My Opinions after 1 month playing

Am I a freeloader for commenting that some people hand isk to new players? My bad, I thought I was just remarking about some generous and caring people. You’ve set me straight.

The people I have met and spend time with every day are amazing. In my opinion, this game gets a bad wrap about the toxic community. as I said, nearly everyone I have encountered has been very nice and helpful, and generally good people. With any online video game, the community is the real sticking point.

Are they similar to true Scotsmen ?

i have 10 years + of EVE and i fly amarr ships only
why would i fly anything but the BEST?
if someone tell me i have to train for other ships i say NO
if they take it personal i don’t care
im not wasting my time fighting with wrong people


You better have a copy of

in the cargo hold of every single ship you fly. :wink:

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Pax amarria is for heretics, weaklings and traitors.

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Prefer a lil duct tape and rust, always makes me feel at home.

I generally love Amarr ships, I love my Apocalypse, but for smaller ships…the Dragoon has to be the most useless ship I have come across. No other ship in my entire inventory ( and I have a lot of ships ) runs out of capacitor with 3 slots still left to fill, or has such low DPS for a destroyer. OK so it has energy nosferatu bonus ( 5% I think ) but that really doesn’t make up for it lacking in every other respect.

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Its a drone carrier though, Im not sure being in NOS range is its intent.

Even among drone carriers ( which I generally dont like, I prefer missiles, lasers ) I’d rather use a Vexor.

Most people generally would use a cruiser over a Destroyer, did you mean an Algos?

Id rather the Dragoon because it looks much better though.

If I’m going to rely primarily on drones I use a cruiser or above. For PvE for example I use primarily a Gnosis. I don’t see the point of turning up in a weaker ship. I have an Algos but rarely ever fly it. If I’m simply ratting in asteroid belts I’m quite happy with a Condor or a Slasher.

Between its salvage capability and missiles, I like the dragoon for longer duration sojourns the frigates cant do. Ofc for bigger fish or annoying players, Arbitrator is super duper.

Still, different strokes for different folks, I just dont fly ships I find uggo.

dragoon is amazing for pvp
so amazing that i never use it because i think is boring :smiley:

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eat Haggis

I’d have loved to have been there at the development meeting where someone blurted out ’ Hey…let’s make a ship that looks like a hair dryer '…


Hair dryers are the best man, too bad its a drone boat.
Looks like a phaser to me thou.

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Its one of their least worst designs

Along with Hecate and Algos, but its still Galugly to me.

Naga looks amazing imo. Btw is the decals on ship’s flashing to anyone? its driving me crazy

the game is designed to turn new players into easy content for older players.once you come to grips with the fact that most of eves content isnt made for new players and that you have no chance alter your strategy.i only take junk ventures into low sec.i fit them with miner ones i make myself and nothing else.when theyre destroyed by petty griefers they get no loot.its the same with t1 cruisers i make.since they stand no chance in low sec i insure them to the max and use them to rat with cheap t1 drones i make myself.older players are going to destroy you no matter what equipment you have on a t1 cruiser so i prefer to leave them with nothing.since you spent nothing on fitting the cruiser the whole insurance pay out is profit.its a win win.the griefers get the easy kill they so desire and you get millions in insurance.altho its not quite as satisficing for the older players when they kill someone that knows struggling is pointless and doesnt try.heres a quote by w.c. fields"if at first you dont succeed try again then point in being a dam fool about things"