More itemised billing for features

More itemised billing (Cash and/or PLEX) for features, candidates for itemised billing include (but not limited to)…

  • Fitting slots
  • User API access (put the client secret key burden onto the user, not the developer, however a developer is also a user)
  • Station offices
  • AWS translation of chat
  • Clone slots

Rather than one size of sub fits all, a more itemisation of features is more flexible.


I’d bite on some of those.

As a counterpoint, I think a lot of the price increase rage is that:

  1. It was a substantial increase of over 30% on the worst tier. Sure, if you toss them huge wads of non refundable money years in advance you get a discounted rate that is relatively close to the current rates. Regardless it was a big jump at a point in time where, due to rising costs, people have become more sensitive to costs.

coupled with

  1. No immediate return for that extra cost. Sure. They promised lots of SOON™ at fanfest. But nothing right away.

What could they have done?

a) Redeem the login bonuses as in station items that go into inventory. The coding backend on this would be minimal. Probably a single attribute variable to change but boom. People get stuff. That can be traded, sold, moved between accounts, etc. Having received the Golem skin on my mining character, I have to say that this redeem to character is an exercise in frustration as is.


b) A bit more complex, but let Omega players choose the kinds of login rewards they see. Don’t care about skins, check a box and you no longer get offered skins. Like Skins, but have no use for boosters? Check a box.


c) Let Omega players choose the rewards within the type. Get a Purple skin drop, choose the ship that the skin is for. Same thing with boosters and filaments.

All easy enough items to implement and none of which would be game breaking, But they would have been SOMETHING tangible that you get right now in exchange for the extra money that CCP/PA wants/needs.

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