STORY: Thank you Doctor Eyjo! New Eden is dying and I now know why

Hi there,

A little economic history of EvE Online can’t hurt the most ignorant lolipops on this forum; travel in the past - we are very exactly, October 5, 2011, year of the first major crisis of confidence with regard to CCP:

The devil always hides in the details, the result of which we can see today…

Whether in the context of the real world, or in that of a virtual universe, economics is in no way a science, and that is the whole problem:

“Economics is not unlike the weather, except that it can’t even tell you the weather with certainty.”, (Frémeaux, 2016)

It’s been over a decade since New Eden began to lose its persistent universe quality. Today, this work of alienation is definitely complete, and they will continue to say that they did this only for our benefit.

The time for NFTs and equity has come. This is the only solution available to you, especially if you really want to put an end to the wave of mistrust that is once again sweeping EvE Online.

Good reading.

Ully Loom

What? No! In fact there are a lot of other things they can do outside of laundering money.

Ully is a troll and quite stupid. I’d not waste any time reading, replying or even thinking about the silliness that one produces.


The time to quit posting on the forum if you’re not playing the game anymore has come.


How to fix Eve:

  • P2W
  • NFT’s
  • Hypercapitals
  • Make it easier to make number go up
  • Make it easier to effectively opt out of PvP
  • Discourage competition and fights, encourage bot aspirant behavior
  • Preserve low attention game play
  • Stop inhibiting my ability to optimize towards boredom
  • Everyone always gets to be a winner, regardless of brains, skill, or determination
  • Unflatten the power curve -my expensive ships shouldn’t be dying to cheaper ships

CCP doesn’t understand their game! This is free advice. Why won’t CCP listen to the players?

CCP hates nullsec. CCP hates miners. CCP hates newbros. CCP hates their players.

hat hat hat hat hat.

hat hat hat hat hat hat hat, hat hat hat hat hat. hat hat hat hat hat hat? Hat hat hat.

hat hat


I’m not sure sure. I’m getting that feeling that we’re actually dealing with a genuinely crazy person.

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Good evening,

Sorry ? I am not crazy ! And even less a lollipop!

I’m trying to understand the mechanism that led CCP into the impasse that we know within New Eden, and which is the subject of many topics, diverse and varied, on this forum.

On this reddit post dated May 31, I recently read someone’s reasoning which, at first glance, may seem consistent with this very catchy title in particular: “CCP needs to hire an Economist”.

I then wondered what the point of such a discussion could be, since this economist has already been around for more than 10 years, and he seems very competent in his field. This is Doctor Eyjo… So I tried to understand CCP’s original state of mind that gradually led them into the current fiasco.

For me, there is now no doubt that CCP’s biggest mistake will have been to start interfering very early in the affairs of New Eden, namely even as early as 2003 if I extrapolate everything I have already read so far. Damn, so many gross errors accumulated in this order:

1- that which consists in wanting to control from the outside the economy of a persistent universe (it is as if God, if indeed he existed, alone controlled the world economy); either the universe is persistent, in which case it must remain so since its creation (this was in particular the general vision of a whole generation of capsulers between 2003-2008, of which I am a part); either the universe is in no way persistent, in which case the publisher of the online game, here CCP, uses an abuse of language from its creation, abusing from the start the credulity of all its customers necessarily becoming little by little unhappy! Here, even the question of the dowtime also arises…

Main consequence of 1-: the instability of the resources of the persistent universe that we constantly come to disturb from the outside by wrongly imagining that we can control their scarcity!

2- that which then consists of wanting to create a physical link between the real world and the virtual universe, and this for the sole benefit of the online game publisher itself, here CCP; either the advent of the PLEXs introduced into the game under the false pretext of a relentless fight against the black market which it covets, even though this black market is in itself the perfect demonstration that the virtual universe of New Eden is very healthy and alive! Here, we therefore legalize cheating as we would legalize the use of a drug in the real world…

Main consequence of 2-: the equivalent of the printing press in the real world => inflation of New Eden market prices combined with a rapid increase in inequalities between all the characters, which is ultimately nothing more than a simple reflection the increase in inequalities between all players in the real world, the exact opposite of the paradigm implemented in Steven Spielberg’s film: Ready Player One!

3- that which consists in wanting to categorize the characters of the players, rather than the players themselves; or the advent of ALPHA and OMEGA accounts! Here, it is the resulting marketing plan, which finds itself in complete checkmate, as it provokes the ire of the gaming community itself…

Main consequence of 3-: the defections of veteran players who have necessarily become dissatisfied over time, all these players feeling betrayed by CCP with regard to their investments, both in personal time and in game subscriptions!

4- that which consists of wanting to make skill points a resource in its own right; or the advent of extractors and injectors! Here, we reinforce even more the legalization of cheating…

Main consequence of 4-: the total annihilation of the identities of the characters and their respective stories within New Eden, which inevitably has the effect of accelerating the defections of veteran players!

5- that which consists of wanting to focus on purely cosmetic offers to the detriment of both the technological and historical evolution of the game; be the advent of SKINs! Here, we now hide behind appearances, and we have been doing this for more than 7 years now…

Main consequence of the 5-: too much cosmetics kills cosmetics! and finally,

6- that which consists of wanting to suddenly increase all the prices of the game; or the advent of record inflation of +33% on May 17! Here, we give a last blow to the whole community that we finally treat as a simple cash cow…

Main consequence of 6-: EvE Online becomes exclusively and definitively a luxury arena!

And I’m not even addressing the issue of the artificial erosion of players’ virtual assets: taxation, PvP, extractor vs. injector, etc.

Finally, CCP was wrong to underestimate its players…

Ully Loom

See? Told you.

A novel-sized post that talks about so many “issues,” but then doesn’t use even a single word to explain what those issues are. It’s like if I wrote about “problems at the zoo” and my post was nothing but this for thirty paragraphs:

“Let me tell you, those penguins are really problematic. They’re always having problems!. Everything about those penguins is a lie! How the zoo administration could let the penguins, and themselves, get away with such a travesty merits no less than a full investigation! And here, even the question of the zebras also arises…But it is giraffes, yes, the giraffes, that pose the biggest question of all! That which consists in wanting to categorize the cages of the animals, rather than the animals themselves; here, it is the resulting marketing plan which finds itself in complete checkmate, as it provokes the ire of the zoo visitor community itself…”

And it just goes on and on and on like that. It almost feels like it was written by a bot, but bots aren’t quite that consistent.

I’m sure there are many “problems” that exist in the mind of the poster, and I’m sure they make perfect sense…there. But one of the clearer signs of insanity is being unable to understand why everyone else is looking at you and scratching their heads while mumbling stuff to each other.

“Why can’t you see the nanites in the water? Look how they shimmer so under the sunlight!”

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I thought you quit the game “Not a cockroach” (not sure why but the way you speak reminds me of her lol)

It couldn’t be Bluelysian alt, could it? I mean it’s a similar kind of unhinged crazy.

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Nah, I really doubt it. The complaints don’t really line up. Blue was all about oppression, and this moon man is just spouting conspiracy theories without even explaining what they are.

Wait, so what’s wrong with the penguins, currupted Lollipop ?

Too much penguins kills the penguins, duh.

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Oh yeah, penguin gang wars, got it.

Methinks thou dost protest too much.

Of course CCP have to micro-manage Eve to some extent. Eve is a simulation, and like all simulations it is not the real thing but an approximation of it. That means it is quite easy for things to get wildly out of control, and every tweak to resolve one issue will inevitably lead to others. A ‘true’ sandbox would be a disaster…with unforeseen consequences around every corner and a totally un-manageable economy.


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