My Opinions after 1 month playing

Any 2 week old newbie who puts in effort to learn can earn quite a lot of money just fine, in high sec. Anyone who wants to mine and thinks ahead can start with a single alpha account and within a year run an orca with 4 barges easy. Want to do trading as a newbie? Sure it’ll start off slow but if you’re good at it you’ll do fine.

It’s not about SP, it’s not about character age, it’s not about starting as alpha. It’s about knowledge, planning and effort.


ore equipment is hundreds of millions of isk, even for the ones that go on a venture.

Sorry, what Faction ship is going to help an Alpha mine well?

Sure you have to invest time, but my only question was do you think 5 years to go from 10m to a couple hundred bill in resources and ships is too long?

i dont know what faction ship he means. 5 years to build wealth in a game is long by any standard, but with eve being more oriented for the long game i dont think its unreasonable. i know on my part, there is a bit of frustration because i want to do all the things everybody else is already doing. I just dont have the money to put into plex to buy skill injectors and ships and stuff.

Im saying you dont even have to.

EvE is a game of scale. Sure, wars are fought on a big scale an have thousands of participants and so use big ships.

But solo players dont need ships like that. Wnat a Carrier? Try a Dragoon or an Vexor, much more affordable and does basically the same thing on a much smaller scale.

Like wise, theres no faction ship an Alpha can use to mine. Dont mine to make isk, mine if you need raw mats. Because either a Venture or a tricked out Arbitrator or Battleship is the only alternative and thats neither fun nor quick.


Imagine if the OP wrote this today after reading reddit.

I fell into that rabbit hole earlier today and my god. I am so glad I have not gone out to nullsec.


You might have missed all the actual screenshots of stuff. Mods deleted it.

they’ve been reposted on several threads. Like, I get that people are outraged about stuff that happened 15 years ago, but people do change and grow. I didn’t see anything that suggested he or anyone else was doing those disgusting things recently.
I don’t hop on bandwagons of trying to punish people for things they did years ago because people do grow up. What more concerns me is the people bragging about calling up irl jobs and trying to get people fired, or calling social services and claiming people are doing disgusting things to their kids, and many other disgusting things.
Where do they get off being such trashy people? They lost any moral highground they thought they had for sure. Cancel culture is cancer culture. Isnt eve supposed to chew those type up and spit them out?

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It’s all trash and really bad for the game. I’m surprised msm hasn’t gotten hold of the entire thing.

give it time. gaming magazines will probably touch the subject long before anyone considered msm

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Given where they all came from, it was safe to assume that has been going on since the start.

Pervs never stop being pervs


The player log on numbers have dropped a fair bit with all this crap, probibly people too depressed to try move all their stuff out of goon space.

Truth - And I’m the exception to that rule that proves it.

I poked around EVE and instantly said this is what I’d like for my retirement job to keep my mind active because it appeals to the obsessive analyst and strategist sides of me.


This thread has gone on longer than the month it took to come up with the topic of the thread.


Happy 2 months btw.

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I’m close to making another one. Learned a lot this last month.


Every month you can buy a new game on steam from that 20€ you pay every month.

EVE Has become a dirty money grab game.
I wanted to see wat was going one in EVE after that i quit 5 years ago.

A boring money grab game full with gankers and players that like to chat in corp chat rooms.

I wil come back to see how its going in EVE in about 5 Years LOL

OK, great. See you then. I’ll be here skilling up, gathering resources and last but not least having fun.

EVE Online is a slow paced game, not for everyone. Just like Hotel California you can check out any time you like but you can never leave. :wink:


No one is entitled to those skillpoints. It was something you could ask and hope the GM has a good day and showers you with skillpoints for no reason. That aside, maybe they didn’t get around to your ticket as they are understaffed.

I could have stopped reading there, nothing stopped you from making a new account and using a link from another player to give you an advantage. Once you got going you could have reactivated the old account and got it involved.

Again, your attitude will make you hate this game. You can mine with others and ask them to use their porpoise/orca cargohold to dump things in, they can boost you. None of that requires Omega, it requires you to find creative solutions.

Again, wrong, although those multiaccount people can rely on their specialist characters they probably do so to keep their supply chain simple and only sell at highest margins. So you can even buy off them, move goods a few jumps away (over the border) as people in other constellations don’t see orders past the borders you can make a good profit there. Again, this will require you to take time to watch and analyse the markets.

Depends on how, but I guess if you want to not interact with anyone this statement would be true. Missions are very fun.

Yes, I can agree that LOGO on the mission objective, indicating the faction of the mission might be not enough but I am certain you now learn from this post and decline once every x hours. Per agent, you aren’t stuck, you can go find another one to do other missions from nearby to bridge the time.

It’s an acquired taste. But why don’t you start out in highsec? I understand that your presence -albeit free to play- should be enough for CCP to bow for you and become your personal assistants and do your bidding. This is one of the things that annoys me, people go for min/maxing profits then get angry that there is some risk connected to rewards.

Nice!!! I have been here for about 18 years and always been omega, didn’t know that. Thanks, you actually helped me (and others who might be reading this tread) . See, You were at quite the advantage compared to a bittervet.

Yes, like in real life you should train before you fight special forces. Or not, you could get lucky sometimes.

You should do some more incursion fleets. :smiley: Alpha is to try out the game. Not the game on EASY MODE.

This made me chuckle, it’s so true!! <3

Yes, it’s bad. But it’s volunteers. Some with good intentions, some with bad.

Yes, just like every other game forum. Mostly some people found a way to make easy ISK but with the proposed change (even if it’s indirect) their ISK fountain would dry up.

Yes, but most of those do not even play the game so it’s difficult for CCP to do anything about it.

No , the game does run on onboard video cards. But it runs slow. Even on better PC’s it’s funny how slow it runs. Bad programming I guess, don’t expect it to become better as they have to keep (almost) all the old code every update.

Yes, anything above 1000 generally causes severe issues with the game. Your RAM is not enough to play this game. It states 4GB or more but you have less. I hope someone can donate some RAM to you as with 8 you’ll crash a lot less. If you have a good SSD this will also increase the stability of the game. And last but not least do a full download of the files as this also causes issues on slower systems.

Yes. That’s part of the game. You will slowly build up. If you aren’t going to enjoy that, just focus on one thing in game you really like.

That’s actually wrong, I can drive my car in a way it uses more or less fuel.
On the skill tree thing, in teh years this has evolved. Before that there were skill to learn… ‘learning skills’ ( EVE Online ) :slight_smile:
And you trained up a few minimal skills to mine or mission, then did the learning skills while you made ISK. You see, you needed to plan in those days, that was quite the thing. People told me to do them to 4 at least and 5 if I was smart. As in the long run it would advance my skills much. Sometimes there is something you don’t like to do in a game but do it anyways. :wink:

Imagine you talk to someone who had to work much harder to get there… I feel like i’m an old man and you are like my grandson and I try to tell you how hard everything was “when I was your age” and you are like “It’s way too hard now”. But I guess times change.

Because those 4 empires are different with connections. When I was a young man, as a Caldari Pilot I could not learn or use any of the other shiptypes/ammo/guns. But give people a hand… and one day someone posts a “Can I have the arm too?”

Also, you skipped through the story where it says you are in a pod and the ship controls are WIRED into you. So I don’t think you drive your car/plane/whatever while having wires go into your brain…

Anyway, thanks for an awesome review. Hope to see you in game somewhere, sometime.