My Opinions after 1 month playing

i mine in deep-ish FW low sec (vlillirier and surrounding systems), and stockpile gas until a wormhole to high sec opens up. then i use an industrial ship to transport the gas directly to high sec.


Yea that’s a great idea cut down all your traveling time a ton. Also I bet you are glad they don’t camp aubenall anymore xD Although there was always a nice way around.

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Intelligent behavior. That’s exactly what people need to learn and apply.



This is exactly my point. Doing it that way works but takes ton of understanding of various, sometimes unrelated, mechanics and playstyles and the effort of actually living there. That’s not realistic for a newbie and thus your earlier “you can make X amount of isk with this” is not realistic for a newbie.

Even worse, newbies will read your isk/h statement, try to copy it and find it doesn’t work out AT ALL for them. Get frustrated and think it’s their fault instead of realising that the person making the claim wasn’t being realistic.

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yup. Great if it worked that way. It certainly should and for many players it does.

But i think you are underestimating how many will just quit. And yes…….not the kind of players we want…….HTFU………Eve isnt a game for them……\

But overtime that kind of player is going to be the norm. Attention spans are being eroded. We are rewarding mediocrity in schools. Nobody wants to figure something out anymore. They just want instant gratification.

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i think you’re reading too much into my isk/hr. i made a wide range (20m-50m). the 20m accounts for over 50% downtime.

There is nothing wrong with realising it takes a bit of time and effort for newbies to ease into the game, build up knowlege, experience and wallet before doing “scary stuff”. The potential issue is that they STICK to that and even if, their choice.

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Thanks Tessa for sharing.

I just want to reply to one bit.

I roam the Minmatar/Amarr Faction Warfare space quite a bit. I encounter newbies there often. We often engage in 1v1s there. I’ve died once to one that was a few days old because I was overconfident and believed I could take a bad matchup in that case.

So not quite all of what you say is true for everywhere in New Eden. But I get the spirit of what you say, many times newbies and I chat after combat and talk about:

  • Why am i fighting in plexes when I am not in FW?
  • Why did they lose?
  • How can they beat me?
  • Why they are frustrated, etc.

I’m not a great mentor nor a teacher, but I try to answer earnestly and give them straight answers, even if it’s not what they want to hear. “I am a pirate so i do this for fun, I hope you had fun too” or “I out piloted your ship to mitigate damage, and maneuvered to maximize mine” or "Train up T2 guns ASAP and then you’ll definitely see a difference " or “Sorry you’re frustrated, I hope you stick with it, there’s a bit of a baptism by fire”. I try to make clear that even if it’s my ship that’s blown up, I am still having fun. I can understand how that’s not the case for a newbie.

I can assure you, while it may be frustrating for newbies who are more likely to lose ships than anyone else, it is not because people are out to treat newbies as simple meat shields.

The days i look forward to are ones where someone blows me up and says something like “I remember when I was a newb you said [thing]” and takes revenge. So far all I’ve gotten are “I tried your fitting and piloting strategy and I didn’t like it for [reasons]” but that itself was a win in my book because they’re thinking for themselves and embracing the universe’s sandbox to try other things.


And that is why giving in to that expectation is only going to make matters worse and destroy EVE and replace it with something that calls itself EVE but is nothing but a rotten corpse of it. It only creates yet another shallow, meaningless treadmill full of unrewarding activities and busywork.

The biggest issue here is that these instant-gratification kids are now becoming adults and start working for CCP and introduce and foster their misguided and ill-intentioned ideas into the company and the game.


Who exactly are “they” in your horribly generalized mini-rant?

or maybe times change. This position that anything that makes Eve more accessible is “mis-guided and ill intentioned” is a pointless.

Would you prefer Eve died as oppossed to evolved?

If it evolves away from what EVE is supposed to be, it would be better if it died. What is the point in having a game called EVE that has nothing to do with EVE? EVE has not been evolving into a good direction for the last 7 or so years at least, and the number of people with warped and disturbing ideas about how to save it grows with every day.

Just look at the OP:

She has no idea what she’s talking about. The game industry has not moved away from grinding, it moves every closer and ever deeper into the grinding and makes the grinding ever more annoying so that you buy micro transactions and accelerators for ridiculous prices to make it go away.

