/moveme to pochven

@CCP_Habakuk what do you think about adding pcohven into /moveme command?

its not needed anyway…anymore

just use home filaments for best jump

aaaaaaaaand use /booststandings so dont need grind these drones…warning the booststandings cannot be undone so do this on less important character

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Doesn’t matter if you boost your standings with Trigs or not on the test server. Nothing you do on there affects the primary server, and the next time it mirrors, your standing will be right back to where it was before.

you need time you need to wait agro and other stuff.

well if they wanted to test more pochven space they would add trig systems to moveme but they do not see any needs. i did talk to other ccp on sisi about moveme to pochven and they said we have filaments and thats it.

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