My Opinions after 1 month playing

@andrew_Maulenrant you need to learn more about the game before coming with this drastic conclusions
that thorax of yours for example can do A LOT of damage and win fights , learn to fit it better


With that attitude why even play?

I dunno man I have taken a Thorax out solo robbing ESS banks and stole a total of 100M from folks, where several times I watched as solo Lokis and Tengus were sitting on the acceleration gate but too cowardly to ever warp in on me.

I think there’s just a piloting mentality problem here, neither a toon skill issue nor hull balance problem.


No veteran permanently quit.

Except the dead ones.
-John McCandless OBE FYI IDST

Io Koval
once you come to grips with the fact that most of eves content isnt made for new players and that you have no chance alter your strategy

With that attitude why even play?
excellent ive asked myself many times.because i hope at some point the game will become long as i have no chance thatll never happen.its why i told my friends they shouldnt play.

i dont think you intimidated a tier 3 cruiser.i think its much more likely you were beneath their notice.i dont know how much longer im going to pay for a game thats not body likes a game thats numerically impossible to win at

Hello @Tessa_Springfield ,

I discovered this topic which starts from a good feeling a priori. Except that he proclaims here totally erroneous information.

Because it is totally false to say that in ALPHA status you will never earn more than 2 million ISK in 1 hour.

Perfectly optimized, which still requires some initial investments (time + money), with the good choice of faction ship and ORE equipment that go well, an ALPHA miner can earn more than 4.5 million in 1 hour! In other words, the equivalent of an ALPHA daily injector after only 11 hours of activity! What to plan a progressive skills plan; I also advise to go on full ALPHA at first in order to be able to take full advantage of the game, and this even when there are price increases of +33%.

So before saying anything that shows that people on this forum tell everything and anything, you must first take the time to check everything.

Being ALPHA in high-sec is very pleasant, without too much stress, at your own pace, which leaves time to set more ambitious goals in the more or less long term.

And then anyway in the eyes of CCP, whether you are ALPHA or OMEGA, you are a customer.

So. Try To Fly Safe Again. Or Not.

Ully Loom

ps: my character Ully Loom is completely restructured in full ALPHA, after more than 19 years of existence, and I don’t regret in any way having made this choice for the sole pleasure of the game, at my own pace…

I just want to mention that your system seems to be around minimal system requirements or even slightly lower. Though I don’t know if developers consider it when they do new updates. Personally I was sad when they removed DX9 api. Hopefully they will keep DX11 long enough despite adding DX12.


They didn’t quit either just no longer (able to) play.

Tell that to Vas Vegas…

Well I hope you find your fun too. I recommend going outside your comfort zone, but staying outside of it. Baby steps are OK.

Nice feedback.

Eve is a team game. Eve is a team game. Keep aaying this until you understand it. It is a team game. Your friends and partners, no matter how many or few skill points they have, are your most valuable asset. No one knows everything. No one can do everything. Everyone needs help.

You need to redefine what success in the game looks like. You already did this with your PvP encounter-- you decided it was a victory because you had fun and did well. That makes it a win in my book. Your goal should be to survive and grow, to resist the thousand reasons to quit and just keep playing. To make friends and help each other.

You say a noob cant do PvP? If you think that you dont even know what PvP is. Eve is a team game where YOU get to define success. Can you scan? Can you fit a tackle? Can you add some DPS? Can you keep your head up and accept losing your pixels with grace? Then you can bloody well contribute, and a great deal. Your 200 DPS doesn’t count for less than anyone else’s, nor did you take someone else’s spot in the gang.

Anyway, good post. Stick around and fly dangerous!

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Yeah, thats not permanently quit.

Addicts > quitters

The game has a very steep learning curve. I’m playing for years and I’m still learning. Before I knew how the game worked i played on and off for a few months for several years. But once you beat the learning curve its really rewarding and addictive game. Plexing If you would want to is very simple. But It’s only simple after you past the learning curve. And By that time you probably run more then one account to :smiley: If you want some help contact me ingame. These remarks that you make x amount of isk per hour are usually not completly true, because those calculations kinda skip everything you need to do aside from the actual isk making. But making a few billion in a month by just playing the game is really not so difficult once you know how.


