New players have no reason to Sub and keep playing

give us a name and evidence this was the case.
otherwise I have to dismiss your statement

I agree with your conclusion but at the same time how do you remove killboards but leave in killmails, since everyone loves killmails.

It is a impossible to fix the problem without removing content everyone enjoys. Hence the probable reason it never gets addressed.

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I actually know somebody who was hooked on eve after getting killed in a wardec

I cannot care less for your “dismiss”, who are you to dismiss, another fanboy ? :laughing:

The presentation only had in the title word “science”, he is not a scientist and the method was looking at statistics and deriving some conclusions.

There was only one attempt at this. Not werified later from what I know.
The amount of people they checked was 80 000, new accounts, presumably new players, checked for death in first 15 days.

From these 1% (800 people) were illegally killed (ganked). That is a rather small number in comparison to a 85,5% that was not ganked. He said these ganked players used to play longer, but he didnt say how long on average it was (2 days, 1 month?), how it corelates to 800 people sample vs 80000 people sample.
So 1 % was ganked, so they stated. But later he said that less than 1% of account cancellations cite ship loss or harassment as a reason for leaving, he didnt say how long these people were playing before they left because of that. He also said that in a group that was legally killed, the play times were longer too, but less than in illegally killed group. That made me think, maybe they draw incorrect conclusions and in fact the sample size with 15 days timespan is affecting the result, not the killing of players.

So the amount of people ganked in 15 days of play was really small, and they took only 15 day sample, but there is also similarly small amount of people citing ship loss or harassment as a reason of leaving. I wonder what percentage is it in this 1 % of ganked people. The research was not so extensive.

I wonder what would be effects of larger group research, maybe the play times would equalize. 1% from 80000 is only 800 people. Maybe they should take the timespan for 15 days vs 1 year and see how it looks? Distribution in that sample can be too small to see if that killing really have result on the play time. You have to know that research results needs to be scrutinized and research needs to be repeated with different samples to see if someone did not make a mistake, to draw the correct conclusion.


What a victim.

The gameplay is the issue not everything else listed here.

People want faster rewards for less time, Eve Online is a very time invested game and it’s easier just to load PUBG or Fortnite or (insert any 2017 or 2018 game) and you get faster rewards & action

There is a reason why Eve Online is an unstreamable game, because it’s boring as hell and takes hours for anything to happen most of the time.

Eve Online needs a better online presences and 1 tournament a year doesn’t cut it.


I did, so yes.


I agree on this! +1

But there is a solution: unauthorize yourself from zkillboard and after that fights will be more interesting because one could not see your setups, habits wins and looses.

What? How?

That man was probably CCP Quant, who was CCP’s data scientist, he chose to resign and move on to pastures new; as evidenced by the fact that he worked out his notice. If he was fired he wouldn’t have worked out his notice, nor would he have been allowed to post a thread on the forums to say goodbye to us.


That will only stop it reading your kills/losses, but it won’t stop it getting kills/losses involving you from other people. If you unauthorize yourself, then we fight and you kill me, zkillboard won’t get that kill from you. However, I’m authorized, so it gets it from me and it still shows up on your killboard.

So, short of a mass-unauthorization or boycott, zkb is here to stay.

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OK from your answer I can only see that you have newer worked in serious corporation and you do not have clue about today bussines and PR rules. :laughing:

Only lack of RL expirience can be exploanation of post like you wrote.
Grow up! Quickly !!!

I have an alt for shitposting who sounds very similar to you. Are you my unknown second personality, manifesting through forum posts that I do not recognize, tormenting me with aneurysm-inducing stupidity and illiteracy?


I can see from your response that there are 3 possibilities here.
1: English is not your native tongue
2: You didn’t manage to complete your education
3: You’re a troll who’s trying too hard

The first gets you some leeway, the other two do not.

As for your claims that I’ve never worked for a serious corporation, I currently work for the largest specialist telecommunications company in Europe doing field installations for other businesses that are household names, and have worked in associated fields for many years.

Public relations is something I am very familiar with, dealing with both the public, and our corporate customers on a daily basis; if you get fired you don’t often get the opportunity to work out notice or publicly announce you’re leaving to the customers of the company you work(ed) for, you just disappear.

Would you like to take another punt at it or are you going to shut up?


remove api access to km. problem solved since no out of game site can actually verify any kill.

See my earlier post. You would still have your kills show up when other people post their version of it. Also, all kills are verified thanks to ESI killmail links.

The only time a kill would not show up on zkillboard is when all people involved have removed (or never added) any API authentication, and nobody manually posted the kill either.

The op talked about a 5 day old player and said that it was an issue that they get ganked and quit because of it. This is exactly what CCP Rise addressed in that talk. Would you agree that the data presented shows that people getting ganked in the first 15 days is not an issue for player retention?

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Ganking is not that widespread across the eve population to have a severe impact on player retention

More people probably quit cuz of the UI being a damn labyrinth to those unaccustomed

Most new players don’t even understand how or why they die when they die and then go back to dutifully farm for another ship problem arises when they see the real time training queue to get into a ship they want and realize they got a pay say for 3 month sub to get there while not having said ship magically appear in their hangar after.

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Or maybe they quit out of boredom because highsec is so save and people so isolated that nothing interesting happens that gets them hooked.

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