Nerf Ganking Megathread

how do you destroy these mining ships ? looks like something to learn about and try one day
i tried to destroy a player but the police destroyed me so i just went to low security system and fight there.

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As you found out, the police will arive and destroy your ship if you attack another player in high sec outside a war.

The trick to destroying those mining ships is that you fly a ship that can deal enough damage to kill the miner before CONCORD arrives. A destroyer with high dps like the Catalyst is a good option for that, and if you’re flying solo your targets should not have a lot of hitpoints. Something like a Venture or Covetor. Good luck!


Thank you for your interest, Inaken!

Elite PvP is not for the faint of heart, and you will often have rough days where you struggle to dunk more than a few billion isk in hapless mining freighters. However, if you believe in me, little Aiko of Agil, then you can blossom into a true red flashy! Don’t let the carebears scare you away, with their phantom CONCORD boogieman. All you really need is a pure heart, and full faith that miners are mere NPCs.


Fight regardless of anything! But, without CONCORD, if it comes to the point when you actually have to fight in a barge, you are all about doomed. This is what happens outside of HS. CONCORD is the gamechanger. And if gankers don’t plan accordingly to be able to outrun CONCORD even when their target is a mindless bot, now they are doomed. This is what makes the difference. (Unless they have CONCORD, that is, GM, in cahoots with them, which is certainly what i’m ignorant of). And this is the point of having different security zones. Or should non-combatants unable to defend themselves / take proper precautions for some reasons which are none of anyone else’s business be extirpated from the game landscape by default?

No, myself no ganker, and this is the proof. Now look at the circumstances of where and how, to what forces, those ships were lost, and over which period of time. Sorta proud of this statistics ))

I think you need to study up on how CONCORD operates. You literally cannot outrun CONCORD. Once you are criminal flagged in high-sec you cannot escape being blown up for your crimes.

That’s why it is called suicide ganking.


Yes but you can manage to kill the target first. This is why it is called ganking and why it is more like PvE than proper PvP.

If you kill the target before CONCORD even arrives, then how is it PvE… as CONCORD didn’t even play a role???

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Because this is the main adverse factor you have to account for. With no CONCORD you would be able to pop barges at leisure. And this is why doing the same outside of HS is PvP.

Have you considered, with your absolute lack of experience, that you might have no idea what you are actually talking about? If I’m going to shoot someone, I don’t consider CONCORD the main adverse factor, but perhaps you haven’t ganked so you don’t know other factors I might consider?

The only role that CONCORD plays is that I deliberately handicap myself, by requiring that I defeat the other player within a matter of seconds, or they automatically win, and regardless my ship will explode. Beyond that, I think it’s a pretty fair PvP engagement, although certainly the mining barge has all the advantages.

Is your argument basically that ‘real’ PvP is leisurely?


I died by ganker single time in late 2016. It was really funny, cause it was transfer of my cheap rp stuff through 0.7+ systems, my small-amarrian-alphaclone-twink-barge was fully filled with passengers, quafe, other cheapest stuff that make gank so silly, that I just logged out to other char and keep doing other interesting part business, was like just: “pfffffff, huh okay you get me, cya again maybe, I have to go now, gg =D”.

CONCORD response will still make a huge difference and you know it. Going after the same battleship outside of HS (or legally) would not be the same at all. As to leisurely or not, PvP can be anything depending on what targets you choose and how you get to them. Involvement of an NPC force and the degree of its impact on your chosen course of action is what matters.

Of course not. In lowsec, I could just shoot the battleship and warp away. Easy! So does it stop being PvP, simply because I voluntarily handicap myself and graciously offer the defender an unfair advantage?

What about chess? If we play without a clock, it’s PvP? However, if I handicap myself, and require myself to make all moves with a time limit, now it’s a PvE battle against the clock? This is a very Luddite view, but it seems to be your argument.

CONCORD is nothing more than a clock. I have 7 seconds to win, or the opponent wins by default. It’s otherwise a PvP engagement, no different than elsewhere in the game… except my ship will explode automatically, even if I win. At no point, ever, do I pay any attention to CONCORD. CONCORD is not an NPC force of any kind whatsoever, it is literally nothing more than a countdown timer.

In fact, I don’t even have CONCORD on my overview.

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Still, you would be playing against the clock, literally, time will be the major adverse factor in this instance. Because if you don’t beat the clock, the opponent wins by default, you say it yourself, and they are free from the same adversity, generally just have to be above some basic level of fitness. The clock is your handicapping factor, your enemy. This is what you plan for, largely. Somewhat like doing the abyss runs. Would be totally different with no time/space limit.

In the example with chess the time limit applies to both parties.

Nevertheless I don’t say it has nothing to do with PvP at all. It appears to be rather PvE than PvP to me. For the reasons discussed above.

I don’t just gank miners, I’m also a semi-professional chess player.

I do play timed chess, and it is not uncommon to handicap myself with a time control, whilst my opponent is allowed to move at their leisure. In such cases, my opponent is not the clock. When there are only seconds to react, I do not plan for or play against the clock. I’m solely focused on my opponent, as it is a PvP engagement.

It seems that you live in a fantasy world of theorycraft, where you speculate about the experience of doing something, without any practical experience. Just as CONCORD is not on my overview, I would not even look at the chess clock. With seconds left, it would be blunder to even THINK about the clock.

It appears you are rather silly!

For the reasons discussed above.

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From True Princess, one would take this as a compliment! )

And on a more serious note, how many hits does your opponent usually manage to score in that glorious fight? Or isn’t your task primarily to deliver overwhelming damage near instantly? Does one win a chess game in a move or two, time limit or not?

Against you, I could probably win within 19-24 seconds.

This bold statement I wouldn’t dare dispute, my Princess :pray:

Used to be that you could make decent bank killing barges. The strip miners cost a couple of mil each? That alone would make the ganks profitable. Then you add the other mods that drop and it would more then pay for the one or two desy that were required. Which is why procurers are popular since they aren’t as easily killed as the other two barges.

Any one-sided engagement is a gank. Not all ganks are in high sec - one can gank players in low, null, and wormhole space, too. Wardeccers also gank, their targets just happen to be ‘legal’ so they don’t have to worry about CONCORD time limits. Doesn’t make it any less a gank, or change tgat the entire encounter for both groups is a PvP engagement.

CONCORD is an added layer of complexity to criminal high-sec ganks, and sets a hard time limit, but it is by no means the ‘most important’ part of a suicide gank. It is simply the factor that terminates the engagement window. It’s an environmental effect, yes, but it doesn’t remove player agency from the engagement. If there is a player vs player focus (and there is in ganking), it is a PvP engagement. Period.

(By your logic, you would also say that all those Abyssal Arena things are PvE, because they have a time limit imposed by the environment. They are not.)