New Tutorial Feedback/Comments

(Elisha Valor) #42

The tutorial needs to say in plain words, that scamming is allowed in new eden, so is back stabbing, emptying out the wallets of your friends and that CCP encourages this type of action to allow a never before seen immersion. This needs to happen as new players are buying plex and getting scammed of their hard earned money, right out the gate. Mention to avoid all contracts in major trade hubs until you understand the market better.

(Malachaar Shi) #43

My experience seems to echo the many other comments about getting stuck without a skip feature. I’m working through the Caldari tutorial. While she was blathering on about “enjoying the scenery during a jump”, I went into Industrial and delivered the data analyzer and put it on the ship. Now, I’m stuck at the first step of “Investigate the Research Facility” which is to “Complete the Industry Job”. Resetting the tutorial doesn’t do anything, and the only way to get her to move past this is to apparently make a second one. Tutorials that impede progress degrade the experience.

(Aldasan Annages) #44

Hello everyone;

While I am not a new player I decided to start one to see what the New Player Experience was like.

I loved it, man it was so great compared to what I went through back in 2009. Great job CCP.

I would like to point out one thing that may cause a new player grief though.

After competing the tutorial I was moving my stuff to the Career Agent system in my reward venture. I noticed the gate into the system was littered with the wrecks of frigates and rookie ships. I started salvaging the frigate wrecks and got my ship blown up.

I know what the NPC Forward Operating Base ships are but I had ignored them; in this case it was two Guristas Kestrals. They were white with the diamond in the overview.

What concerns me is up to that point a new player has been shown that an enemy is red. They also have a bracket around the overview that blinks indicating they are targeting you and are going to attack. In no case did these ships indicate they were targeting me, there was no warning before the ship blew up.

Not only that, but having fought these patrols on other characters I know they are very strong. They might as well be players they are that strong. A new player might think, oh I want revenge and go lose more ships.

Yes, you should not undock unless you are willing to lose the ship but I think that content is to advanced for being around new player systems. In a way the NPC’s are griefing new players.

Other than that, great experience and I would recommend it even for older players.

(Lupus Lazuli) #45

I am someone who has regularly come back to do the tutorials over the years, I think this is probably the best one yet. Light Years better than… opportunities… ugh.

I feel like with this recent release of Alphas starting with 50,000 skill points, getting a 2500 booster, and getting free ships, and access to every T1 and faction combat hull to Battleship, seems like, too generous almost.

Then some of the skill choices seemed a little odd. Thermodynamics? Why would a brand new player need that? They might accidentally activate it and destroy their modules. I feel a little bad some skills are almost trained to max at the outset, even though now you can basically buy skillpoints, which feels like it defeats the purpose of having an Alpha character with 50,000 skillpoints. Why not start players with 0 skillpoints, and then give them say 10 untradeable alpha injectors to use?

Just my thoughts.

(Dark Engraver) #46

I’m a pretty old player however I took the time to do the tutorial for each race and here’s my take on it:
The commanders talk too much and become too familiar and friendly toward you I feel the interaction there could’ve been more serious somehow.
On the build data analyser mission if you deliver before AURA tells you to you have to redo it if you somehow canceled a job before too and delivered the 2nd you’re out of minerals.
When passing the damage cloud I feel it should explain briefly that you can leave your repair module to run continuously
Maybe this is just my prefference but I feel the bad guys should’ve been each empires hostile pirate faction.

(Neogene Biogen) #47

I liked the tutorial, but I feel like the tutorial should have been compressed into less time.

(Bears Heart) #48

Your youtube video showed close to where I had to stop the tutorial.

(Anjyl Took) #49

Some input ummm… for a friend… yeah, for a friend. :slight_smile:

If while still doing the tutorial you try to “plug-in” 50 mil in implants, maybe a friendly reminder that you should wait until you have passed training to do that. Also a similar warning if you try to undock with extra things in your cargo-hold before the last fight.

Really this wasn’t me, it was some other friend I know. :confused:

(Uriel the Flame) #50

Also if you plan to do the career agents after the tutorial you* should wait further until you are done with those as well (or at least done with the ones that involve you dying as a mandatory objective).

(*I mean your “friend” should wait. :wink: )

(Anjyl Took) #51

No, none of the career agents have dying as a mandatory objective. Two of the Adv. Mil. missions have ship loss as a mandatory objective, but not pod loss (dying). Implants are safe (from CCP forced loss) after the tutorial.

(Uriel the Flame) #52

Ah correct, my memory failed me it seems.

(Oskar Thiesant) #53

Banidine is NPC Veldspar irc so one assumes that you get mission undock in a venture or something with 2000 m3 of cargo hold and a mining laser, right click mission fly towards location check mining tab locate Banibine asteroids… mine 20,000 return… profit

(Tannis Darkhaven) #55

Actually, I would prefer to see the distance shortened. Get to the point of the mission.

Eve has always had the reputation of being a “boring” or “slow moving” game and having a new player burn for 2 to 3 minutes with nothing to do, doesn’t help to dispel that perception. In fact it, validates it.

(Wally Kalfren) #56

When you speak of tutorial, I think you’re talking about Aura. Apparently because I am using a notebook computer Aura will not advance beyohd the tip about zooming since I have no mouse wheel to zoom, Aura will not continue on, even tho I was able to use the keyboard to zoom.

(Anjyl Took) #57

Can you use a pinch zoom on the touchpad? On my ThinkPad it works with the centre “mouse button”. Also, I haven’t looked, but if you press esc and look under the shortcuts setting, you might be able to remap zoom? If those don’t work and you can’t attach an external mouse you might be able to submit a ticket to a GM to see if they can skip you past that part. (Although manufacturing your own mouse might be quicker.) :wink:

(MIlli Tal'zek) #59

Made a new character to go through it and make myself familiar with move around. I liked that it was easy to follow and battling the pirates felt good as well :slight_smile:

However, when you are asked to fit the items to your ship, I had a suggestion. The fitting window should have a “Filter to show readily available modules” so it’s easy to drag and drop without having to open your inventory and search for them. When you select a slot, it should auto filter on the left to show what you have (as well as exclude items you don’t have to skills to use, should those be in your inventory) when this option is selected.

I haven’t played my character for 10 years, so I had a bunch of items in my inventory and was having difficulty fitting out my ship. Every time I tried to equip something from the fitting menu it put me into simulation.

(Dora SiPetualang) #60

in the one of the sisters of eve missions. It was missions delivery, the item i should deliver was missing due to my ships which carry the items get blown away on the route to deliver the items.

I tried to find another items in the market but there is not available on the market then asked help chat, they suggesting me to cancel and restart the missions. But it will affect my standing with the agent and the corps where they belong. And also have a chance the agent doesnt give another missions, my last experiment when i cancel or not completed agent mission. Their doesnt give me another missions to restart.

I think, ccp should make some game mechanics regarding of this matters so the ppl who lost the items missions could complete the missions after.

(ISD Stall) #61

If this happens you need to file a support ticket ( under stuck.

(Dora SiPetualang) #62

its done, i aborted the missions and start over. thanks

(Angela Park) #63

What I’ve seen so far within the tutorial and some parts out of it is that I would like the game to become denser. Some of the nebulas, scraps, planets, etc look badly rendered/pixelated. Also when I do zoom out, my camera goes through the main stations. Instead block the camera from going through the objects, acting as a solid object at least. It would make EVE have better quality gameplay! I know the game is huge but adding this as an option would be great, game still doesnt LOOK/FEEEL great even with max settings.