Besides this I pay for my acounts with real money. Because I like to play the game and not see it as work. But if you are unable to and want to plex, so someone else paid for your time then with a normal playstyle, so not hardcore min/max grinding you have a plex every few evenings of playing.

A good example about x amount per hour bias.

If you run sleeper sites in a C3 wormhole you can easily clear sites solo with a value of about 45 million isk. in 10 or 20 minutes per site depending on skill and alpha/omega. Not sure if alphas can do it but they can definetly run C2 sites worth about 15-20 million in 10 to 20 minutes. People claiming isk per hour would say you make 130 million plus isk per hour in a C3 and like 50 million plus per hour in a C2. But usually you end up doing only a few sites in total. You need to scan, recon, drop your loot in highsec once in a while and setup a freighter contract to get it to a trading hub. This also costs money. Every once in a while you loose your ship, which sets you back a few sites. If your the only one online and the static is empty it will be a long time rolling it for a new connection with hopefully sites. But it could be empty aswell or active with baddies. etc etc. So if you play every day and you make like 150 mill from a few sites, thats 3 billion a month so you could in fact plex your account. But the x amount per hour is biased towards only being able to run site after site after site. This might be possible with a group on some days but they you need to take into account splitting the loot aswell.

My small circle of friends did keep me away from EVE because it was apparently some spreadsheet game. Still holds true but it was so misleading. I eventually wanted to see for my self and 4 years later the rest is history. Don’t regret it at all.

Agreed, I love sandbox games, out of all the games I have played, Dota 2, Vendetta Online, Elite Dangerous recently. I can say EVE is a pretty chill game. The public circles I am in are full of people who casually play the game and there are the dedicated ones like in any game but never been harassed, bullied, mined for salt, etc in EVE. Nice post.

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I got recruited in a mining corp on day one… no ventures then…
I got free ships, friends, and casual pvp, untill one day… I got T2 guns…
but before that… corp friends, alliances, it has been awesome…

Use what you have at your advantage. Don’t waste your time gasting at 10+
Accounts. I have been on 1 account for 10+ years… and never regret it!


interesting. so you’re saying with hundreds of millions of isk, an alpha can make a little bit more mining per hour.

I dont think he mentions 100s of millions

Do you think its good or bad that someone who had 10m isk in 2017 now has 10 orcas, dozens of mining ships, 10s of billions in materials and can PLEX when and if they feel like? As in, do you think thats too slow to reach that point?

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Unless he didn’t use his credit card I am all for that. I started around 2018-2019 In EVE. (On a different character.) Casually did lv 4 missions because I enjoyed them in a very strange naga fit XD. A person recruited me into his small corp/alliance. I was worth sub 500mil. The same person also introduced me to incursions. I had about grinded 100mil from missions over the months. Slowly trained the t2 modules for a WTM rokh as an alpha. He donated the hull to me to help.

Fast forward to 2022. I own a Kronos. I have a nice abyssal module collection I will humbly value at 4.5 billion. I have many “toys” as RL car owners call it. Got my beautiful golem, gila, even crane. All because that one guy helped me get started in EVE. I didn’t grind 24/7 no life for what I have. I took advantage of real estate. Sold my personal azbel all the way back then for a good 800mil profit. Sold ancient stockpile of minerals I mined from the old HS moons. Wealth takes time. Eventually one day when I get to my “EVE golden years” as the older retired people I play with I’ll hit 50-100bil+. Just felt id share. Wealth in EVE should be built up over years.
It’s why I have a dislike of people who often use the credit card, BUT I tolerate them. Those people are the people who also get ganked the most

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Yeah no credit card purchases at all, just carefully playing the game and wise market investments

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