New player's attack of care for this game

(Iona Kaladoria) #1

Well for reading time sake I’ll try to keep this brief and to the point.

#1 Why? To me this game has no beginning and no end. Farmvill in space.

#2 Sand box of kids kicking each other’s castles with their friends. Look I just got a (X) boom its gone. ha ha. get more friends and destroy their (Y).

#3 Money money every where and all the worlds junk available at low low prices. If you get enough Isk and it feels to alpha player like my self its not hard. Just deck you stuff out and fly out to go have it smashed by someone with money.

#4 The majority of the game doesn’t care if you exist. It doesn’t seem to be to be any game mechanic to create a final victory in this game. Where the last defenders of (X) fall.

#5 Runescape in space for FTP. The good bits of the game are sadly out of reach.

#6 A Plex my life for a Plex. So if you goal is to spend someone’s money not your own. Then you focus on the most risk averse high profit thing and do it to death.

#7 I set my skill training and logged off. Yep thats about it. 8 days of me doing something else. This game is so liberating.

#8 Hi my name is Bob I’m new can I just be like all of you who have devoted years of your life to this game? OK this is a big one. The wars have been fought, the lines are drawn, friends made, people lost forever, fleets stockpiled, missions complete, game meta done to death, guides online numerous, and pay to get ahead roads built. As a new player I see a world with nothing new that hasn’t been discovered. And especially for a alpha player.

I watched the game for ever, and now I can sample it. It just ends up tasting like so many other MMO games. Same old fetch and kill quests. Markets flooded with millions of game items. Years of cool stuff you missed by not being in on it from the get go. In a world where the NPC will go on with out you and the Lev 1 slimes will re-spawn endlessly.

As a gamer for 30 years I might be just reaching a saturation level. But my taste in games are probability going through a shift. Being a dad, working a lot, and putting the mouse down. I’m sure many of the core players have made a pseudo second life in this medium. The look of the game is top notch. A big space to get lost in. And all the players I’ve talked to have been nice and helpful. Maybe a thrill of a endgame senerio that saw the final passing of this game, it that time comes, then I could find my self invested in my factions win or glorious struggle no not be the first to fall.

Fly safe all you.

(Black Pedro) #2

[quote=“Iona_Kaladoria, post:1, topic:9609”]
Fly safe all you.
[/quote]You too.

Here’s hoping you find a game more suited to your tastes. Eve Online is a full-time PvP sandbox game with no end game and no final objective. Just a bunch of immortals stuck in a never ending battle for dominance, ‘Battle Royale’ style, in a pretty universe. While I doubt you got the full experience of the core game play of Eve if you never went Omega, it’s true that this concept just isn’t for everyone and there is no shame in deciding it isn’t for you.

(Zarek Kree) #3

Looking beyond the curiously bitter snark, it sounds like EVE simply isn’t the game for you. But I also think you haven’t played long enough to render a fully formed judgment. There’s an immense depth to this game that takes months to appreciate and years to explore. I’ve only been playing for about a year and I feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface. There’s truly something for everybody. But it does take a degree of patience to discover. It also doesn’t force feed you the full variety of content - you have to be motivated enough to actively seek it out. Those are the hallmarks of a mature game. That’s obviously not what everybody is looking for and there’s nothing wrong with that.

(Sabine Boirelle) #4

I decided I would try the game after failing out of the trial once before. Back then it seemed like there was too much to do and no way to get started in any of it. Then 14 days was up and poof. At least with the Alpha state now, you have more time to figure things out. I get where you’re coming from, though.

This I find appealing. Less a game and more like gardening, a good analogy on your part. You cannot win, only do a good job today, come out on top and see what happens tomorrow.

Kind of like Jenga, build the tower, break the tower, pick up the pieces, build the tower again. Talk it over and have some laughs. Eve does cost more than Jenga, though.

I don’t disagree. Even in hisec, things are very quiet. Everyone doing their own thing. Can’t fault people, IMO. If I don’t want to be a cog in a giant fleet, why would a nullsec power who want to fly giant fleets bother with a pilot like me? Same with mining in hisec, I guess.

Alpha does feel very much like a trial where you are allowed to dabble and little else. There are things I want to try that I can’t, but that is CCP baiting me, I guess.

Not that you’re mistaken, but if the most fun thing to do also easily paid for Plex, no one would pay real money for anything and CCP would get bought out by a sheep farm.

Other points, I agree that missions are pretty bad, after a few I just end up getting in the Venture to crunch Veldspar. Also agree that it’s pretty tough to be on the leading curve if you can only afford a few hours a week, but in the end RL is numero uno.

