My small industry initiative in Venal

Well pilot, i gotta say after seeing these contracts you signed off to me…this haul of BPCs is quite overwhelming, I would wager it take years to burn though every one of these copies.

I’ll happily take the support if you wish to help, but do know that sense it’s gonna be a long time before i use up any of these BPCs, that you can have them back if you change your mind.

Don’t worry I can make the copies whenever I need, and I have all the materials for making invention again.

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Very well, thank you for your contribution to the effort.

As a new resident of Venal i approve the actions Mr. Yaken has taken to improve the accessablity to equipment and goods within the market of 6NJ8-V.


If you want more bpcs, you can check my list here :
Those are the bpos I own, at least 8/14, and are ready to be copied.

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I’m happy to hear that. Welcome to Venal, pilot.

I’ll take a look when i get the chance, thank you.

TIme for another update

New Items

  • Mining Laser Upgrade I - [499,999 ISK]

  • Small Core Defence Field Extnder I - [999,999 ISK]

  • Small Ancillary Armor Repairer - [499,999 ISK]

  • Small Remote Shield Booster I - [399,999 ISK]

  • Tristan - [3,999,999 ISK]

  • Corax - [9,999,999 ISK ] (I know what i said about Destroyers coming later, and i do admit that producing these in bulk ate alot into my materials. I could not help but be curious if destroyers would even sell out here.)

  • Caldari Shuttle - [999,999 ISK]

Nothing really note worthy to add, all i got are some new items on the market.

Maybe i should mention that I’m still in the market for planetary command centers,previously at 160,000 ISK a unit, now it’s 300,000 ISK a unit.

Also buyingMetal Scraps at 5,000 ISK a unit, sitll going strong,

And i got another buy order up for Zydrine for 1,500 ISK a unit.

Of course i need other materials…But Zydrine is a big one.

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