What is Eve Online?

I’ve never bothered with anything industry, I’m not numbers driven, but when that all happened a friend of mine who loves that stuff started talking about it and just as a mind exercise we looked at the issues, the gaps and opportunities. So in an “oh well, why not give it a go” I created some characters for it, took a deep dive to learn about all the details involved and I’ve been making a killing with it.

It’s hilarious to see industrialists of 10+ years cry and whine about not being able to make money while some people are raking in the billions easy mode. I never really went super sayan on it, it’s just not my play style, but it wasn’t exactly difficult.


Maybe. Or maybe the wormtongue bitter vets should stop poisoning the morale of their friends and community members, and stop teaching newbros to respond to change and adversity by complaining.

Yeah, I’m sure that doesn’t have any impact on the community and the health of the game. Let’s just pin all the blame on CCP for throwing adversity at an audience that fancy themselves hardcore gamers.


Answer: EVE is your abusive partner you don’t leave regardless how bad you are treated in the relationship. :japanese_ogre:

Another answer: EVE is where the weak perish and the strong and adapting thrive. :japanese_ogre:

Yet another answer: EVE is what you make of it. :wink:

And another: EVE is a social experiment. :bar_chart:

Finally my personal take: EVE is a sanbox (though the devs erode that more and more year by year) where I can do whatever I have the mood doing (or not even sign in) and spend some time hopefully having fun in the process. :stuck_out_tongue:

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This is a game not real life, if people perceive an activity to be more effort than it’s worth then they will walk away. It doesn’t take a line manager to convince people to do that.

I’m not denying the game needed fixing, specifically Rorquals, but CCP took a sledgehammer to a walnut and it’s hurting the game now.

I can change her…


Ully Loom does not moan my dear @Shipwreck_Jones , she alerts!

Ully Loom has already donated enough money to CCP for an online game that hasn’t really evolved in 19 years.

and his son and his friends too…

Among all these people, one of them fell, despite all our warnings, into the spiral of addiction and compulsive buying behavior as soon as the PLEXs arrived.

How many others have fallen into this trap in 19 years, because of CCP’s irresponsible commercial policy, which year after year has become more aggressive than ever out of greed?

17 million characters have been created in 19 years on EvE Online. But only 24,000 of them maximum, evolve simultaneously in New Eden today, some players claiming, here on this forum, to hold nearly 10 accounts, where in 2003-2007 we had only two, great maximum ; Ully Loom had her alt too, fully funded by CCP for almost two years; that’s a lot of money paid in confidence.

The CCP loss rate is therefore even worse than that of Blizzard, which at least had the merit of listening to its base of former players, having relaunched World of Warcraft Classic in 2019 on the foundations and rules of the game of the version of 2004, and this in order to try to limit the breakage of its last years; this operation turns out to be a great success today for Blizzard which is in fact very logical for all fans of the original game. It could be summed up like this:


Q. Last night, our superb game of EvE CONQUESTS with friends lasted more than 4 hours on the basis of rules of the game which are certainly complex, but which remain unchanged since its official release…

Ully Loom is 19 years old. In 19 years, she has always refused to take part in the big corporations and the big alliances which are all built on the good old Ponzi system, as if 5,700 years of additional history had not been able to overcome our errors of the past in as self-destructive and voracious Humanity.

Ully Loom was a lone thief, or almost. It interfered in the corporations in order to rob them. His reputation is second to none, at least among former players; former Pandemic Legion players inevitably remember having killed Ully Loom in a memorable battle on Venal (from memory, a video of this battle exists), besides looting has always been part of the original gameplay of EvE Online , just like mining, industry, science, trade, or PvE or PvP combat.

Our own French-speaking community of EvE Online fans therefore has very good reasons to resent CCP (and we are not the only ones a priori), without ever blowing hot or cold, or even without ever pouring into the language of wood as most people here do.

