I understand the problem needs to be addressed, but i question the means.

Hitting the problem with the nerf bat is understandable.
It’s the anvil attached to the bat that makes me wince.

Um, should a shortage cause prices to go up? Wouldn’t the smart thing to do would be to stockpile until prices started reaching acceptable levels and then start selling?


This has never been true… You cannot reduce the presence of super capitals this way. The only way is to remove skill injectors. It is skill injectors that created the inflation of multi-boxing and super capitals. If you don’t have to wait 2.5 -3 years to be a good super pilot then why should you, just buy plex and skills and you too can be an EVE Tycoon.

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Before we had excavators nobody used rorquals or very rarely.Once excs and injectors were a thing everyone wanted one.People always want to use the best isk making there is.Players can not be blamed when ccp provided them with both.But even if injectors were never a thing people would just turn to bying ror chars for cosmic amounts which one could argue is a bigger barrier.So injectors were partly to blame for the oversupply not rorquals and miners.

Now you’re taking away a play style which people got used to for several years without providing anything to replace it with.Lets face it there are activities in game that people want to do actively and things that suck if you have to monitor them.Mining sucks.It pays low when done on 1 character and it doesn’t have any fun factor.Now if mining were to pay more than anything else in game but be something you have to micro manage then it would be bearable.

At present the shortage we face is real bad solution so I hope its only like it says for a short time.I hope people have not forgotten for how long 0.0 had to beg until ccp finally made it worth to live there.The most dangerous space should provide everything because its dangerous.Rorqual if its not changed drastically will never be a boosting ship.People will resort to moon mining and if ccp nerfs that they will switch to barges which they are mostly using atm.Nobody is dumb enough to waste rorq cycles .The re-distribution needs to return at the least 75% of what was taken away or a certain type of gameplay will be gone and with it a certain type of player.With that I bet CCP will lose more money than they will gain.

Whats more because the mineral shortage will hit us eventually very hard, the prices of everything modules and ships, will drive people away from pvp not encorage it.Once again we will return to t1 ship fights with players less and less likely to use expensive ships because they will be harder to replace.Large scale fights like BR are rare event as it is.Think what will happen when a titan returns to 150-200b ballpark again do you think we will ever see large scale fights again?

As a long time 0.0 industry and pvp player my personal opinion is we’re headed in the wrong direction.If you want things to change do not take away things from players but it would be much smarter to provide them with alternatives.Lets say there was a new planetary interaction that gave the same amount of income as super carrier ratting, this gives the player an active choice I can do this or that.Now you’re forcing everybody in one direction and CCP is trying to take away the most important aspect of EVE online which made it huge in the first place:THE ABSOLUTE FREEDOM of player choice.

Rorquals were a thing even before excavators… But then they just deployed in a POS, boosted miners throughout the entire system and were used to compress ore just like they are now. So yes, Rorquals were used differently, but I’ve had a Rorq since before excavators to boost my miners…

Also one of the reasons you don’t see fights like BR- anymore is simply because it’s a right bitch to move (super)capitals any meaningful distance. IIRC BR- happened before jump fatigue, so you could just jump as fast and your cap recharge would allow it.

Maybe the nerfing of the ore anoms will be a good thing, maybe they will eventually redistribute resources so that regions that are mined a lot will spawn less rocks, whilst regions where mining isn’t happening will spawn more and bigger rocks.

Maybe nullsec will have to get all their minerals from moons, maybe not. Whatever happens, EVE players are good at several things, whining and adapting included.



You say that the most dangerous space should provide everything, so WHs should get all of the moon goo types then?