New guy looking to make isk and pvp

Hi, I’m new to eve. I’m lookin for somewhere, where I can learn how to make goods amount of isk. I’d like to be able to buy injectors so I can catch sps up to make me useful in pvp. I’m open to suggestions

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o/ and welcome to Eve,

All depends on which type of pvp you are looking for :

Null Sec : huge battle in which you are a soldier among many. You can specialize to fit a role inside this army.
Low Sec : Solo/Small gang pvp. You will rely a lot on your piloting skills and tactical decisions.
Wormholes : small/medium gang without cyno so it doesn’t become a N+1 game like in null sec.

For beginning pvp a very good read is :

As for making ISK :
Low Sec : faction warfare gives a lot of Loyalty Points depending on your faction’s tier. Easy for a newbro.
Null Sec : Mine and rats under a super umbrella.
Wormhole : actually maybe the harder for newbros since you need skills. But very good money later.

As a general rule, exploration is also a very good option when beginning the game : fly a cheap T1 explo frigate and you can reap hundreds of millions hacking relic sites.

So that’s the objective summary. My own corp is Faction Warfare Low Sec so of course, I am partial on which area of the game I prefer. We are almost pure pvp with content all around the clock without blob. A lot of pvp is done in frigates so it’s easier for a newbro to get into it since you get the skills quickly and it’s cheap.

Full add can be found here :

Low sec sounds fun. Can you really make much isk in a frigate? I am gallente also, would that matter?

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The race you chose at the beginning has no impact on gameplay.

Right now ( we Minmatar are tier 3 at the moment) an offensive novice plex ( limited to frigate sized ships) brings 17 500 LP so roughly 17M ISK for surviving ten minutes inside said plex and killing the rat. If you don’t have the dps yet to kill the npc rat because no T2 weapons, defensive plexing is also an option but brings less depending of the contested level of the system ( 80% contested system will bring you 80% of reward).

Later you will be able to run lvl 4 missions in a bomber and then LP just starts to rain.

Take the time to read the following guide, especially the part about permanent war mechanism. This mechanisms offers us plenty of pvp content but makes high sec unsafe just that you know and doesn’t have surprises.

Don’t hesitate to drop by our public channel :slight_smile:

Ty. You’ve been very helpful. I’m uk evening tz so I’ll pop in later for a chat. Do yous teach new guys or is it more of a, throw yourself in and see what happens?

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Vets are always happy to give advices and feedbacks. But yeah the “take those frigates and come back in a pod” is part of the training :laughing:

Just keep in mind that solo pvp is learnt in a very different way from fleet pvp ( which we also do).

Solo pvp : take those 50 frigates and go die in a blaze of glory against decade old vets. Convo your killer for what you could have done better. Post your lossmail in the corp channel, get feedback from us about what went wrong.

Usually newbros die because they miscalculated their enemy. There is no perfect ship in Eve, only choices in a rock/paper/scissors system. A lossmail says a lot of things.

Or they load the wrong ammo. After a while, you know which ships is usually shield or armor tanked and so which type of ammo to use against their resistances ( explosive against armor, EMP against shield tank, thermal if you don’t know).

I could go on about tracking, manual piloting and so on but it would take pages.

Fleet PvP : join the fleet, follow the FC directions, ask in the fleet channel for things you don’t understand, get used to read the battlefield and be efficient in team-play.

Small gang ( 2-5 people) : a mix of both.


Hi there
We are a uk based Corp, living in 0.0 space.
We have a good group of players, from new and returning players to more experienced older players.
We are part of LORDE allaince and fly under winter co.
We have good space for ratting and mining, as well as large and small scale pvp pew pew.
Drop in our in game channel brittas empire public, or pop into our discord
See what we can offer and ask any questions you have

Fly safe O7


to be honest faction warfare is good but better to do on an alt since you can screw your self from entering sertin factions space

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True, that’s why I adviced to read the wiki and especially the part about high sec.

But then, true you need alts when you are involved in Faction Warfare. At least an hauler alt for safe shopping ( but most of doctrine ships are on alliance contracts so in this case the alliance provides a part).

I agree that a lot of people put their alt in FW, not their main : people who want to farm or just log for some frigate pew pew.

For us, it’s our main activity. Faction Warfare and Ushra’Khan are our gameplay in Eve. For most of us our main are therefore in the alliance and trained for pvp. And alts outside the alliance. Not the other way around.

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ADFU is always looking for new members, new bros are welcome!

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I popped in your public last night and said hi but got no reply unfortunately. Will try again soon

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Come and talk to us in The Riot Formation

We are an established nullsec corp with lots of content and we are very much newbro friendly. We can help you settle in and take part in all things PVP/PVE/Mining the works. We are EU timezone and very sociable.

Join me for a chat in our Discord: RIOT. Rectruitment


Alt o7

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Sent you a in game mail.

we can, “get you good”!


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Power, immortality, strength and bloodlust. Terms thrown about haphazardly to describe human nature, ambition and burrowed desires that is so constrained and inhibited by social ‘norms’. Words and definitions considered inhumane and barbaric, yet those ambitions are what truly makes a human into a man. A chosen one that is destined to become a pod-pilot, to walk amongst the stars. Without ambition and the strength of will to do what is needed, that destiny will never be fulfilled.

Xothyr Clade requires aspirants that hold such ambitions, those who will follow the Triglavian Collective.

Xothyr Clade is a corporation suitable for casual players, new players and experienced players.

Based in high security space we offer a range of content including PvP, Incursions and Missions

We are EU timezone based and respect each pilots available playing times so don’t enforce how often you need to be online.

We offer

Bullet Campaigns

We currently run a few campaigns and will be looking to add more in the future.

  • Aquire level 4 missions with Sisters of Eve. Reward: Triglavian Survival Suit (Encounter) or ISK value if already owned.
  • Ready to run incursions with our incursion group in Leshak. Reward: 250m towards cost of Leshak.
  • Aquire 100 kills. Reward: Triglavian Survival Suit (Encounter) or ISK value if already owned.

Bullet PvP

We participate in public fleets for Spectre Fleet (new player friendly) and Bombers Bar which run in low security and null security space.


Bullet Incursions

The Ditanian Fleet is an armor doctrine incursion community which we participate in using the Triglavian Collectives Leshak battleship. This is for more advanced pilots and creates a lot of ISK!

Bullet Missions

We run missions for Sisters of Eve which makes good ISK and prepares you for the higher level incursions.

Bullet Friendly community and help for new players

Come together and get advice, help, find fleets to join, run missions or just chat with our community.


Bullet Discord

Click here to join:

Bullet Teamwork

Bullet Mature and respectful of others

Xothyr Clade is a new corporation and is an opportunity for people with a postive outlook to join, have creative input into its direction and help the corp grow and mature.

Join the public channel on our discord server, our in-game public channel Xothyr Clade or contact Xeno Wolf via eve mail.

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If you want to try out wormhole and learn some pvp as well as making isk then give me a shout.

We can help you learn the ropes and make isk at the same time.

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While we are not pvp based We are industrial and mining based with a basis for making ISK, and maybe a good starting place till you build up those pvp skills, also have a group of guys that are part of a pvp group in our gaming community happy to send you to them once your skills are up. Check out WarDogs Industrial Arms in the game and see if you like it. :slight_smile:

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Ever wanted to try out wormhole life? if so come check us out! Cry Of Death is Recruiting!

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