My small industry initiative in Venal

Been awhile, we got an update - pretty big one at that

New Items

  • Navitas - [3,999,999 ISK]

  • Small Armor Repairer I - [499,999 ISK]

  • 125mm Railgun I - [399,999 ISK]

  • Multispectral ECM I - [299,999 ISK]

  • Drone Damage Amplifier I - [399,999 ISK]

  • Acolyte I - [59,999 ISK]

  • Warrior I - [59,999 ISK]

  • Hornet I - [59,999 ISK]

  • Hobgoblin I - [59,999 ISK]

I’ve…Gained some interest in my little industrial effort out here. After taking my idea to the wider Capsuleer community. Many pilots have expressed a desire in getting involved in what I’m doing and several groups ahve even approached me to discuss deals like fuel blocks or tier two hulls…Conversation that haven’t exactly created anything solid yet, but conversations that are happening nonetheless.

I’ve gotten messages from several pilots who want to head out my way and help me industrialize the system. As such, i even have to consider holding off on new items a bit longer and instead shore up my stocks on goods i can hand out for free to anyone that’s trying to come out here and pitch in. I got buy orders up for each basic mineral type that’s out there to keep them busy and paid. However, to help with these miners, local owners of two citadels in the system of 6NJ8-V have opened up their ports to anyone and everyone to take advantage of their services. Previously, when i started out i managed to gain access for myself after just letting the owners in on what i was doing out in these parts, after is tarted getting a slight boost in interest, i went back to them to discuss maybe opening up the ports to miners i referral down, instead they decide to make them freeports.

Things are starting to move…More and more this “Small industry initiative” of mine is no longer mine. Communications are being established with these groups taking interest in my efforts and hopefully soon, a more appropriate re branding of my initiative can happen to be reflect those also involved now my accurately.

Things are for sure starting to move out here…I’m both excited and nervous about whatever or not I’m up to the challenge.

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Is there anything you need to populate the market? Can’t guarantee I’ll be the one to get it for you but letting people know might get them involved.

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I can’t think of anything i need more than materials right about now.

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Back again! With a new update…

New Items

  • Industrial Cynosural Field Generator - [3,999,999 ISK]

  • Small Remote Shield Repairer I - [399,999 ISK]

  • Oceanic Command Center - [999.999 ISK]

  • Barren Command Center - [999.999 ISK]

  • Lava Command Center - [999.999 ISK]

  • Ice Command Center - [999.999 ISK]

  • Gas Command Center - [999.999 ISK]

Price Change

  • Venture - [Now 1,999,999 ISK]

  • Warp Core Stabilizer - [Now 1,999,999 ISK]

Blueprints - [Located in Y-4CFK]

  • Antimatter Charge S - [999.999 ISK]

  • Thorium Charge S - [999.999 ISK]

  • Lead Charge S - [ 750,000 ISK]

  • Tungsten Charge S - [ 750,000 ISK]

  • Uranium Charge S - [ 750,000 ISK]

  • Plutonium Charge S - [ 750,000 ISK]

  • Iron Charge S - [ 750,000 ISK]

  • Inferno Rocket - [999.999 ISK]

  • Scourge Rocket - [999.999 ISK]

  • Nova Rocket - [999.999 ISK]

  • Mjolnir Rocket - [999.999 ISK]

  • Inferno Light Missile - [999.999 ISK]

  • Nova Light Missile - [999.999 ISK]

  • Mjolnir Light Missile - [999.999 ISK]

  • Scourge Light Missile - [999.999 ISK]

That’s right! I now have blueprints on the market already safety secured and for sale in the single research station in all of Venal. Head to Y-4CFK and pick yourself up a print of any small hybrid charge, rocket or light missile and start making some munitions! The Guristas can also take these standard tier one ammunition and “spice it up” with their own modifications for anyone that puts in work. In future I’ll see about seeding blueprints for frigate hull types, for now? Ammo, it’s easy stuff to produce and It be nice to see more of this stuff on the markets out here.

