My character was banned in the Help channel, without explaining the reason

I do not trade game currency, I do not trade in the help channel. I just had fun there spending time with the other participants of this channel. But Rontea came and banned me for an unlimited time in the channel of help. He had no right to do this, I did not violate anything !

Some people learn from experiences, some don’t.

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Since you are violating forum rules with this post, kind of makes one suspect you may have done something elsewhere.


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This. To dispute GM/ISD actions, the only route is filing a support ticket:

I do not know English well, am I violating your rules?

2. Specific restricted content
For these reasons, specific content is prohibited on the EVE Online forums. These are:

  • Discussion of Warnings & Bans
  • Discussion of Moderation
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Я не понимаю, почему нельзя обсуждать наказания??? Если это наказание было не справедлимым???

I do not understand why it is impossible to discuss punishment ??? If this punishment was not fair ??

Because players do not have the information to determine if it was or was not fair, nor do they have the power to do anything about it, so all that comes out is a big mess based on no evidence.

Also, because CCP says “no” and they have the absolute power to say that.

Use a support ticket, which goes to the actual GMs with the power to investigate and fix the situation:


All you can do is open a support ticket and ask support why you got banned. That’s it. Posting about it here is against the rules.

Всё это очень неприятно и обидно. Когда к человеку такое плохое отношение. Наверное надо удалять аккаунт и прекращать играть в еву.

All this is very unpleasant and insulting. When a person is such a bad attitude. Probably need to delete the account and stop playing in the eve.

Я уже написал несколько петиций, но они их не рассматривают.
I have already written several petitions, but they do not consider them.
“они” здесь главные МЫ здесь никто!
“they” are the main ones here WE are nobody!

that is why I stay out of help chat… theres too many people who THINK they know something and least of all, another players intentions when asking questions. People get banned, blocked, reported all the time there jsut for asking questions, because other players PERCEIVE them as something either, trollling, scamming, being a noob, idk… but im my sense its just full of immature people who cannot handle adult conversation. its just like rookie help. these are the virgins of Eve and little do they know, there is little one can do to defend ones self in this sense. just walk away. let it go. and leave the chat for those who NEED the drama in their life, because for some, asking a question is too much to handle.

we all know people block what they dont like, never taking into account, the rights and freedoms of the other person involved. and this is because most people are entitled little rich brats with mommy or daddy money to play a video game. its just sad this game is riddled with censorship and bias towards the learning curve.

Patience is a virtue.

If you want to delete your account as a form of protest go on. People here pointing out the rules are just trying to help you as you asked for help.

Радует что есть люди, кто видит что ЦСП считают себя царями. Но если бы они были такими крутыми, то в еву играло бы миллионы человек, а не 20 тысяч:)
I am glad that there are people who see that the PSPs consider themselves to be kings. But if they were so steep, then millions of people would play in eva, and not 20,000 :slight_smile:

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that is why eve requires a sort of, thick skin, to stick around for long term… sadly this is the one downfall in Eve… compare it to other games.

Ева просто игра в которую играет 20 тысяч человек. Почему её нельзя сравнивать с другими играми???
Eve is just a game in which 20 thousand people play. Why can not it be compared with other games ?
Я отвечу! В других играх разработчики УВАЖАЮТ ИГРОКОВ.
I will answer! In other games, developers respect PLAYERS.

thats right… it is okay. its my perspective and experience i the 8 years here. to add I ahve 36 years of life experience to count on. you are dealing with people… behind the avatars, so there shouldnt be much confusion as to how people behave, act, what habits they have… etc.

the same ■■■■ in game as out of game, people are predictable. the same ■■■■ happens in most “societies” where people either validate or invalidate… and usually are unaware of their own egoic drama. cheers for pointing this out for us! :stuck_out_tongue:


6. Please use the correct language when posting.

The default language for posting on the EVE Online forums is English. Please use English when posting as a courtesy to other forum users, unless the forum channel is specifically created for discussion in another language as part of our localized language specific sub-forums.

Aleksey, it’s not a matter of bad attitude, it’s a matter of rules and facts. There are reasons for these rules. They were explained also.