Nerf Ganking Megathread

Pre surgical Amarr DST fit I made
Jesus Christ

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You want the entire universe to know the truth that you are the child of Donkey Herders from an Amarr outpost?

Hey Guys,

looking for an highsec corporation to do some closed alpha testing for my project Code against Ganking.
You will get free access during this tests and just have to provide me some feedback etc.


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Funny thing is, every stat and KM he uses is from 6 years ago, when yes, the average eve player was different, hell the whole game was different. These days though, ganking does hurt player retention, and otherwise destabilize a game where a single ship loss can set a new player back over a month of playtime at current bounty/ore vs ship price. Why bother playing if you have a rookie ship and say a cruiser, and it takes you a month to rebuy the cruiser without opening your wallet

Fly a cheaper ship, and stop crying?

actually can afford to fly basically what i want, but that has been the most common story of newbros quitting in the last couple years i’ve heard. Personally i play both styles, don’t mind going after someone on occasion (suck at it, but fun), or defending barges to whelp on people trying to whack them (funny how fast “elite” pvpers run when there’s a combat ship in a belt). Really if you want cheap thrills go to null and leave the new guys/miners alone, we can’t afford people getting their jollies off with the player counts what they are.

  • Don’t fly what you can’t afford to lose.
  • If it takes you one month to pay for a cruiser, then you should probably prioritize figuring out how to increase your isk efficiency.
  • You can also reduce your chances of being ganked to damn near zero by following the tips in my first post.
  • Honestly, getting ganked does make some people quit. However, it also makes some people stay. Moreover, if you quit when faced with adversity, then Eve probably isn’t the right game for you.

FYI, cruiser prices are about where they were at 6 years ago. In fact, prices for most ships/mods used by newish players is about where they were at 6 years ago. So, I’m not persuaded by an assertion that current events has increased the damage that ganking is causing them. Maybe your argument might have held some validity 3 months ago. But I’m not even sure about that.
No P2W


Almost all of the miners we kill are not newbies most are many many years old and a fair amount of them claim to be alts of null players lol so where do you get this idea that miners in highsec are new players. If i was a new player i would be playing eve and trying things out and going places to see whats out there and not just log in warp to belt afk mine all night and log off.

Also a month to replace a cruiser ? what are you doing, even mining in highsec that will only take a few hours and everything else in eve pays more than mining.


Cool story.




Quiting without contracting “stuff” to me don’t count.

Why not on the launcher button already? “Launch PvP Game”

People like you said since forever that ganking is really really bad for player retention and they all where so sure about it. That continuously uttered sentiment was the actual reason CCP went and collected all the data to find out if there is something about it, and it turned out it isn’t.

And now you think since it’s been 6 years, we can now just throw the results away and once again go with the anecdotal evidence and gut feelings of the carebears?


We all hear many different things. Most of us don’t automatically believe everything we hear, though.


Exactly which belt are you camping in that “combat” ship, friend?