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What are some of the new games you’re excited about for 2024?

I have two that I know I will buy next year. Some others I’m still deciding. Given all the game swindles lately I tend to ignore the more dubious/sensational.
As Starfield bites the dust I’m reminded that fancy words and nice-looking trailers mean absolutely nothing these days.

This one looks promising and would be a good alternative to Bannerlord. Plus it has boats, something that Bannerlord will never have.

This one also. But only IF certain things are improved.

My list is short because I buy MAYBE one game in a year. I’m very picky about games and most of the ones out for the past few years haven’t blown my skirt up.

Would love to see your list.


It will get better once Todd swallows that pride and drops the CK (creation kit) for it. Let the mod authors cook better, it get better.

Even the venerable skyrim 100% stock…can not be that great.

If a future game list thread…don’t have much there.

Now WH40K rogue trader dropped recently and I can already see time burned there a lot. Roll 1 is the true loyal servant of the empire. The will of the immortal god emperor will be done by the book.

Roll 2 will be more like…the item whispers the lies of chaos, what do you do. Answer…I will listen to every word they whisper lol.

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That was kind of an exemple. I didn’t buy Starfield. I never buy a game on release. I wait about three or four months to see if the community is happy with the devs and how the devs treat the game and their players.

It is. Skyrim was my first in the genre and it set the tone for my expectations regarding games. Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey did too.

Still have to try one of the Warhammers, if I ever get over my disdain for isometric play.


Not excited about new games. The industry has dropped the ball. Most new games are money grabs and shallow. I will play some of the classics when i have time :slight_smile:


Yep, you’re right. But they didn’t “drop the ball” ( as if unintentionally ), I believe it’s all by design.
That’s why I only buy maybe one game a year.

Not sure what “classics” you’re talking about but I still play 20yo games. I just downloaded Homeworld yesterday and I will download MechWarrior 4 today or tomorrow. I’m more interested in playing games I haven’t played in years than the so-called games they’re putting out these days.

Daopa is currently streaming closed beta of Skull & Bones. Arr! :pirate_flag:

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Exicted for Homeworld 2! (Not Hooded Horse)

I might put hours into the remastered Homeworld games I got on sale for like 1$ lol.

Hooded Horse is a great publisher.

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It’s not so closed. I watched a video of the game streaming event not 20 hours ago and the YouTuber wasn’t so impressed. One thing he mentioned is that there is no other combat action but on ships with canons. No swordplay or musket blasts, and that it got boring after a while.

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It looks pretty good yet it doesn’t seem so different from Homeworld. But I could be wrong. I haven’t played Homeworld in years.

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Not excited, but kinda looking forward too.

manor lords and homeworld

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Manor lords is on my wishlist for a long time, other 2 on list are Men of war 2 and homeworld 3.
Not many games that are worth buying and i always wait a few weeks after release to see if it really is worth the money.


Yeah, not really excited either, it was just a generic use of semantics.
I’m actually looking forward to drifting away from online games back to offline single-players and so I’m building a library of games that are sure to keep me entertained for years or at least until I die in ww3.
Yesterday I downloaded the Halos and Mass Effects. Today, probably the Sims series and X4.
Then when I think I have enough games I will slowly ween myself off of the internet and cancel my internet service altogether.

I really have to finish Mass effect 3, i need the space for new games :grinning:

I only ever played Mass Effect Andromeda and only about 30% of it so I’m looking forward to great adventures. A lot of the games I’ve downloaded so far have high replayability potential.
When I run out of space I will simply buy an extra hard drive.

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