Q. You are doing the community of EvE Online players no favors by doing so, and you may be wondering why the defections continue despite all your propaganda efforts; I’ll tell you: the damage has been done for a long time, so don’t oppose us, look instead at CCP…

All of us together could be one of the last bastions of truth in New Eden, and it is not the congromerates under the orders of CCP, this perpetual breeding ground of the complacent CSM for more than 16 years, who will change that whatever it is now.

CCP would therefore be very wrong to ignore the IRL action capabilities of all its former players who have mostly become the parents of some current players, which should weigh heavily on the balance of CCP’s future decisions.

Q. EvE Online has well and truly become the game of two generations, maybe even three, but that’s much less certain, because it’s entirely up to all of you here, and in no way us, the oldest. .

So this is it.

So meditate a bit on all this instead of constantly pouring into denigration and contempt.

CCP wants to get out of the rut it got into of its own free will? OK !

In this case, while keeping the existing one if she wants to, she should organize the big RESET of New Eden on a new dedicated server, based on the original rules of EvE Online, i.e. without PLEXs, without ALPHA nor OMEGA, without extractors or injectors, etc., because in 2003-2009 players did not have access to all of this. All players, without exception, were the pioneers of a persistent universe well and truly a thousand times more attractive than today. At that time, CCP had been able to innovate and deploy the greatest MMO-RPG-RTS of all time!

This is our ultimate advice to CCP…

For memory :

Happy rereading! For once, that’s free, and therefore in no way overpriced…

Ully Loom

I blocked him years ago. If the forums still had a functioning ignore button, I would have ignored a few other people as well (yourself not included).

Oh no no no, that’s what they want. See, they will skirt the rules, staying just within the boundaries… but every post you make they will go over with a fine tooth comb, until you slip up, and then they’ll flag, and flag, and flag, until you’re muted or banned. That’s the game that gets them off. Just put them on ignore and move on with life man.

There is no talking to them “man to man” because that would require two men…

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Some say games aren’t RL but some of the tenets do bridge the two “realities”.

I’ve been around long enough to realize that when a lot of people start talking about “something is gonna happen”, they start believing it and if public opinion sways in a certain way, that “something” indeed DOES happen.

This works on a small group scale all the way up to a global one, including education to war and everything in between. The Borg Concept was an idea born of the reality - science fiction mirrors what we don’t want to see or understand.

WE are creating the reality in EVE, not the devs.

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This is simply wrong, the Devs have created this world and every change they make impacts on how we interact with it.


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EvE game where Ax’l smash big rock with little rock. Big rock go boom.

Big rock cry on forums and say Ax’l cheat with little rock and game people should nerf little rock.

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Your question is a bit vague. EVE is a lot of different things in a lot of ways. What version of EVE are you asking about?

  • Is it the fake, Hollywood version CCP videos try to market to the public?
  • Is it the spin-doctored version CCP devblogs try to sell to existing players in hopes of more subs?
  • Is it the rose-colored “exists only in their imagination” version proposed by the “EVE was great back in my day” crowd?
  • Is it “what EVE should be, if only CCP would make an attempt at living up to their hype and promises instead of constantly tearing down their own game?”

Or are you looking for “what actually is EVE right now, warts and all, if looked at objectively?”

Because if I answer that one honestly you know you’re just gonna call me a hater bittervet, rather than a player who would actually just like to see CCP step up and provide the game they keep saying they’ll provide.

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EVE online is any game who identifies as EVE online

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Tom & Jerry meet Wile E Coyote and chase Bambi and Road Runner…all in outer space.

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Provide me an avenue of contacting you that allows me to upload a .docx file then, nerd

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It seems they don’t. Nothing like selective moderation to kill a game forum.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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Hello Ully,

Thank you for your response.

As for the denigration and contempt thing… well… I don’t intentionally try to do it, and sometimes people do misread me, but I do have contempt for certain players, and I have no doubt that it comes through in posts.

