New hangars are TERRIBLE

@CCP_Falcon in amarr the stained glass windows in the station are too dark. And the background traffic of the ships like the apocalypse and magnates that fly by are too dark. At standard brightness theyre invisible apart from engines. You can keep the hangars dark as it is but you need to add a hallway light sort of to give something in those far away tubes where the traffic flies by. Same for underneath the ship where there’s little freight trucks that drive by on the bridge.

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You know you can adjust and save brightness manually? :slight_smile:

This is no rocket science…

This doesn’t seem to be about brightness, it’s the contrast. There’s much more contrast right now in the hangars (and it looks fantastic!) but turning up the brightness wouldn’t negate that.

Logged in to check it out.
Looks good.
The world is burning, BTW

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And those of us who run a fair amount of incursions but get tired of space being all sepia-toned in them and looking the same no matter whether the incursion is in Caldari, Gallente, Amarr, or Minmatar space… have post-processing set to None.

I’m fine with the hangars ambiance, except in your pic, it seems to show the bottom of your ship has a glow from being lit from below. My ship does not exhibit the glow, it just looks dully lit from all angles. I’ve tried different ships, and they’re all the same. I have settings set to high as well, very strange.

im not adjusting my brightness everytime i dock and undock. the mere fact he suggested that is idiotic.

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its shader settings only really, but i havent tried non amarr stations.

You can save it…

■■■■’s hitting the fan and no one notices.

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