Also, we do have command centers on the market finally! My thanks goes to Hazel T, CEO of “Sons of Venal” who helped sourced fifty command centers of various types. I myself will be looking to establish few colonies on the worlds out here, see if we can produce some other goods to work towards tier two production.

Venture and Warp Core stabs got a price change now that i have enough units in them maintain a presence on the market. Other items i have on the market will receive price evaluations as the amount of units i have in stock increases.

That’s all for now. Will update again at another date.

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So, it feels like maybe this is a question I shouldn’t ask, Avio, but …

How’s business?


Going as well as it can go i’d say @Aria_Jenneth . The markets are still slow out here, but almost every day I’ll see i managed to sell something. If not everyday, then it’s every other day.

A network is starting to grow, I find myself being a mediator between corporations operating out in this space. Along with any independent pilots that i meet or attract to the area - Which are growing in number, some of them are even helping me gather materials so i can continue production. And for one pilot that’s going by the allias “Shooty D’boutte” (Silly name, good guy), he’s starting to put up his own goods on the market out here as well

Things are still slow, but looking promising so far. All of this has the potential to expand into something much greater than what i initially started with.

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Avio. I have an associate sourcing goods from Jita before I ship some out myself. Would you care to mail me to let me know your thoughts on competition in markets?


I’d mail you, but I’d like to just take the opportunity to kill two birds with one stone - Explain to you my philosphy, as well as anyone else reading this.

Competition is overall welcomed by me…Not like I can have a say in it of course! Though competition helps with several factors in my efforts to turn this system into a trade hub.

Firstly, to compete - you need to bring your own products. More products ultimately means more products, modules that solely wont be dependent on my production line, they’ll now be others trying to break into that market. I will say that there’s more sport in it all if you produce your goods in-house instead of just transporting them via bulk with a jump freighter.

That said…Still plenty of holes out here to claim for yourself. Take ownership of your own slice of the markets and help fill all the holes on the shelves so all that remains are beautiful sale opportunities.

Secondly, competition will help bring out a natural price for goods. I really don’t have much to compare my prices to other than the prices for goods found in high security markets. I have very subjective prices on what I offer, somethings maybe be too high for anyone to realistically want. Competition could force me to lower my prices if I want the business an item that’s going for much cheaper from another Capsuleer. Of course, there is a matter of pricing goods offensively and defensively. If someone does list an item for sale that i have up at 500 thousand ISK for 10 thousand - I’m gonna buy it up and add it to my stocks, like I’m not gonna lie about that. If the price is too low out here, your stock can be bought up and relisted for a large price. And with their stock they just purchased off you, they got a far more established presence in that part of the market to peddle that price.

Look forward to you working out here @Ange_des_Larmes


Been awhile, but here i am with another glorious update.

New Items

  • Cormorant - [4,999,999 ISK]

  • Epithal - [4.999,999, ISK]

  • Burst - [3,999,999 ISk]

  • Inertial Stabilizers I - [499,999 ISK]

New Blueprints (Sold in Y-4CFK)

  • Kestrel Blueprint - [4,999,999 ISK]

  • Heron Blueprint - [4,999,999 ISK]

  • Merlin Blueprint - [4,999,999 ISK]

  • Condor Blueprint - [4,999,999 ISK]

Price Change

Corax - [Now 4,999,999 ISK]
Tristan - [Now 1,999,999 ISK]

Yep, more blueprints - Now expanding into frigate hulls slowly to further encourage more individuals out here to pick up a print and begin their own industalist endeavors in the region of Venal

…Which reminds me, i have an announcement to put out there. I’ve received an influx of interested parties over the course of this imitative that want to come out here and help me make the system of 6NJ8-V a premier trade hub of the region of Venal.

