My Suggestions To Make EVE Online Better

Reduce the amount of book reading by 90%. Start people off with a respectable ship that can fight in battles and mine asteroids.


“make eve online more casual” ?

I’m impressed. You managed to not only start really moronic threads all day, but you even created an avatar that looks stupid enough to be legitimately making them.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:




Please use the approbriate forum section to post your ideas.

Players Features & Ideas

You can ask an ISD to move your thread there by typing @ and the name of an ISD to get their attention.

If you had read what you should have done, would you still be making silly posts about skillbooks?

OP outed himself as dumb person who does not read books. There needs to be rules regarding dumb people. Less of them would attract smarter ones.

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But where do you put these rules if not in a book or other written forms for people to read?


Have to use emojis, probably.

Mankind spent thousands of years graduating from heiroglyphics to real language. Todays morons are taking us back.


That’s a rather poignant observation, actually, I like it. Have to keep that in mind next time my gf texts me passive-aggressive emoji messages about the housework that she did as if I’m supposed to pay her or something.

Some people argue that language based on hieroglyphics is more robust and allows for better inter-culture communication than modern languages based on “writing sounds”.

Some people argue that the earth is flat, too. Written language is more dynamic and nuanced than pictographics. Pictographics are easy to take out of context.

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Dynamic and nuances are what makes it difficult to foreigners to communicate.
In the era of global communication this is more of a con for language.

Google translate.

Problem solved.

hieroglyphics suck, almost as much as cuneiform definitely way more than ogham.

edit:i should elaborate a bit,
you cant do a cursive hieroglyphic alphabet well, we’d have one if you could.
the characters are in no way labour or space efficient.
if i need a masters in draftsmanship and 12ft of paper to write my notes with my hand then theres definitely a better option out there, regardless how well it may work digitally.


I like the combination of both, to make a subtle statement regarding the alternative of using no communication at all:


Say it with little baseball bats! Also available with hearts and other shapes.


This will surely end well.

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This isn’t no child left behind. If you want to compete figure out how to do things better. Eve isn’t just about skill points and bling, you have to actually learn and improve what ever you are doing. There are plenty of merlin fights in the game and the venture is a decent mining ship. If you were given the skill points to fly a billion isk Loki day one would you know how to use it? No then you would ask for the billion isk ship to be more powerful.
Eve isn’t for everyone and that’s okay. But if everyone gave it a serious chance and realized that those people that are better than you put effort in to being better more people would play eve. However, we live in a fast food world where everyone wants their happy meal now and if the line at the drive through is to long they feel that crying and complaining will some how make everyone else give them what they want.

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