Nerf Ganking Megathread

I mean, honestly, you are whining.

You want to shoot me, and it’s too difficult for you.

I’m sorry. Get better?

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It doesn’t upset me. I just find it ridiculously stupid, thats all. Thats why I suggest and will keep suggesting to remove that ridiculous protection for wanted criminals.

Cry more?

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A fast locking Loki can alpha a Catalyst off the field from 20km. Well out of blaster range. That can significantly reduce the DPS.

So bring more ECM - or are you hoping to do this solo?

Shoot them when they go suspect.

I didn’t say the options are easy, but they’re not impossible. I do wonder why you care though. Why try to save people who can’t be bothered protecting themselves and are ungrateful/oblivious when they are saved.

No honestly, you are whining.

You want to stop me suggesting changes which I see as improvement to the game, convince me, but that is too difficult for you.

I’m not really sorry, but: get better?

This. ^^^


It’s convenient that pointing out frigate kills is a “statistical outlier” but claiming that gankers don’t kill frigates unless they are hauling is accepted as fact. It’s almost like your bias matters more than the actual facts.

And lets be clear, Its not a dig, I just thought it was funny that I had Feridad claiming that low value frigates don’t get ganked and Aiko claiming to not know anyone that ganks frigates on gates and had recent killmail disproving both.

As it currently stands there is no rule against killing low value frigates for no reason so it’s entirely understandable that it happens. I just don’t think it’s part of a reasonable debate to make clearly false claims that it doesn’t happen.

How many links do I need to drop you for it to stop being an outlier? At what point do you feel you need to present more than the zero links to evidence you’ve so far presented to back up your ridiculous claims?

Except there have been figures in the past and there’s no reason to suggest that it’s significantly less common now. A cursory glance at the killboard clearly shows low value T1 frigates being popped all the time by gankers.

It’s not about saving people, it’s about play and counterplay. Gankers play the role of the space pirate but currently it’s impossible to play the counter role because being an antigankers is basically impossible to do.

Yeah nice, thats one of 53 Catalysts down and you have weapons timer. They will probably need only 35 anway to kill that freighter so you made no difference unless you suggest to bring 20 such lokis. In that case they simply use 2 tacklers and do the gank on the other gate. Which you cannot warp to fast enough and you also can’t know before on which gate they will do the kill. So you now suggest to just use twice the fleet?
Well out of blaster range is nice for the first shot, but they then jump just another 10 catalyst right on top of you, while sucicide tackling you with a cheap frig. And then youre 350 Mio Loki ends up on the killboard. Thats why nobody is doing it, it doesn’t work reliably.

As said, it doesn’t change the outcome since their gankships are sooooo cheap, they just calculate it in and send 3 catalysts more. Doesn’t even matter to them.

Yeah, you have no idea what you are talking about. Scouts don’t go suspect, Tacklers have their job already done when going criminal, so no real gain in shooting them.

You know there is a reason that CCP doesn’t let you kill all the “criminals”, right? You know that CCP wants us to kill targets, right?

The so-called “AG playstyle” is not in CCP’s financial interest.

So cry about it all you want, the game isn’t going to change.

Then why arguing here all the time? I think you are afraid that enough complaints at the forums at some point will make CCP reconsider their stance on the matter, thats why the gankers try to ridicule and derail any and all topics about the issue as soon as hard as they can. And thats why I can only encourage everyone to create new postings about ganking and offer their views on the matter every day, on and on and on. Constructive and civilized of course.

I’m mocking you.

It’s funny to watch you cry.

You want to kill me so bad, and you’ll never do it.


But I don’t. You do!

Also I have already killed you. Solo! You didn’t kill me, even with all your fleet in the back! Take that!

Calm down miner.

Got ya! :slight_smile:


I’m still ganking, and tethering.

Doesn’t look like you got anything.

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I am not against you ganking. Do it all day long.

I am doing it all day long.

I am glad you are enjoying the game then! Everyone who does that is a satisfied customer, hopefully supporting CCP with Omega which can then fund the server for some years to come!

If only there was an objective, authoritative post-fanfest statement from CCP about whether ganking was still allowed. Maybe then @Lucas_Kell would be convinced.

Oh look.


I guess I could make the argument that a frigate, sitting on a gate in a gank heavy system for an hour, is not actually a noob simply traveling but rather someone with experience using an alt to keep an eye on traffic to determine when it’s clear to jump. That feels like a valid target. Same reason we always kill the pod sitting 250 km off the Low sec gate camp. It’s not some poor rookie, it’s a dude streaming the gate camp.