All these contacts needs some form of organization so everyone can communicate, therefore i’d like to present - the Venal Prosperity Network

Venal Prosperity Network

Using the Zaibatsu’s very own Suha Raibuya as a symbol for the economic and industrial efforts, the prosperity network is an open door group that interested parties can join and discuss trade and industry with other pilots or corporations that are operating in Venal. As it stands right now, the Network is still in it’s infancy stages, polish and reworking are inevitable.

Should also mention that this network does not guarantee “blue” status from other members of the network, given that it’s open door and individuals that aren’t employed by any Capsuleer corporation can join up and be apart of the network, it’s not optimal to make this any kind of pact or alliance, it is merely a server dedicated to facilitating communications with Venal residents.

Interested parties, please do contact me directly for access.

Moving on…Planetary colonies!

After sourcing command centers for different planter y environments, I’ve decided to take a step forward and use some of these command centers myself to produce some unique goods.

Construction blocks, Mechanical Parts and Coolant are simple yet essential components needed for Tier 2 tech production. These fresh colonies that i’ve placed on some of the worlds of 6NJ8-V will work hard to mass produce these goods, after which I’m planning on putting up for sale in station at a low price that would challenge the trade hubs of high security space…Gotta encourage local tier 2 production somehow, yes?

Another colony was set on a oceanic world to cultivate livestock, i managed to get ahold of some Soog cattle back form Nannaras X to bring out here, put some unique meat on the market out here, why not? It also serves as a good source of food should a famine ever just decide to happen…Never hurts to be prepared i’d say.

Employees are a mixed bag, some of the higher ranked staff i managed to get loaned from some of the Zaibatsu’s core modules, Lucrative Excavations and Salved fortune Industries. The lower ranked employees are “locals” to the region that aren’t apart of the Guristas proper…I’d like to also throw out there that should anyone be looking to desire someway out of the Caldari State but don’t want to end up with the Guristas…I offer an alternative.

Well! I believe that’s it for now. I’ll be back again with another update soon enough.


That time again boys and girls.

New Blueprints

  • Caldari Shuttle Blueprint - [1,500,000 ISK]

  • Bantam Blueprint - [5,999,999 ISK]

  • Incursus Blueprint - [5,999,999 ISK]

  • Imicus Blueprint - [5,999,999 ISK]

  • Atron Blueprint - [5,999,999 ISK]

  • Tristan Blueprint - [5,999,999 ISK]

  • Core Probe Launcher I Blueprint - [750,000 ISK]

  • Expanded Probe Launcher I Blueprint - [750,000 ISK]

  • Data Analyzer I Blueprint - [1,500,000 ISK]

  • Relic Analyzer I Blueprint - [1,500,000 ISK]

  • Small Shield Extender I Blueprint - [750,000 ISK]

  • Ballistic Control System I Blueprint - [750,000 ISK]

  • Magnetic Field Stabilizer I Blueprint - [750,000 ISK]

  • 1MN Afterburner I Blueprint - [750,000 ISK]

  • 125mm Railgun I Blueprint - [1,500,000 ISK

  • Light Ion Blaster I Blueprint - [1,500,000 ISK

  • Light Missile Launcher I Blueprint - [1,500,000 ISK

  • Acolyte I Blueprint - [1,500,000 ISK

  • Hornet I Blueprint - [1,500,000 ISK

  • Hobgoblin I Blueprint - [1,500,000 ISK

  • Warrior I Blueprint - [1,500,000 ISK

Yeah, no actual new items this time around, I’ve been focusing my efforts on buffering up my current stocks on items I already have up for sale, but decided to keep progress moving by sourcing additional blueprints into Venal.

I’m expanding into modules now, some desirable prints in fact. Probe launchers and analyzers are essential to any adventurous explorer. And of course if I’m already gonna be selling prints for hybrid and missile charges, I should also supply prints to build turrets to shoot the damn things!

I will continue expanding the print market, moving onto Amarrian and Matari hulls and related turret and ammunition prints. While those from the Federation and Caldari are more likely to make their way out here - I wanna make sure the market can compliment any pilot of any origin.

