Multiple Accounts the good and bad for eve

(Mevatla Vekraspek) #83

Fair and balanced, sounds like a crappy commercial. There are plenty of games that are “fair” out there. Eve is among the few that are not and that’s what make it special. No one forces you to play Eve, so don’t force others to adapt to your desires, snowflake.

(Meilin Nightstalker) #84

I’m not forcing anyone to do anything… I don’t have that power… If I had I would totally do it LOL, but I don’t and that won’t keep me from speaking what I think about the matter… Being unfair and paid-to-win is hardly something to be proud of… If you like eve because of that and not because of the setting and the community YOU are the one in the wrong “game” not me… And yes no one is forcing me to play the game and that exactly what I’m not doing for now…

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Is that the sound of an argument? oh no, sigh, just the sound of a squealing pig. At least say something relevant against that, idk, about links and neutral logis or else… but no… squeal.

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dude I don’t care about “ingame” unfairness… if you want to show up with you hyper overpowered ship and blow up mine you are more welcome to do so, is how the game works… The problem I have is someone having an advantage just because he/she have more money to waste on n accounts and using them at the same time in the same machine, this is an unfair advantage it is straight up bribing CCP to have an unfair advantage against anyone else… but if you don’t think so well there is nothing I can do about it, more power for you then… And yes I know that this will NEVER change and this is one of the reasons that I may “love” eve but absolutely hate CCP guts.

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Ok, sounds legit. I can understand the problem at this level. And it’s not easy when you are a new player to find a way to plex your secondary account. But CCP is not responsible for the difference of revenues among it’s customers and there are other advantages that some have on others. I work from home, my kids are gone, the Eve client is up 16h a day to update my market orders and i can make a ton of cash to allow me to PLEX my other accounts. That’s unfair too.

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What you’re missing is the amount of effort, which comes with having multiple accounts.

Only when you get yourself a second account will you notice it. You can no longer do whatever comes to your mind, but you’ll have to include the second account somehow, or it stands idle and only costs you. While two accounts still allow for some flexibility and isn’t much extra work, try to imagine what it’s like having to make use of 10 or even 20 accounts.

It looks like it’s the easiest thing in the world, but when you realize you can actually only do a few things with them like mass mining then you may be able to understand how what you see as an advantage is also a massive ball with a chain.

Even when you had 10 monitors, one for each alt, do you need to split your attention and change your play style to make use of all them alts and somehow make it comfortable for you. This is why multiboxing software is so popular, because it takes away all the extra effort. Only now without input broadcasting is it again a tedious and repetitive task.

Then there is the activity itself, which seems like it’s a huge pay off to have multiple accounts, but there are factors, which can hold you down again. For example can an alt fleet mine only until an ice belt is gone. It doesn’t have unlimited ice. So the alt fleet needs to come back in 4 hours or move systems to get more ice. And the moment an alt fleet starts mining too aggressively will bumpers and gankers come and completely interrupt your mining op, because they can not only disrupt one player, but they can disrupt an entire fleet by one guy, who cannot pay attention to everything nor control all the ships in an easy manner.

Give this a thought and maybe the next time you see an alt fleet you feel a bit of pity, too.

(Colinde's) #89

Okay. I was a Solo Toon player for 10 years before 2 months ago I decided to give in and make one other account.
In my experience, it has been hard to be efficient in basically any area of the game as a single character when comparing it to multiboxers.
Always have I lagged behind on most things and opportunities, ether because I couldn’t scout for myself, or that i didn’t have an extra ship to put on field for utility, be that PVE or PVP.
I would say that just 2 accounts makes you more than twice as efficient.
And as @Fluffy_Moe stated in the 13’th post on this thread, it brings a lot of complications for the economy at large.

Multiboxing is a huge advantage to those who do it.
Effectively a player multiplier that creates 10 man fleets with 3 players behind them. Getting 10 people organised is a lot harder than 3, effectively limiting the social challenge of building a corporations abilities.

