Moon Mining Today

Today was wonderful; I got approved for some time away from the big hauls back to my home system, and decided to take advantage of the brief respite --but to do mining, if you can believe that. Most people would probably just go on a mini vacation planet-side somewhere, or to one of the nicer establishments in orbit. I would rather learn and practice more; I just can’t get enough of it.

I can barely remember the last time I went moon mining. Has it really been a year or more since then? I definitely remember the first time I went mining in general, and all the times I got spotted by ‘rats’ out there.

A new friend from the corp’ showed me the ropes, and was kind even though I barely remembered how to get the drones working. I did eventually get the hang of it again, though, and the rest of the day went more smoothly. We only got attacked once, and his drones took care of it all before I even needed to switch my defensive ones on. There was a close call out a hundred or so clicks from our position later, but they didn’t seem interested enough to engage us.

I’m going to try to go back and mine with him again. It was nice to just hover and orbit the pulled moon rocks out there. The mining beams really looked beautiful, too.

No, I’m not going to mention what ore we got, or which moon it was; I think I’d better save our sweet spots just for the crew. They probably wouldn’t want me broadcasting that stuff, anyway. I certainly don’t want to get pinged and shot at by more ‘rats’.

I’ll post here again once we’ve mined some more.


The compression changes are wonderful. No more freighter or secondary orca just for hauling. No warping around and repositioning

Sooooo excited; today I’m picking up the first Orca my family has ever had! We are getting much more into mining and P.I., so this will be a big help. Now I’m daydreaming about putting all the world’s we’ve visited to better use; it will be even more amazing once they’re all producing…

Later on: It’s gigantic! This is going to be a little daunting to pilot for a while. I kinda just want to roam around inside it for a few days first… Unreal.

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