Monthly Economic Report - May 2021

Barely any ships die in pve.

If you’re talking about risk and destruction:

You are talking about pvp.

All T1 ships - including BS - are now the cheapest they’ve been in over a year. At least, almost all of the ones I’ve checked the last couple of days.

T1 battleships can be had for little over 200m again.

Jun 30, 2020 : 180m | Volume: 87
Jun 29, 2021 : 284m | Volume: 22

Now I’m just picking the first BS i look at, and picking spot daily median for 2 different dates 1 year apart…but that just broke your statement…

If you average out each period, it still isn’t cheapest in over a year. Also 20d moving average is 300m vs 180m

That volume spike on Jun 5, 6 2021 resulting in 300 ravens traded over 2 days has thieir daily median at 400m

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folks calm down, when CCP said SCARCITY they meant PLAYERS, so it is all on track.
and you sillies thought it was commodities.


People always say they want classic Eve. They are getting it. The player counts haven’t been this low since 2007.


Yeap totally agree .CCP failed as always they said losses should matter and the big scarcity deal .T1 bs should be 700mil .There is still ore in some belts.Ice exist in ice belts.And citadel spam is business as usual .We want scarcity wtf are u doing ccp!!!

well, meaningful scarcity done right would be beneficial to Eve of course, but evidently it’s probably done wrong in the current iteration.

Scarcity doesn’t make losses meaningful, it’s likely the wrong take to tackle the problem.

The May MER has shown various aspects of the things perhaps not doing “ideally” what the devs stated they want to achieve. In a sense, it backfires.

We are heading into record low commodity produced, PCU. ISK velocity is low. CPI up and everything like PPI, SPI down means people are just selling their already produced stockpiles of final products while holding and not producing anything from the primary and secondary produce. Destruction are down and nobody are keen to spend ISK on anything. Market has no demand since players are not spending.

So you can say with a straight face that “Everything is Fine” when sitting in a room on fire. A Player-Run/Driven economy with no buyers and devalued currency. This is an economy that’s on the verge of collapse, certainly not vibrant!

losses are meaningful only in relative to ISK/HOUR exchange rate and CPI as what that amount of ISK can get you (the type of goods), it’s supposed to be dynamic, it’s meaningless to put a static price tag on any commodity in a sandbox MMO player driven in-game market. Try putting all price tag on things you like, but when there are no one to sell stuff, and your prophecy of RMT for Ships/Modules comes to pass, we’ll see who is still left on the ship.

It won’t be your RMT fanbois, cause wallet warriors serve only one purpose, they hop from game to game as they kill each poorly ran game to the ground and buries them, only for it to serve their epeen for however long it last, it’s perhaps very similar to drug addictive tough talking teenagers.


inflation is when 1 unit of currency buys less than it did previously.
In the real world when this happens people press for higher wages. people on fixed incomes suffer and borrowing becomes more expensive.
In the EVE world the solution seems to be to reduce wages , increase taxation and fees, and limit the ability to produce ( thus driving up costs and prices) I am not sure which econnomist suggested this was a good plan. They are taking isk out of the game. but it defies all economic logic


@CCP_Fleebix any update?

Thanks for checking!

I’ll bet Rattati can even spell!

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if you must know. i am a retired project manager for a global company. At one time i was the senior costing engineer, tha later part of my career was spent in software development and implementation. I dont doubt rattati’s qualifications or value in some organizations. However i have enough knowledge of how companies make a profit, how difficult software development is, and how economies work in both usa and europe to know that there are more important considerations in a gaming environment than removing isk from EVE via incentive crushing isk sinks at every level. all you have to do is look at procuction numbers and player activity to see that the industrial backbone of the game is under duress.
my fear is that the answer will be CCP providing ships and mods for us to buy instead of what used to be a player driven economy


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ok grandpa . Like ccp would do something that they would damage their game . Opinions are like assholes, everybody’s got one and everyone thinks everyone else’s stinks.

Sometimes 0 background is better than having a long track record of leading unsuccessful projects.

Also, seeing what Microsoft has done with their latest Windows 11 announcements, it’s not a surprise that they see and wanted the talent of the said individual.

It helps them boost sales in the short term, at the potential of customer dissatisfaction and ecosystem damages, investors loves them, users perhaps, not quite.

Announcing Win 10 as the last version of Win then coming out with Win 11 and its new HW requirement is almost like the asset safety wrap changes. Coupled with the conditions to upgrade…I’m sure they feel enlightened or at least feeling that they are in “ideological” harmony with the current team at CCP.