That is what I call misguided and ill-intentioned.


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why are you even here man? If i was half as upset at you about a game trying to be fun id be long gone :slight_smile:

Maybe id start stamp collecting or something. who knows.

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No better thing to play to be honest. That, the fact that I still enjoy what I do in EVE, and the friends I have in my corp and group are the only reason why I have not uninstalled. :wink:


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This is mostly spot on and absolutely true. Mining, PvP, rookie help, Alpha clone generally, skill training, multiboxing.

I won’t comment on skills not making sense, that doesn’t really matter, it just is that way and from balance/monetization perspective it makes sense. I am not fan of this approach, but I know many players who believes that this skill training system is better than what other games uses as it is more balanced and doesn’t favor powergamers. It favors players who spend real money though, but I don’t really care. Servers aren’t gonna pay themselves. Skill extractors/MTC and other features like ship skins and apparel are much more tolerable to me than monthly fee.

You are kinda wrong on exploration, I don’t know if you can earn a lot in highsec, because back in 2018 that wasn’t the case, but you can earn a lot of ISK in lowsec and null. Granted on alpha it is really tough and takes twice as long and sometimes you can’t succeed no mater what, it is still possible to hack nullsec sites. The key is to specialize to relics and use archeology rigs and have explo frigate and archeology skills maxed out. What nobody tells you is how to successfully hack the sites and survive, that is the skill-check that you need to pass and that will take you long time to learn, but once you learn it, it can be very profitable. I don’t recommend ninja wh hacking, you will die a lot and even if it will be profitable in the end, the need to replace ship every while is annoying and repulsive.

I play as alpha for a long time and I must say that it is perfectly playable. All you have to do is lower your expectation to do all that stuff that CCP mentions you can do in this game. If you can do that, and you learn everything there is to learn you can do stuff being Alpha, you can ever earn enough ISK to plex your account. You will have to play a lot though. Sorry I will not tell you how to do that, because the reason why it is possible is that only very few players knows/is doing it. If everyone was doing this suddenly, you wouldn’t be able to make a decent profit out of it.

Many ppls are also nitpicking here your PvP summary, but it is 100% spot on. There is no fair play, ppls are “cheating” even in duels be it scanning your fit beforehand and coming with a counter (PvP in EVE is rock-paper-scrissors you know), docking and re-shipping with stronger, using alts to drop them ammo/caps, using alt to bump you so they can escape, or even using suicide-gank alt to guarantee their victory. What they mean is that even on alpha you can win 1v1, but that requires to: choose your target accordingly, ie. find somene even weaker than you are, learn all aspects of PvP and overwhelm your enemy with skill check and knowledge of mechanics or bring friends and overwhelm your enemy with numbers. And mostly not even that is enough if you misjudge the opponent or he is baiting you from the very start.

But I have one important question for you. With all you said and found out about this game, what are you still doing here? :stuck_out_tongue:

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You can name people explicitly, like me, instead of throwing vague shade.

The whole “PvP is never fair and not possible for newbs nor alphas” trope is only echoed, I find, by people who do not yet have the mentality for it. Some people never will. There is the fact that new folks are less skilled (as a player), less skilled (as a toon), and with not-perfect equipment, but none of those mean “auto-lose” and part of the game play is working on all 3 things!

I strongly dislike it when people spread doom and despair without giving it an earnest try. That spreading of negative attitude is what causes perfectly capable new players apprehension when it shouldn’t.

Also “new player” does not equal “alpha”, and vice versa.


Fair enough.

Yo, great post.

EVE gets better after a while, but you started the wrong way, recovering your old char instead of start jumping into 1m ISK was lame.

I believe you don’t expect people to agree with you, since you already understood that veterans knows more about newbros than newbros.

Don’t touch the dark side of EVE, it does not worth it. Let the shady people to CCP.


Let the shady people do what to CCP thou?

Can people stop any ISK/h statements? Its just stopping the fun. I was in this problem for years on a very old account and just wanted more ISK/h. With this account I stopped, recently got into FW without any ISK/h needs and I am just doing what is fun at the time - and I have the fun of my life in Eve right now.