Nerf Ganking Megathread

I already told you I can see no relevance. I am not going to answer your random off topic questions and help you make it look like you made some kind of point. You haven’t. Your question makes it seem like I claimed something that I NEVER claimed. Hard pass.

Do you really not understand the difference between voluntarily sharing your own personal data, and having a non-player entity sharing your personal data without your consent?

At least be honest and say that gankers are griefing scum, and anti-gankers are righteous paragons of virtue, and as such you advocate for an artificial handicap to be created in favor of the latter at the expense of the former. At least that sort of honesty could get a bit of respect.

It would just highlight how bad AG is?

Stuff still being ganked, despite the keystone cop intervention.

I don’t know… but there is a chance my project is related with this…

I am tracking since almost a year all ganks in highsec with zkill and an custom gank detection. My plan is to create a standing list and provide it via esi to eve characters.

I had the stupid idea to stream my work on the project on Twitch to generate some attention in advance… until Code and James315 visited me in chat last year…

Since then i see less and less ganks on zKill… but this could als be related to the lower player count.


Register your Highsec Characters on Zkill \o/

edit: just found the screenshot


I like this. Please keep us posted.
No P2W


Nobody cares.

Please link us to your AG alt killboard. After having a look, we will decide if you are worth listening to or not.

I want to hunt miners. All miners should be forced to submit a PUBLIC MINING REPORT which states where they are mining, belt and system, timestamped, so that I can have it easy the Ridley Rohan way. Gosh forbid I have to actually warp around and look (or, shudder, communicate with other players)!

If you had read and understood my post to Shipwreck_Jones, you would know that I do. You are the one that does not understand.

When I post a kill to zKill, I do it without the consent of the owner of the character I killed. It is unilateral. The difference between that and having Concord able to do it unilaterally is that its actually BETTER in the case of Concord, because Concord is an official enforcer of in-game law…law enforcement being a matter of serious public importance.

There is so very much I could correct you on there, as you seem to have no understanding of words such as some, most, and many. But since you don’t, what would be the point? You are simply uneducatable.

I have no need nor want of what passes for respect from you.

You guys don’t understand! It needs to be my way! My way is the best way, I know what way is the best way, the best way is that CCP hands it to me on a silver platter, and then I can do what I want, and you can’t do anything about it because CCP said I am right, and they haven’t said I’m right, but I must be right, right?


That is an in-game illegal practice.

This is like going to city hall and demanding the government print a map of businesses with the weakest security systems to aid your burglary business.

This would not be funny even if you had meant it to be funny.

This is really gonna blow your mind Ridley. Ingame (and out of game) I have POSITIVE standings with CONCORD, the Caldari Navy, the Emperor’s Family, and Khanid! See, here’s a little ingame secret that you might not know - they all want you dead (in game).

If you aren’t happy with the government of Highsec - maybe it’s time for you to step up your game a bit, and try moving to nullsec!

Yet you lose standings all the time before making up the difference grinding missions (or having some teenager in South East Asia do it for you perhaps).

He’s not a teenager!

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Look, proof that I am not a criminal!


I am a naval officer in good standing!


Shooting disgruntled miners is my JOB!


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Tell me, how do NPCs from CONCORD upload their kills to a third party website that is unaffiliated to EVE? Such a thing would be a severe breach of the 4th wall.

They don’t need to. All war kills are public. Would be just the same thing. All kills that involve response to a criminal could be easily made public in a similar way. So the kills wouldn’t be pushed to any third-party, but any third-party could pull them instead.

Would be useless, but easy enough to do.

That’s a good point. Never knew war kills are automatically public, but then again I’ve always made all my kills and deaths public.

Or just programming combined with server permissions?

I am talking about a change here…in this thread about change.

Is it your contention that all zKill intel is useless or just that its useless for AG?

What use would you get from CONCORD kills on zkillboard?

  1. You already know the fits of the catalysts and taloses
  2. You already know the locations where gankers frequently kill people
  3. You are already too late to do anything about a kill the moment it has been uploaded to zkillboard, as those uploads happen after the explosion and also take a couple minutes to be uploaded even if done automatically.

What is it you need from zkillboard intel for AG that is going to be improved when CONCORD kills are automatically uploaded?

(Just wondering, as I have no experience as AG and cannot think of a way that this would help AG.)