Nerf Ganking Megathread

Prearranged blob-f1 monkey-fights? It takes much more skill and planning to solo gank a mining barge than any nul-sec blob.

I’ve been watching some gankers that operate near me for a few days. And since I’m there anyways, I’m watching the miners too.

I have started to notice that some miners aren’t getting ganked despite using barges without much tank…

Yes on all.

It recently occured to me that whilst CCP have tutorial videos on various subjects like industry, null sec, making isk etc but, despite how straight forward the general mechanics are, there is no tutorial on ganking.

EVE uni has a guide on it though.

Yes, but it is essentially PVE rather than PVP. Your adversary is CONCORD, barge being basically an object over which you fight (although it can be more or less relatively tough to crack, it is secondary)

Well now I know all I need to know about you, it must be a simple sort of life to be so limited that you can use the same expression for everything. Including the times when it’s the least relevant.

Calm down, miner.

What if it fights back, does that change your adversary from Concord to the barge?

No matter how hard it tries to fight back, the impact is minimal relative to the overwhelming might of CONCORD. It’s CONCORD what makes HS ganking challenging on the verge of impossible. Speaking specifically about HIghSec encounters outside of the wardec system.

Gotcha, so it’s basically a fight against how long it takes them to arrive vs your dps?

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Weird, and all this time I thought that the miners were actual human beings who could problem solve and perhaps do something to keep themselves safe.


Within the context set by the presence of CONCORD. Without CONCORD, the strategies, approaches, and possibilities are totally different.

So, what you are saying, is that miners are lazy and make themselves dependent upon CONCORD - when they could easily just play the game correctly?

Saying that the key challenge HS gankers have to provide against is CONCORD. What targets do is less relevant, although needs to be taken into account, too. As it was repeatedly pointed out by numerous people above, anyone and anything can be ganked if someone really wants it, provided the attackers plan properly against CONCORD.

It’s awful hard to gank someone that doesn’t undock. I think there’s a lot of room here for HUMAN decision making to play a critical role. If CONCORD is the #1 thing keeping you safe, then you are definitely doing something wrong.

This is bot aspirant nonsense. This is how a lazy non-creative miner thinks, beset with a defeatist whiny attitude, refusing to take any personal responsibility.

We are talking about things happening in space. CONCORD is what blows up most ganker ships. That is why HS ganking appears to be rather a PvE than a PvP kind of activity. Mining barge is no much of a fighter. It’s CONCORD which deals the damage. And yes mining operations are planned differently in HS vs. other security zones because there is CONCORD potential attackers have to “outrun” regardless of anything else.

You clearly are ignorant.

Your opinion has been acknowledged.

I’m a subject matter expert.


Absolutely. There is nothing you can do before, during, or after a gank, so don’t fight it.

Shhhhhhh. Just let it happen.