New class of ship burgership and t2 variant stealth burgership

i would like a new class of ship so i can fly around space selling burgers
like a burger van but its a ship
this will add more immersion and realism to the eve universe
there will be 3 ships available
burger desi
and t2 stealth burgerfrig

okay the burgership is a frig or desi that can sell burgers to players in space and in stations it has permission to dock in
it is a non combat vessel and doesnt need defenses because no one will shoot a burgership because everyone loves burgers
this is a phenomenon known as burgertank

the ship will carry a cargo of base ingredients for cooking burgers
these ingredients are cheap and useless to players who dont own the ships or have the skills to process the ingredients into burgers

burgers act as a booster
you can eat 5 burgers per 24 hour period and they have benefits and drawbacks
and the effects will last for 1hr per burger and you can only eat 1 burger per hour
for each burger you eat you will gain the well fed buff
which gives
10% sp bonus
5% optimal and missile velocity
5% tracking and messile explosion radius
5% targetting range
5% scan res

the drawback is it gives -1% base velocity and agility but this is a permanent debuff and it stacks
so if you eat 50 burgers over 10 days you will end up with -50% velocity and -50% agility
because you got too fat from the burgers
this can be countered by eating salads which can also be bought from the burger ships
the salads have no benefits but they reduce the penalty of burgers by 1%
so if you eat 50 burgers then you need to eat 50 salads to get thin again and get your base speed and velocity back
but you cant eat a burger and a salad at the same time
only 1 meal per hour and 5 meals in a 24 hour period

but look at those sweet buffs from burgers everyone loves burgers
problem is the ingredients are only sold in highsec
and they have an expiry date
so if nullseccers want the sweet buffs they gotta import the ingredients for their own burgers ships or just wait for a burger ship to come round and sell them burgers

ok now the burgerfrig is basically just a ship with some cargo space to store ingredients and burgers
they all have an expiry date
and it has a module that allows it to cook the burgers and sell them to other players

the desi is pretty much the same but its just bigger and slower and has more cargo space and can cook burgers faster

the best ship is the t2 stealth burgership
this ship can afk cloak in a nullsec system
and it doesnt sell burgers as such
instead it forcibly places burgers into the hangers of people docked up in the system
and stealth draws the money out of their wallet
it takes 1000 isk per burger and can produce 50 burgers on a 5 minute cycle
but it can only sell one burger per player per cycle
so it needs to cloak in a system with 50+ players for maximum profit and afk cloaky fun
this means the t2 stealth burgerfrig can take 600k isk per hour directly from player wallets in a heavily populated nullsec system
while also serving the role of an afk cloaker in local
thus enhancing the afk cloaker playstyle and also selling burgers at the same time and everyone loves burgers

it doesnt sell stealth sell salads though you have to buy them separately

i think these ships will improve gameplay by letting people sell burgers and also adding more variety and depth the the universe as a whole


oh and i forgot to mention there are no stacking penalties on burgerships in a system so if 1000 t2 burgerships enter your null hub then they will each draw 1000 isk each from your wallet per 5 minute cycle
that means you will lose 1m isk every 5 minutes until you either log out or undock
but on the bright side you will get 1000 burgers every 5 minutes you are docked up in a system with 1000 t2 burgerships so you cant complain because you get all those burgers
but they have an expiry date of like 3 days so there is no way you can eat all of them
i guess this is a phemenon known as burgerplague


I imagine all those poor minmatar slaves would rejoice at the thought of consuming the burgers that suffocated their masters

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i think it was originally a mattari idea

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Why the first post is flagged. The idea is good.
I for long wish this game to have mechanics not connected with war economics and dealing with expiration time.


These Burgerships will be Alpha account ready?

flagged because of advertising apperently

the t1 frig and desi could be for alpha i think
the t2 stealth ship should be for omegas i think

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Yeah, no idea why it’s flagged either. It’s a better idea than most that come out of F&I.


It’d have to be right? cloaking is omegas only.


Can there be an industrial sized ship for when you need to haul buns? And please let there be a burritofrig.

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Burgertank best tank

I endorse this message.


So hmmm… If I have no ISK and someone serves burgers, do I get a neg wallet?


yes you have to pay for the burgers


Let suppose a capuleer is a vegan are there soyburgers or some other type of plant based protein supplement? (I like bacon but just am wondering…)

What’s the fee to upgrade my salad to a poutine?

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Have some fun folks, seriously.


This is all i read because I have about a six second attention span.

Yes, now go make me a triple patty with extra cheese. :yum:

p.s. If you want my full support you will put a ****-ton of bacon on that burger but still charge me like it was just a triple with extra cheese.


no just eat a salad with all the other vegans

I have a sudden urge to train burger ship management right naow!!!

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