Now, am I wrong to have contempt for these players? Well, let me put it this way, I have just as much right to my anger towards bitter vets who sabotage this game and its community, as do the bitter vets have towards CCP -if not more. And that’s because I honestly believe that they are doing far more damage, that some are doing it on purpose, and that it is easier for them to stop, than it is for CCP to magically make a game that makes everyone happy all the time.

Has CCP made mistakes? Of course. In fact, I have my own complaints. But nothing they have ever done has sabotaged my ability to have fun in the same way that listening to bitter vets did. Focusing on the negative was neither fun, nor productive, and made me look at everything in the worst possible light. You think I would have know better, but somehow I still allowed myself to fall into the trap.

Perhaps @Xuixien can chime in here, as he is (iirc) a psychology grad student IRL.
I’m not a psychologist, and may very well be at the peak of Mt. Stupid on this one, but I am a former sergeant of Marines, and I have seen first hand how bad morale can tear through a unit like a disease. And, it doesn’t just undermine unit effectiveness, or make people unhappy, it literally changes how they look at things. There comes a point where people can only see the negative and interpret anything that is ambiguous or nuanced as decidedly and absolutely bad.

So, when people sit around sabotaging not just themselves, but newbros, the community, and the game as a whole, it pisses me off. They blame CCP for everything that happens to the player count, while refusing to take one ounce of responsibility for their own actions.

  • Do I have contempt for them? Yarp
  • Do they deserve it? Yarp
  • Am I fighting against their sabotage in the best way? I don’t knarp

By the way, I find it interesting that so many players from so many different MMO’s paint an earlier version as being overwhelmingly better. Well, depending on how you look at it, they are kind of right. Preferences are subjective. And, it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks, if you like a particular version of something, you’re going to think that that was the best possible version. Moreover, many, many changes in game design have trade offs. So, it’s quite possible that you preferred one set of tradeoffs over the other.

However, I also think that there are plenty of extra-thick, rose-tinted glasses being worn. For example, you hold up 2003-2009 as the best version of Eve? Well, that’s funny, because I’ve heard players cheer as CCP announced changes at fanfest 2009 (the oldest fanfest recording I can find). There were also approximately 1,800 player suggestions for changes made between June 2003 and December 2009. And, from what I can gather, there was a lot of people complaining about stuff back then too. The difference between then and now (well, from what I can tell by casually skimming through 19 year old forum posts), was not that everyone was happy with the state of the game, but that there weren’t a bunch a bitter vets sabotaging themselves and the community.


Well, I didn’t want to prompt people. So, that’s why I was vague.

Also, there’s a difference between being unhappy with the service at a restaurant, and throwing a fit like a karen, and asking for staff to be fired. I have never, not once said nor implied that not liking something about the game, or the game as a whole made anyone a bitter vet. To me, being a bitter vet is about being relentlessly negative, and sabotaging yourself, the community, and the game. In fact, the last video on my channel discusses my unhappiness with CCP monetization efforts. It was the last video on my channel the first time we had this conversation as well.

Yet, when I call out people for acting like space karens, some people accuse me of toxic positivity, burying my head in the sand, or trying to paint anyone with a complaint as a bitter vet. There is no evidence to support this, and plenty of evidence to the contrary. I think the real reason why people make these baseless accusations is because they don’t like being called karens.

You have complaints and concerns? Me too. Don’t let me dissuade you from saying them. But if anyone wants to act like a space karen, then they shouldn’t be surprised when they get called out on it.

Eve is Pandora’s box, apon opening it you are transported into a fantasy land. Where you become something you always wished you were. But when you try to escape that fantasy, you realize that everything around you is already burning that this box cannot close and that your rl was the sacrificial piece to conjure this alternate reality. (Kidding obviously)

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When people become old and jaded with a game, they cannot bear to think that new people who will be there long after they are gone may have a better time. So they invent some mythical golden age that is safe from all those noobs and where they can reign supreme in some era that will never be surpassed.

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