Nerf Ganking Megathread

Your anger, ganker, is right… never let anyone tell you otherwise…

I do agree with this, I really feel the basic starting overview for new players should be a little better to be more helpful, although I see the argument for keeping it simple as well.


What’s with everyone putting their character initials after a comment?


Just for reference in case someone questions if ganking is allowed in EvE and requests an official quote:

Asymmetric PvP, as well as ganking, is still allowed in EVE.

- CCP Swift

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You’ve already been told several trillion times that a counterplay exists to ganking. It is called avoiding being ganked. I’ve even listed right here in this thread 8 or 9 measures people can take that hugely reduce the risk.

No, not people, just you. A total failure to grasp that ganking is an integral part of the game and that all your fancy nerfs and buffs are totally un-necessary as the means to not be ganked already exist. You’ve spent hundreds of posts trying to ‘solve’ a problem that is simply not there…and the person not listening or understanding is you.


One important aspect of ganking, that is essential to the economic health of eve, is that it creates an isk sink. Especially for those whales that loose 1-3 bil isk level 4 mission runners.

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FW is where pvp starts and faction warfare states clearing in the notes;

This means that when the Eve Enloved :broken_heart: is in full effect every pilot will require to pick the side they will be fiting for to earn the new credits we currently know this as LP.

IF Ganking is considered PVP then that ganking will be included as a part of that FW where pilots who reside in Highsec will only be attackable by one of the other 3? Factions as the Faction they are supporting will protect them more than Concord but only inside the Faction Part of the Map while inside Highsec.

The New form of Ganking will be a part of the Faction Warfare inside Highsec


*Switching back to the RP Pilot now…:cold_face: :ice_cube: :ice_cream_parrot: :wave:

I do not see the abbreviation ‘PvP’ nor the words ‘player vs player’ in the entire screen shotted text.


Gallente is at War vs Caldari and also reason for selecting that Gallente Federation Pilot once that New in-game currency? actually starts.

Taking the pvp as the meaning of valid target and Caldari Pilots can attack Gallente Pilots inside Highsec.

Is that wrong to think that is how it will end up after looking at the new map that was shown the other day?

It’s all speculation until we see it live but we need to be ready or why are we even flying blind with no future plan for ourselves? Where our assets are kept in highsec etc?

Right now I am moving this Pilot’s assets and going to split my Frostpacker pilot alts that are not Minmatar as I think it is going to happen very soon ingame. Not the new map but the Faction Ware and that Concord issue we all saw at Fanfest. I want to be ready and steady to stand my ground in New Eden.

Sorry for ranting but that is what I am doing now even if ganking in highsec never changes to FW Pilots only. (/edit) the last comment I just noticed the word impunity so my guess every faction can still attack with out punishment. So ganking is not going anywere anytime soon. Hopes and dreams of only needing to deal with opposing factions had just gone out the door! Why even have a FW?

Well, that was the only point of interest I had with you. Good luck with your trolling.

If mining was pve, the rocks would shoot back. :smirk:

Just imagine if there was a tiny random chance each rock might have a triglavian patrol jump out of it while mining equipment is activated on them.


Jj would get his wish! :laughing:

Could this idea be used against bots?

I remember when triglavian patrols use to randomly warp into belts in high sec and blow up miners. They should bring that back.

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Default overview is probably the very single thing that driven most of the new players away from this game.

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I’m always suspicious of anything that smells like a good idea.

Give new players a multiple preset overview?

General, travel, pve, pvp, etc?

Yes absolutely. And it has to have shiny colors. As for what exactly should the colors be and what should column names/focus be I do have some idea but I don’t dare to suggest it because it would get torn by pieces by nullblockers or gank-haters who will be against anything I suggest by default :wink: .

Bruh you dont play anymore so you dont matter.

You got it wrong. I don’t care anymore and for good reason.

Even if the idea I propose is asine, I still try.

What do you bring to the table? Lower player count?

Actually, I do still kinda play. I’m using my alts to centralize my crap. My total net worth went down because I’m in the Amarr area instead of Jita so that’s where the loss came in.

Catch me if you can!