New station noise

Please remove the new annoying repetitive loud hum every 15 seconds in the station. Yes I know it can be turned down. It is turned all the way down to OFF because it is so loud even on lowest settings. Another fix of something that was not broken.

Mandatory “Eve has sound?”.


Didn’t notice it last night. You sure someone wasn’t humming? PC overheating? Tumble dryer?


No idea what are you talking about, there is no “new” sound in the stations!
I think Sindara is right^^

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They also removed removed the moaning gallente female from gallentean stations. i know which i preferred compared to now, but we can’t have that, it might trigger a tiny amount of immature adults!

it is new, but it is not recently new. it is new compared to what we had in the past.

The repetitive hum is the sound of the motor whurring on the CQ doors trying to open. Someone obviously doesnt realise there is nothing there any more…


This was a thing?

Just wait until next expansion when they play this every time you dock or undock.

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I’m personally looking forward to them adding this sample to the sound effects library, to be played whenever anyone gets Concorded or undocks in a ship with a Police SKIN:

Yes! She moaned, in all kinds of pitches. Slowly. She was talking to someone in a soft, slightly seductive voice too, but it wasn’t english, just gibberish. I’ve spent two hours following the patterms and if there is one thing i can guarantee you about the moaning woman in the gallentean stations, it’s:

She was a whore. No kidding.

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You would think that thousands of years in the future sound proofing would be a little better.

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Or a highly trained spy (alt) who can get to places where other spies can not. Never underestimate the power of exploiting other people’s lust and greed.

One does not exclude the other. :slight_smile:

True. My guess is we may also include Exotic Dancer in her job description. :wink:

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If you don’t have good speakers you probably don’t notice it. But it is definitely a station sound, I can turn it down and off.

The thing is, someone at CCP says ‘let’s beef up the station ambiance’ and he suggests this and some other dev who doesn’t play Eve says ‘yea, that’s great’ and they slip it in the updates. Yea its great for 10 seconds, then it gets old and we actual players have to turn off the sound to our game.

Is this all stations or a specific faction?

Docked in Jita as I type this with the sound up ridiculously high and cannot hear this 15 second hum you speak of at all.

Today in a different station I don’t hear it any more. Perhaps it is related to certain mods or rigs on a player-owned station?

Could be :thinking:

Further investigation needed!