Fly safe, and check in again sometime.

(Xuixien) #5

Sorry you didn’t like the game. Can I have your stuff?

(Shiloh Templeton) #6

OP: For comparison - what are your favorite games?

(Chainsaw Plankton) #7
  1. I agree, there is no beginning or end, however imo that is much better than the cycle many other games have of grind till there’s nothing left to do, and wait for the next patch.

  2. Sandbox is what’s great. Go shoot each other, talk some smack, and do it again. And there is always something different to try.

  3. see 7

  4. kick down their sand castle and very quickly they will care who you are

  5. I do mostly agree on that point, The alpha limitations are rather constrictive, however the game was built on a sub model I haven’t seen any great ideas on how to move past that.

  6. min maxing is something that happens in all games.

  7. there are multiple sides to “skills” in eve. One is very concrete and is your SP that you train over time. However far more important is your game knowledge and how you use it to play the game. time and time again experienced players have started new accounts and gone out and wrecked people in older accounts in bigger more expensive ships. And when you get a few well trained players in small cheap ships you can take on players in bigger more expensive ships. Also many money making opportunities come along because of figuring out various game mechanics.

  8. People have been saying that same line for all 10.5 years I’ve been playing this game. over that time more wars have been fought, lines redrawn, friends betray friends and make new friends, fleets have always been stockpiling, metas shift with each balance pass, guides keep coming out as content changes. Project discovery is brand new as of today, you could easily find something new with that. And who knows what they are going to add in the next patch.

I play this game to fly around, shoot some stuff, and then watch the pretty explosions. I can do that part pretty much regardless of everything else.

(Iona Kaladoria) #8

Well as far a similar space games I did enjoy the X3 universe. But again it seemed rather tedious and with that game there was no social dynamic. I think I would like EVE better if it has some kind of resource supply and demand profit system tied to planetary colony development. Man’s got to eat. And a colony dedicated to mining needs spare parts exc…

So ya if as a alpha I could supply trade goods between other players colonies in order to max their output I would be just tickled. That and maybe a more flushed out industry system.

As it is now i just take refined what not then BAM! magic stuff from rocks. So maybe to build a ship would require hull parts, electronic systems parts, propulsion system and stuff like that. SO! Raw minerals would need to be then moved on to factories that made the sub components. As well as for ship components being made out of other what not.

This would expand the trade system to make a higher demand on industrial corporations. A alpha clone would make a great hauler and mid tier industrial asset to the game. Omega can still focus of PVP but it would give care bares something to make them feel useful.

As for other games. I just played WOT to death. I played a lot of RTS games like Civ1-4, Age Of Wonders, Age of Empires, Star craft exc… Then I’m a serious old school Mech game nut. Mech Warrior 2-4 and their sub games, Mech Commander, Armored Core games. I wasted far to many hours on Diablo 2. Old FPS games from ID software Doom, Hexen, Duke Nukem, exc… I did enjoy early DOS flight sims. But I had Atari, Nintendo, Super, and Game Boy.

To end this seems to lack involved micro details BUT the scope of the game is to focus on PVP and the ship equipment load out meta. I was never much for PVP as I tended to be the engineer roll making turrets and laying mines OH my Starsiege Tribes days.

(Amhra Rho) #9

I’ve only been playing since 2005 and I feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface. Something occurred to me just yesterday which made me think, wow, I wish I thought of that nine years ago. EO is indeed a lifestyle.

(Chainsaw Plankton) #10

You can supply trade goods, that’s what the market and courier contracts are for. It might be cool if you could deliver directly to planets but that would involve a bunch of dev time for I’m not sure the payout is worth it.

tech 2 production does involve a bunch of components mostly made from moon materials. so that system is somewhat implemented, I don’t think t1 production will see that sort of thing implemented as it is supposed to be rather easy to get into. There is talk of meta modules being player produced and that might be an interesting thing for alpha industry.

(Iona Kaladoria) #11

I feel the alpha is kinda a untapped resource. But its seems designed to be a way to bait omega clone status. It takes more than managers to run a company. Payouts would be biased on the disparity between a focused colony where say food was in great demand as agriculture domes or useful atmosphere was not a priority. But that focused colony makes a lot of (items X,Y,Z) but to keep making a lot or not have your population starve to death you need to meet their basic needs. Like a game of CIV dont build farms arround your city then you have small population.

You could have a big chunk of your population be androids but then the population dosen’t go up much on its own

(FlipMoe Squad) #12

Keeping it brief??! TL;DR