Ammo prints are gonna be the big ones, they’re low entry for any aspiring industrialist, and quite frankly - any industrialist willing to start producing all these different ammo types will help out big time with making sure the markets out here are well stocked.

Don’t really got much else to say aside that, I’ll be back again with another update soon enough.

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WEll that was quick…Back at it again! Another update…

New Items

Men’s 'Marshal" Guristas Jacket - [499,999 ISK]

Women’s ‘Gunner’ Guristas Jacket - [499,999 ISK]

New Blueprints

  • Breacher Blueprint - [5,999,999 ISK]

  • Rifter Blueprint - [5,999,999 ISK]

  • Slasher Blueprint - [5,999,999 ISK]

  • Probe Blueprint - [5,999,999 ISK]

  • Punisher Blueprint - [5,999,999 ISK]

  • Executioner Blueprint - [5,999,999 ISK]

  • Magnate Blueprint - [5,999,999 ISK]

  • Tormentor Blueprint - [5,999,999 ISK]

  • Carbonized Lead S Blueprint - [999,999 ISK]

  • Depleted Uranium S Blueprint - [999,999 ISK]

  • Titanium Sabot S Blueprint - [999,999 ISK]

  • Nuclear S Blueprint - [999,999 ISK]

  • EMP S Blueprint - [499,999 ISK]

  • Fusion S Blueprint - [499,999 ISK]

  • Phased Plasma S Blueprint - [499,999 ISK]

  • Proton S Blueprint - [499,999 ISK]

  • Xray S Blueprint - [999,999 ISK]

  • Gamma S Blueprint - [499,999 ISK]

  • Infrared S Blueprint - [499,999 ISK]

  • Microwave S Blueprint - [499,999 ISK]

  • Multifrquency S Blueprint - [999,999 ISK]

  • Radio S Blueprint - [999,999 ISK]

  • Standard S Blueprint - [499,999 ISK]

  • Ultraviolet S Blueprint - [999,999 ISK]

  • Dual Light Beam Laser I Blueprint - [1,500,000 ISK]

  • Dual Light Pulse Laser I Blueprint - [1,500,000 ISK]

  • 125mm Gatling AutoCannon I Blueprint - [1,500,000 ISK]

  • 150mm Light AutoCannon I Blueprint - [1,500,000 ISK]

  • 200mm AutoCannon I Blueprint - [1,500,000 ISK]

  • 250mm Light Artillery Cannon I Blueprint - [1,500,000 ISK]

  • 280mm Howitzer Artillery I Blueprint - [1,500,000 ISK]

  • Small Armor Repairer I Blueprint - [999,999 ISK]

  • Small Shield Booster I Blueprint - [999,999 ISK]

  • Heat Sink I Blueprint [750,000 ISK]

  • Gryostabilizer I Blueprint [750,000 ISK]

Yeah once again…No real new items that i myself have produced and put on the market, what i have done however is did what i said i was gonna do and source additional blueprints. Now, with the exception of Logi and EWAR frigates, i have for sale blueprints of all Tier one design. Caldari, Gallente, Amarrian and Minmatar.

Ontop of that, was only fitting that i’d gather prints of appropriate weapon systems to compliment the hulls, along with a complete set of prints for any charge the pilot in question happens to needs to produce. As it stands right now? I have in stock a blueprint for every small charge, Hybrid, Missile, Energy and Projectile.

As such, there’s something for everyone here now, I want everyone to know that there’s potentially for them to make themselves a life out here in this region of space regardless of origin. So come on down! Grab a blueprint of a frigate of your choice and get building! Ventures and mining lasers are on sale as we speak!

Oh, and i suppose i should mention that yes - i have infarct stocked the markets of 6NJ8-V with jackets wearing the Guristas insignia…Just saw it as an opportunity to diversify the marketplace out here. Ships, modules, Command centers, and blueprints are all nice - why not toss in a fashion line while I’m at it? Make sure there’s something for every customer out in these parts. And well, only felt fitting to sell some clothing to help pilots in the area fit in!