Luckily, while dominant in their market (Eve is not however), users and players have choices and they will certainly choose with their wallet. CCPs scale will no doubt be no match for Microsoft’s as the latter will be able to sustain much longer beatings of the kind and likely someone else will step in as a counter force, a CEO change, lead producer change…it happens all the time in the corporate world.

Maybe there’s a reason why it looks better to have those offers stay on social platforms to boast one’s intrinsic value and prospects than being branded later as a short term temporary lead of some kind. (like…some WH Communications Director back in few years stayed in job for a little over a week or something?)


Rattati and CSM 16, you will be remembered by history for turning EVE into a toxic pile of trash that’s no longer fun for anyone to play. EVES reputation is being destroyed from one end of the net to the other. Rattati and CSM 16 kill product loyalty for many EVE online customers that will never come back to the game.


bah, nonsense!
Meaningful is to have a goal to work towards.
Meaningful are the storrys and adventures we share with our friends.
Meaningul is conflict over culture and politics.

Scarcity only means more time spent grinding instead of doing something meaningful.
Scarcity means hiding in krab holes or HS NPC corps instead of offering a target.
Scarcity means risk aversion.

My most meaningful loss was a 50 mil VNI i lost to a suspect baiter in high sec when i was just about two weeks into the game.
That showed me that there is more deptht to combat then just n+1 and that the strong make the rules.
That got me to join a corp, join fleets, move to cloud ring two weeks later and fight against pen is out who were busy evicting the locals just as i moved in with less then 100mil in my wallet.
Two weeks later my corp evaced back to HS, i had my first taste of null sec gameplay, lost over a dozend fleet ships and just as many VNIs and still had just about 100mil in my wallet.

4 years later im sitting here wondering what i would have done with those 10.000 hours had i not been able to replace that VNI - certainly not spend another two days grinding high sec sites for a new one. PVE was already getting extremely stale by the time that happened.


So, i’ve tried to look at the graphs myself;

Essentially, the continued ‘scarcity’ has slowed the paces at which regular ore miners mine and sell their ores, followed up by also a much lower pace of industrialists, especially those that were focus on building cruiser-class and above ship hulls.

Because of the industry changes, those blueprints require less minerals, but in exchange they require PI materials, and extra reaction materials. You could almost say, CCP shoehorned a level of industrial complexity previously seen only in T2 and T3 production, into T1 ships.
The result has been that a lot of those that were producing medium and large hulls before either stopped production completely or switched to less complex items. There’s also a few that may have readjusted their production to produce the new components, only to realize that they not only require a combination of reaction products, but also additional PI products, on top of having some stupidly expensive blueprints.

This spiraled into less battleships (and similarly affected hulls) being produced (with prices having spiked as a result), and thus less minerals being effectively consumed (thus less need for regular ore miners), thus reducing how many people are effectively investing time in mining, processing, hauling and trading for both minerals, battleships and related modules.

The fact that the war in Delve has ground to an apparent standstill doesn’t help, as even though destruction continues, there isn’t enough motivation all around to proactively build up ship and module stockpiles like before.


So we can agree on making a fund me for ccp rattati,to show the faith of the community in his abilities and to show our big thx to the awesome expansions we are getting the last years .

If you truly love EVE and want to save the game, you all should un-sub and stop logging in. It is the only way CCP will start to listen to its customers. Crying about The DEVS and updates on the forums while continuing to pay and play EVE will only make things worse for the sandbox.


Not we, “you” can for the above purpose you stated as I don’t know we have been having…agreements on our views.

I mean most people do it out of kindness for people in dire need and as far as fact goes, the devs are being paid adequately by their respective employer for his role and experienced no financial hardship, if you want to organize donations to him to show your support, it is up to you. But else, according to what you have said, he could get a better job at MS but he chose to stick with CCP (I don’t know, you’re not him right, how do you know what his choices and thoughts are? of course, I don’t follow TIS or anything of the sorts, maybe he said it or boasted about it)

On the other note, if not for that I’m a poor organizer of the sorts. It does make me tempted to see someone organize counter GoFundMe campaign to offer CCP to replace him with someone else that could really not turning Eve into a cash-grab P2W game.

We can at least bet whose campaign would came out on top with the most funds and popularity for entertainment purposes.

or more like what @Tursiops_Truncatus says, the other bits can just unsub and see if the PCU going sub 20k or ACU going sub 10k that kind of things. Then no one needs to organize those Fundraising campaigns.

Edit: correct grammar errors, and glad that forum still have an “ignore” feature as AIice probably responds better to my post than some participants.