Need Help With Choosing New Gaming Laptop

(Jack Tregis) #1

Hello, so recently I’ve joined Eve online and been playing on Hp Oman rig with 120 fps with no issues at all, as the fact I’m on travel alot so I’ve decided to buy a gaming laptop next month,
I got zero experience in laptops, and dont know which to pick,
bugdet around 1500
So I would like to get recommendation…
One Thing, Preferred screen size around 17/8 inch

P.S don’t forget to bring sacrifices to BoB in heks Wormholes, he likes Exotic Dancers and Crash

(Jennifer Austin) #2

I have the Acer Nitro V5 it seems to do the job quite nicely and you can pick one up for about $1,000 top end that’s SSD and everything mine’s a step down version from that but there’s some really nice ones out there I’m an Acer lover but that’s me

(Jack Tregis) #3

I’ve checked it and specs are nice but I want bigger screan size 15.6 seams to be too small as I’m used to 27

(Sasha Viderzei) #4

Oï mate !

I am also searching a gaming laptop, so I’ll try to help you with what I already found.
To be honest, laptop with 17 inches achieving a good deal of power can be harder to found within your price range, however I found some good candidate :

The Dell Alienware 17 R5 : Amazon link. 17 inches, the processor is an i7 of 8th generation (8750H). Supported by an Nvidia GTX 1060 (6Gb), a 1TB storage (7200rpm).
However, this laptop have inconvenient : the SSD is only 8Go, and the starting RAM is 8Go, which is the basic minimum for gaming. But, the laptop have room for another RAM bear, which push the maximal power to 32Go ram (a bit overkill for gaming). And the price is one euro below your maximum ^^

I’ll try to find other one once I’m on my computer and not on phone, but you can already check the one I gave you.

(Jack Tregis) #5

Alienware overheats like hell, and no nanite repair paste will save it :frowning:

(Sasha Viderzei) #6

I demand source for thy saying, me lord.

(Shai 'Hulud) #7

If this isn’t an Alienware troll… it should be!

(Aetrid) #8

No such thing as too much RAM.

(Alyss Enna) #9

Isn’t your HP Omen a gaming laptop?
I’m using an Omen 17" while traveling and works great.

(Sasha Viderzei) #10

Ah, you’ve been using women ? Good, I’ll need some advices on them then.

Since I’m also planning to get a new laptop for the end year celebrations, I was aiming for an Omen. Since I generally doesn’t play heavy game, the biggest graphic cards aren’t really worth (a 1060 is great for me, 1070 would be top of the notch but a bit too costly). I’m aiming for that particular Omen, what do you think of it, please ? :

Also, could you please give me your opinion on the Omen you’re using ?

(Erik Aihaken) #11

Pleb, I recently bought that sweet msi titan pro at 3000, git gud

(Jack Tregis) #12

Nope I’ve got stationary Omen

(Jack Tregis) #13
Made a decision :slight_smile:

(ISD Buldath) #14

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(Sci Fu) #15

I would check the black Friday deals. I bought an Alienware from Dell two years ago and they had a 15% discount on all their stuff.

(Jack Tregis) #16

I should have included in my post, to not recommend any Alienware laptops,