Monthly Economic Report - May 2021

I am rly sry u feel that way.But the majority of the player base disagree with you .What is not to like ? ESS DBS? always on the move and on edge guarding your ess for 2 hours .Free intel in discovery u instantly know what system have money.Industry changes ,i mean using more materials, scarcity, market chaos it is great .Black ops changes , surgical strike .CCP dev team is doing great.And for the first time i feal that ccp is actually carrying for the player base .After every change marketing team is there for u .Just open the store.We had scarcity they had the get rich in eve.You had industry changes who forget the awesome pack of taking your industry to the next lvl and so on .I am using my credid card left and right here i rly don’t understand why you feel that way .

glad we agree is it rly hard to find smart people in the forums that can appreciate someones hard work .i will contact you in game to set up the go fund me for ccp rattati .

I already have done on both accounts, it’s the first time doing that since I started playing over 10 years ago.

I am rly sry for your decision . I am sure ccp is going to make an event and do a public cyno fleet in your honor . stay safe man if you ever get a better job or improve your rl income don’t forget , eve is still open for you , and don’t forget to open your mail i am sure there would be some great deals that will defiantly make you come back

Not likely… Unsubbed and not currently logging in much does not mean quit entirely. Also I don’t think anyone would bother with a cyno for little ole me nor would I expect them to but thankyou for the kind wishes.

Your post in the forums was rly touching .
Trust me ccp cares for you, it is a big deal that a precious costumer like you been loyal for 10 years , decided to unsub .
I can assure you that next time Hilmar will go for dinner at the Grillmarkadurinn he will not order the lobster cause he is rly in a bad mode after reading your comment .And csm members can tell you that there are creating a new department in ccp called Workplace mental health , to battle the depression of the ccp employees that are reading the forums , and that is all done with the help of Háskólatorg university of Iceland . So plz think before you write something like that in the forums (like unsub your accounts) cause the effects are massive on ccp employs

you local not work again right?

you first

i see we have been given another round of proving grounds stuff, that dozens of people enjoy. especially those that have mastered it and butcher the newer people that attempt it. Perhaps some effort should be put into new missions in all tiers. (btw, the damsel still hasnt thanked me for saving her countless times)


I stopped paying and playing my 6 accounts many months ago but I truly stopped playing EVE the day scarcity and ore redistribution came out. CSM 16, Rattati, and the rest DEVS have turned EVE into a toxic pile of trash that is no longer fun for just about everyone. I give my money to Star Citizen now and I will never play EVE again. You can thank the CSM 16, Rattati and the rest of the DEVS for driving game content out of the sandbox. I’m just one man with 6 accounts but thats 6 ship that will never be shot in EVE again. An estimated 6000 people have stopped playing EVE so far. If you are mad at what the DEVS have done, you need to stop paying and playing EVE. Its the only want CCP will listen to the customers. Coming to the forums to rant and ■■■■■ wont change a thing in EVE but if all the mad folks logged off and stop paying for EVE, the DEVS would roll back ever change ever made in 3 seconds or less. CCP does not control the sandbox. the customers do. There is no EVE sand box if there are no EVE customers. CSM 16, Rattati and the rest of the no more fun DEVS are the reason customers are mad and player count is down. If you are mad at CCP and still paying and playing EVE they will never take you seriously.


I regret my irritated outburst.
It is normal to retain feelings for the principle other when going through a breakup.
I just don’t want to hear about it. That is counselling activity the CSM priesthood volunteered for.
Unfortunately I’m not able to run a game client at the moment. My EVE activity is limited to these boards currently, where, it sometimes seems that the majority feel a need to vent spleen.
I personally find this bloody bile infused vomit; distasteful.
Thank you for caring about what I think of your EVE activities or lack thereof.

Good stay logged off.

Angry bro? I agreed to the same terms you did, It won’t be too long before you can find me in space.

With regard to demotivating this community with the intention of harming the creators of the game, Théoden called; wanted to know where you live.

are you some sort of a CCP marketing forum rat or something. Your posts are so obviously biased that it smells special interests.
First you praise a CSM guy for working hard on a patch, now all of the above BS, your posts seem so insincere that it feels like you getting paid for posting this.


I love people who don’t get sarcasm!

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Dear Cptn Blood,

Ever heard of the English phrase, “Wind-up merchant”?

@ntopios is a supremely talented exemplar.

is this sarcasm?

Trying to figure out some things in zip files.

Harvestable gases - lowsec myco/cito and WH fullerites are in SPPI but not listed in EconomyIndicesDetails.scv So are moon ores, there are only moon minerals.

RegionalStats.scv ‘mining.value’ sums up to 31T in may. But I can’t find a combination in EconomyIndicesDetails.scv that would amount to that. Ore/minerals/ice/ice products/advanced moon materials/…

MPI consists of 8 basic minerals. And when it went through the roof in august last year it could mean someone started reprocessing stockpiles which could have been accumulated in years.

So my question is how useful MPI is? Wouldn’t m3 volume mined+huffed this month, and not value, be more indicative of player activity? @CCP_Fleebix

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The problem of pulling volume data is that it might overlap with NPC operations.
Especially if you consider that NPC operations work 24/7 in 100% of Known Space, under one or another name depending on the area.

Volume data also clashes with reprocessing efficiency and stockpiling; You cannot tell how many m3 of ore are extracted while at the same time knowing how much of it has been stockpiled by players, mined by NPCs (and thus effectively deleted from the game until next downtime), or reprocessed at whichever efficiency.

The mineral volume created vs mineral volume of ships and structures destroyed (where applicable) however would still be an interesting metric, as mineral value is also determined by its volume (and thus quantity) availability. It would also indicate the effective extent of which stratum of ships is being destroyed most often (zKill statistics are not as complete or flawless as some would think) vs which minerals are most often introduced to the game through all activities in general.

George! Wicked sense of humor. LOL

Love this guy.