New Idea. Warp Computer module

Does this happen on a daily basis enough that this is warranted? Or are you using an extreme example and pretending this happens frequently?

I could easily come up with a hilariously outlandish scenario, like where 80 Titans target their Doomsdays on a single Battleship. But such scenarios almost never happen enough to warrant such a big change in mechanics. :slight_smile:

Well, bringing 200 tornados is not really super difficult to imagine, is it?

And what Nevyn was trying to convey was, that if there was a cap of like 80.000 then you could actually even have a fight and tell your buddies to rep you, so gunfire can be exchanged.

As someone who frequents the most populated system in High security space, Jita, I can tell you from objective fact that there are not 200 Tornadoes. So I’m confused where you’re even getting these numbers from.

It actually is pretty difficult to imagine, because having played EVE for almost 5 years now, I don’t think I’ve ever seen these numbers of ships you’re talking about in Highsec outside of the once-a-year Burn Jita events.

I also noticed that you were running for CSM. I’m glad that you are unable to run if this is the level of understanding of game mechanics you have. It is for the best that our playerbase not be represented by someone who relies on outlandish and nonsensical hypothetical scenarios. :slight_smile:

Oh, and just fyi, I happened to have flown in Nullsec as a the Logistics fleet commander for many alliance level fleets. I know what you’re talking about, and I could tell that that your suggestion would be horrible even in Nullsec.

Oh well, I tried. And I never said anything about highsec.

LOL. omg, just priceless

You need to do yourself (and everyone else) a favour and get out of high sec. lol, 5 years you say, wow i cannot stop laughing!!!

Please do continue to keep posting you special kind of facts & informative opinions.

On topic, a warp computer module is not a good idea.

Looking into ways that could affect the time to kill of a spaceship when N+1 squared is involved certainly wouldn’t hurt.

Edit: How did I miss this nugget:

LOL, hilarious!!!



Could you try any harder? Yikes.

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Better idea, and easier for DEVs to implement:

A Don’t Kill Me Module. If activated, at high CPU and PG cost, other players can’t do damage to you, interdict you, or otherwise harm or impede you.

Of course, every mechanic requires a counter. So there’d need to be a No Really, I’m Killing You module, which when activated (high PG and CPU of course) simply allows damage to the other ship regardless of other modules activated, allows webs and scrams to work, ECM, etc. Could be a restricted module, can only fit to specific ships, like the Monitor.

Even betterererrrrrr idea…


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Is it weird that I’ve read the title and thought Dryson posted another thread?

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You should die in this scenario pretty much 100% of the time. Nothing should prevent 200 arti Machs from vaporizing an abaddon in one volley.

Nope, not one bit…

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