Mumble help , Whenever I talk on it I shout accross the chanels cant seem to find a fix for this

As this is a important part of the game to communicate, I sign into Mumble chat and I push the key I made to talk but it shouts across the channel I am in , does anyone know how to fix this issue.

Does Mumble not have its own forum where you can ask the people actually responsible, or knowledgeable?

Create a new Keyboard shortcut, Settings => Shortcuts => Add => Function = Whisper/Shout => Data => Shout to Current Channel

This will only let you talk in the current channel you’re in. The Push-to-Talk will talk to all Subchannels in a chatroom hierarchy.


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On the menu go configure, then settings, then go to Shortcuts.

In the column Function you select Whisper/Shout.
Then under data on the same line you click in the data field and then click the button with … on it, it will open a dialogue box.

The dialogue box allows you to chose between whispering to selected users or a channel. I am guessing that you are in a fleet channel which is broken up into sub-channels, your normal push to talk will talk to everyone in the fleet channel, but your Whisper can be set to talk to only those in the channel you define. For example I have a specific push to talk key for the logi channel, as the FC and the rest of the fleet does not want to hear me telling someone to switch cap chain, or that my fax is almost out of triage, unless he specifically asks of course.

The last step is to select the key used for the shortcut as in the key you press to talk only to the channel or people you want to talk to. I use / for my main push to talk and have # as my Logi channel whisper.

The player above gave you the details to play around with I hope that this helps you understand it, sorry if it is stuff you already know, I wanted to show a picture but could not locate it.


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