How ever, it is mostly an issue of resources. The game can become prohibitively expensive to maintain for many people if multiboxing is the norm, and expected. It inflates the value of goods to an extend that solo players effectively has a lot higher risks as they are much slower to build wealth. And at the same time when the ISK is being devalued from effective multiboxing, that can be an issue for the influx and retention of new capsuleers. In the long run, it might be really bad for New Edens player base. Might not be. I don’t want to speculate, but i still have my fears and reservations.

(Mevatla Vekraspek) #90

If you want to sit in big expensive toys you’ll need several accounts, but man, the fun is not necessarily there. You can get so much fun in thrasher or bombers NPSI public fleets. Why spend your time lagging behind the others if that’s not fun for you? The main success ratio in this game is not isk/h it’s fun/h. Cm’on, we even tried, and failed, to kill a rorqual with 50 1.3 mil thrashers yesterday, fun is not expensive.

(Colinde's) #91

I don’t have 50 men to do that sort of thing.
But I agree in the notion.
My problem with it is that it wasn’t always a choice between small ships like frigs, dessies and big expensive stuff.
Don’t get me wrong, that was always a choice, however, it wasn’t always as binary as it is today.
I have discussed this on other threads, that the diversity of PVP is declining.
This is due to many things:
Supers/Titans in Low.
Carrier/dread balance passes in the past 3-4 years, making them better at engaging small targets.
Multiboxing acting as fleet-mutipliers (everything multipliers, really), such as I talked about in the last post.
And I’m sure there are many more things I haven’t noticed that are influencing these things.

(Mevatla Vekraspek) #92

Me neither, that’s why i love public fleets, Bjorn Bee, Spectre fleet and bombers bar. The sweet taste of rorqual explosions for the price of a T1 bomber… Believe me, with 150 fleetmates, you’ll ask for carriers dropping on you.

(Colinde's) #93

Go to Molden Heath mate

(Mevatla Vekraspek) #94

Try public fleets. But i go there from time to time, there are some experienced murderers there…

(Savoycabbage) #95

I think there is also the idea that having extra accounts is the “I win” button. It’s not. It comes with additional problems because your attention is split among the accounts.

If, for example, I’m running 1 dps 2 logi and 1 scout (which I often did - yes VMG ran lots of Logi…we know…), I have to be able to make sure that all 4 characters are where they need to be at any particular time. Then when it comes to a fight (yes, we do get them), I have to be able to attack the primary and lock secondary targets as well as manage 2 logi toons whilst watching broadcasts to make sure reps get where they need to be. That’s a hell of a lot of work and takes a lot of practice to be able to do reliably and can’t be done with input broadcasting or anything illegal.

This doesn’t make me more “elite” than anyone else, but it does allow me to punch above my weight when it comes to fights, even when I’m on my own. What it does do, however, is make me vulnerable to mistakes and one slight attention lapse can be the loss of a hell of a lot of isk. It’s a risk I’m willing to take though.

EVE doesn’t have to be played with multiple accounts to be enjoyed. I played for 5 years before I got my second account.

(Mevatla Vekraspek) #96

Exactly why i don’t bring alts to fights, it’s easier to concentrate on one ship trying to think about ways to disengage if things go south, than managing multiple ships after a screw up.

(Netan MalDoran) #97

Eh, I played solo alot and waited 5 years before I got a second account. And now I dont do solo stuff much anymore.

(anas moraished) #98

There is some hardcore players that own like 500 account and i am not sure how is he plexing that for omega.
some players own less than ten and some own more like 10-30

(Sepheir Sepheron) #99

I think alts should be removed permanently. Breaks immersion and effectively makes the game pay to win. I’m down for having a different char you can log on independently but not two at once ever.

Those of you whining about capitals should have enough friends to cyno for you since you’re using caps. Or are you saying that you’re using them unsupported?

Also alts encourage botting and quick respeccing with a new char when one is banned they just skill them up with whoever’s brilliant idea injectors were.

(xxxTRUSTxxx) #101

Alts are good

(Jennifer Austin) #102

Good or bad they’re necessary evil

(MIssy Aggrevation) #103

Multiple paid accounts is good for the game. Pays the bills, keeps the doors open.

Multiple free accounts is somewhat neutral.

Multi-boxing is incredibly bad for any game.