New policy for game development enterprises

What would happen if companies that develop games only hired people that had at least 100 hours played in 3 separate games on steam?

I mean other than career bots launching steam and letting games run for 100 hours.

You could quiz them on what they liked about the game. And you could find out what type of person they are. It would be a simple hiring process once you figure if they have the skills or not for the job they apply to. So yea even the CEO will be a gamer. The accountant, everyone. What would happen?

Nevermind it wont work. The career bots will just prepare answers for the games they “played”

And LLM give you a nicely formulated essay about what you liked, didn’t like and what 1 thing you’d change with your current understanding.

I think it doesn’t qualify people to do music, 3d art, programming, writing, socializing …
I think it makes sense for gamedevs to actively play the game they are working on tho. I’d rather hire someone that has mediocre skills but is highly passionate about the project than a very skilled person that only cares about the money or whatever.

What if you quiet the game like you said you did?

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