Multiple Character Training Certs

Just a question why is this not transferable I brought in-game NES using Plex but if you redeem it then its applied to that char only.

I brought a 3 pack as surely this means I can spread across many accounts as opposed to buying singular and missing out on the discount.

Logged a ticket but for what reason is CCP not allowing it to be traded like plex even sold? Otherwise multiple account holders are been scammed for more $$

Honestly, this seems like an item that would be appropriate for the CSM. Assuming you don’t just want to vent. The CSM tends to also provide feedback to CCP about their consumer and sales offerings.

At minimum it would make sense for CCP to update their MCT help support article:

The CSM can be reached by posting in the appropriate forum section: Assembly Hall - EVE Online Forums


Soul bound items are the future.

Was a little annoyed I guess but do want to provide feedback to consider multiple account holders to be able to achieve the bulk discount as it allows up to 12 certs.

Do I do another post in that forum or ask this one to be moved.

The latter, most folks just create a post tagging a specific ISD like @ISD_Dorrim_Barstorlode to ask to move the thread somewhere else, in this case the CSM Assembly Hall.

The OP can edit and move their own thread. Just edit the OP and change the location

Looks like your tag for @ISD_Dorrim_Barstorlode didn’t work. While typing @ with somebody’s name, click it when their name shows with blue highlight and the tag will be complete…

I dont think tagging him was the intention, just using him as an example.

Yeah that could be the case…

But at least those who didn’t know beforehand will now know how to do it… :wink:

Okay so the webpage promotion doesnt match with the NES ingame. On the webpage, all are on sale including single. It also mentions what the number means. No mention that you cannot transfer them.

NES ingame the singles are not on promotion no mention what the number means and no mention of non-transferable.

These two promotions are not aligned hence why I was looking at ingame NES only. Anyways please make MPTC transferable from NES store.

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