New overview for noobs

Myself and few of my Darwin buddies have come up with an overview that does not show stargates.

We are thinking of putting a noob/alt in the new player systems and PMing all noobs telling them this is the best/default overview.

The twofold effect would be:

1/ They would always be safe. (and would stop bothering me)

2/ PVP wise it would be a real “fish in a barrel” scenario.

Do we support this idea? Would CCP frown upon it? If I promise to not do it would they get rid of the damn red spots?

Sul Glass, chained to the Arzanni gate (according to reddit)


Most stupid thread ever



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Well, even if it didn’t constitute rookie griefing I suspect CCP would adhoc decide it was. Post it in Rookie Help … keep us updated :slight_smile:

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There’s a very good reason why I keep telling newbies to not import random overviews, what you’re thinking of is borderline psychopathic.

Also if you’re going to do the “lol pvp duh” thing it probably helps if your latest clown loss Hecate didn’t have a burst ECM fitted. Like wtf is that ■■■■.


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I think it’s a great idea, do it!

ecm hecates are hysterical mate

no they’re really just dumb and more importantly showcases the pilot’s mind set and lack of knowledge.

Yeah but 10 of them can break everybodys lock on field in a split second which is useful against an enemy that isn’t expecting it bud.

Not expecting you to understand, but they are sometimes successful against larger groups of ships

if you have a fleet of 10 Hecates the combined firepower and moblity means you can take on anything you want and get away from stuff you can’t take on. If you feel you need to fit 10 Hecates with 10 ECM burst then that’s a sure sign of clownage.

I understand it just fine, it’s carebear PVPing. Like blobbing is in low sec, a carebear activity.

Let’s not and say we didn’t.

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