

Its wrong - we all know it’s wrong - Personally, for me, it wasn’t the market manipulation it was the T2 BPO’s handout but Meh.

It was never Fixed but you know what ? POS CODE - that goes hand in hand with T2 stuff… how long has it been since POS and associated structured were supposed to be removed ?

Sadly, CCP (or it’s owners) are not able to currently reverse the decline in anything to do with the mainstream game indy players.

I fall into that group.

For a Decade, I built ships to be exploded on a weekend… I havent built even one this year.

Why ? Because, CCP ■■■■■■ up the BPO requirements to build them…

The MER will continue to fall until someone has the balls to say…

“Let’s makeIT fun again”


T20, however, was widely acknowledged by CCP as someone cheating. That puts it in a different category of ‘things that screwed stuff up’.

A number of the devs have taken that position. Personally, I think they need to succeed, not just ‘have the balls to say’ it.

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T2 BPO’s still exist tho… as does POS code…

It needs to end… Tell me a “new” recruit that knows what a POS is or what strategic value it has and then ask them how many hitpoints it has ? After that, Explain to them how to set a Password on the shield… Yeah… Right,

And CCP wonder why production is down…

I’d love to see how much ISK is held vs player, I truly would since I have never been a part of the “Null Bloc” but to be fair, what good would it do ?

You only have to visit a few “In Game” channels to find Eve’s more wealthy players… and to be fair, you only need to know half of those - less even - to survive in Eve…

It’s good to see the people that ARE the backbone of EvE Industry in here…

@CCP - please take an interest.

** EDIT ** there’s still a good few names missing… I hope those that are still login. Please do contribute here as it seems to be to me the best place for changes to occur.

Sure, so, we’ll get rid of POS’s before CCP feels all of the functionality they need to retain is duplicated. At the same time, we’ll make the megablocs even more dominant in null, because small groups won’t have anywhere they can keep their supercapitals safely. Don’t tell me about tethering, you can get bumped off if someone runs a suicide cyno in to drop a couple of faxes right on top of your super/titan at the wrong moment.

Yup, and have for more than a decade. At this point, they’re simply part of the landscape, and most of them are not in the hands of the original recipients. Trying to track down all of the individual BPOs and remove their influence would also mean—for the sake of consistency—tracking all of the ships made with them, all of the ISK made through the trading of those ships, all of the ships blown up by ships made off those BPOs…

How many lifetimes have you got, and are you gonna pay CCP to hire people to do that digital forensics? By the time T20 got caught, it was already a bookkeeping nightmare to try to tackle. So CCP just said ‘screw it, we all have to play it where it lays’.

And frankly, that was the right choice. Disasters happen. We move on. Trying to now lump that in with everything else as ‘OMG, CCP how could you?’ when really, it was 1 bad actor who got caught, and CCP made the best they could of the situation… it’s just foolish.

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