I will be back…Next time with some actual new product for sale! Also some more blueprints as there’s still plenty of other modules that an aspiring industrialist would want to produce. So stayed tuned, I will be back.

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Less of an update and more of a request from anyone reading this post.

I put a few new buy orders for some consumer grade goods…The Material buy orders are old and not the point of this reply, though i will never turn down someone who wants to bring me some new materials to work with.

No, what i need are various goods that are often overlooked by the wider Capsuleer community, consumer goods like drinks and food. Gonna need to start shoring up this kind of product if i want to turn this system into a trade hub, keep people fed, healthy, and maybe a little tipsy.

The products I’m looking for go as follow

  • Dairy Products - [500 ISK] (Milk, cheese, yogurt even.)

  • Frozen food - [250 ISK] Anything that can be eaten and frozen, veggies, fruits, meat.)

  • Spirits - [750 ISK] (The locals can’t ever get enough, if it’s got alcohol in it, i can easily find a buyer for it out here.)

  • Antibotics - [500 ISK] (The Guristas are made up of humans like any other faction, as such they can get sick just like them, never hurts to have some meds in stock.)

  • Small Arms - [1,200 ISK] (Rifles, handguns, SMGs, shotguns - all those fun toys. Locals love them as much as they like the booze.)

I welcome anyone to compare my prices with the wider galactic market. Most of this stuff is easy to transport too, a interceptor can handle deliveries quite effectively.

Look forward to those that take advantage of this opportunity.


Water! How could i possibly forget the demand for water? Gotta stay hydrated boys and girls!Once again, feel free to compare my prices with the wider market.


Once again, time for another update.

New Items

  • Gallente shuttle - [499,999 ISK]

  • 200mm AutoCannon I - [499,999 ISK]

  • 125mm Gatling AutoCannon I - [399.999 ISK]

  • Gyrostabilizer I - [499,999 ISK]

  • Heat Sink I - [499,999 ISK]

  • R.A.M. - Starship Tech - [199 ISK]

Price Change

Caldari Shuttle - [499,999 ISK]

So after putting up buy orders for some consumer goods, water being one of them - it dawned on me on how i can encourage people to start engaging in planetary industry, it was obvious!

I put up buy orders for several “Tier 1” grade goods that can be produced from planetary factories, aside from using the gains to fuel my planetary industry, any surplus can be tossed up on the market for others to use, or given to the Guristas help them out with maintaining their infrastructure. Prices have been set to encourage pilots that this could be a profitable venture, but kept low to discourage importing.

Not much else to say aside from this, though in due to time i hope to have something unique to show all of you. Stay tuned for that.

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So here it is, what i’ve been waiting to just show New Eden

This right here, is a “Commerical” of sorts that to attract some new traffic to the region, help boost the economy out here and maybe - just maybe - inspire some Capsuleers to come down here and pitch in.

But i didn’t wanna leave the common people out, when i financed the production of this commercial, i wanted it to speak in a way that’s relevant to both Capsuleeers, and Baseliners. As such, while i can freely just advertise and broadcast this here for the wider Capsuleer community to view and any non-Capsuleers that frequent this forum. Though i do wanna reach out to those that couldn’t care less about the disagreements and memes of Capsuleers.

I’m already aware no Media network in the State, Empire and Republic would want to touch this commercial, and I’m willing to bet good ISk i’ll find plenty of networks in the Federation that would hesitate to air this. So, it’s gonna be a bit of a hunt to track down someone who will give me just a minute long timeslot, to get this message out.

If anyone has any connections to help me out with this, i’d appreciate the help.


I’ve seen this before. Except it was underwater. There was a man and a city and a lighthouse. Also, that creepy little girl, there were lots of them.

Best of luck.


Little strange and vague way of putting it, but alright - I’ll just take it as it is and thank you for the luck.

Glad this project is up and running. Well worth getting on board

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Damn straight it is, glad to have you aboard and pitching in, pilot.

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It’s a pleasure to work with you

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