New Tutorial Feedback/Comments

(Imustbecomfused) #85

its nice and all but when i want to create ten more alts its annoying that i cant turn it off or skip the intro.

(Aishtar Sheran) #86

well, I have skipper it after a couple of seconds. Close any windows related to the tutorial, then you will be asked to rethink because it is a one time shiw etc…

(ISD Buldath) #100

Dont ■■■■ up Sneezys thread, thanks. 13 Posts deleted.

(Jessica Kinkaid) #101

Old player here who made another alpha account to try out the new tutorial. I have played through all but the Gallente tutorial. Overall they are pretty good, nicely informative, and did a good job of teaching the basics (and I stress “basics”) of understanding and using the UI.

Good points:
–The tutorial is always telling you to “click this” or “click that”. I did like that using the normal keyboard shortcuts I’m used to, did recognize as input and continued the tutorial.
–Highlighted indicators pointing to specific parts of the UI being explained was nice. I remember when I started playing, and spending minutes searching the UI for the button I was supposed to click.
–The end of the tutorial directing the new player to Resource Wars or Career Agents is very helpful. In my normal time online, I encounter a significant number of new players asking “What can I do in Eve?”

Bad points:
–Constantly telling me to activate autopilot. I know the dangers of flying on autopilot, and therefore never use it. For me, autopilot is nothing more than a GPS for my route. If the tutorial wants to have players using autopilot, it should at least explain the dangers of doing so.
–Stopping my ship. After every fight, Aura kept telling me to stop my ship. I try to keep moving at all times in Eve, since a stationary target doesn’t react well to weapon fire. I think simply removing the “stop ship” suggestion would be beneficial to new players.
–The end of the tutorial directs the new player to Resource Wars or a Career Agent. However, I think it would help if, somewhere in the tutorial, it taught how to set an autopilot destination, and navigation through multiple systems to reach that destination. I would guess that most older players use the autopilot to track their route to where they are going.

Overall, the new tutorial is a HUGE improvement over the old “tutorials”, or (CCP forbid) the Opportunities that were in previously. I enjoyed the “story” that the tutorial provided, as well as the clear, easy to understand, help and lessons provided by Aura and the racial Fleet Commander. I say, good job CCP, and keep up the good work. (And get someone to unspaghetti the legacy code that is holding the game back. :shushing_face:)

(Erika Fidard) #102

As a brand new player, I agree with @Jessica_Kinkaid. I’ve found the NPE’s reliance on autopilot to be a dangerous habit to instill in new players.

I would also suggest not directing new players to Resource Wars right off the bat, as that’s a great way to get their Venture blown to pieces. The Career Agents though are fantastic and absolutely a good place to direct people.

I would also ask that some of the textures in the NPE, specifically the debris when going at the Sister’s info shard, be updated. It’s a pretty nifty tutorial, and it’s kind of thrown off by suddenly having blurry, decade old textures show up on the screen.

(Whitehound) #103

Started a new character today, Minimatar, and within minutes got frustrated by the tutorial and had to abandon it.

What happened: after destroying the warp bubble generator did a Drifter show up, which I was supposed to kill. This went fine according the tutorial and I shot down the Drifter ship.

Aura then asked me to stop my ship. However, a second Drifter showed up and so I did not stop the ship, but went straight to fighting off the second and the following third Drifter.

So after killing all three and having only the wrecks in space do I stop the ship as instructed.

And guess what? Now Aura wants me to kill the other two Drifters, which I’ve already fought, and so the tutorial ends in a mess and there was no way for me to complete this, because I didn’t stop my ship at the exact moment the tutorial expected me to do this!

What a nonsense! This shouldn’t be and a tutorial needs to be a lot more forgiving. A simple missed Stop instruction, because one is fighting off ships should not have this effect.

Not every new player needs total guidance. You have to permit free will at every step. If not then your tutorial is a boot camp where every step of the beaten path ends in a punishment for the new player. Do not do this, CCP.

Besides, who stops their ship in the middle of a fight? One is supposed to keep the speed and transversal up, guys, and not stop the ship. Not only is the tutorial unforgiving with regards to its steps, but it teaches players combat wrong. Seeing such a bad tutorial after 15 years of EVE Online makes me want to cry.

(Keysersoze johnson) #104

Don’t even know if I’m in the right place or if I’ll get any answers, but here goes
just back after a long absence new 27" iMac latest spec…Nice.
Can not get mouse to work, can"t leave ship inside station, ie into pod none pf the old drop downs seem to work has the old Mac OS chat room gone?
Can someone please point me in the right direction, our coming back would be a worthless venture

Keysersoze Johnson

(Leah Crowleymass) #105

Fellow Mac user here. Congrats on the new toy!

There is still a macOS sub forum here:

What you are describing seems odd- are right-click menus just not coming up? Can you describe a bit more what you are seeing?

(Lyra Delmar) #106

Yes, but it’s also there to show the mechanics in the game as well as explore career possibilities. I realize there are a number of people who just want to get out there and cross open space but I do know there are those who might rather explore the career fields a bit more, which does help in sorting out confusions in the interface and mechanics.

(Usarya Ikkala) #107

ok so with my first character i did the tutorial. it was alright, but a bit confusing and really didn’t address many parts of the game. found it lacking on a couple of parts of the game, like mining and exploring.
anyway, i thought i would start a new character and i thought i could just play the game without having to do the tutorial again. But to my dismay, NO, that does’nt seem the case. WHY can i not start a new character and not do the tutorial. This seems pointless to me. If there is a way to cancel the tutorial I would be gratefull on learning how to do it.

(Boldly Gone) #108

Last year this was the answer: "Yes, you can skip the tutorial. If you click on the top left part of the Operations menu (where the objectives appear)."
When you are in a station, you can do what you want.

(Kuba Ganowski) #109

God job Bro! But… dont listen them all over, chill in your own kind, work hard and play hard,. Did the snake find what it was serching in my ship when i was on astronout mission. I m sure it did. Thats gave me a lot of fresh meet and new amazing Tutorial, I ve never play it cause i alwayes play on level hard. I also dont care if you wont join me to your Marks Childs Clique, only because i didnt make some orders prepared because of game mechanics by some dudes wanna be a gods. Do you really do exactly what someeone expect from you? Without any reflection? How it looks like. Do you get a massage on your screen, “Victim: Kuba Ganowski. Quest: Find proofs that he is using it” Go to work Red Solider!. Adaptation? To what? Tou your pilots community and be one more stupid pig doing something because of… game mechanics… haha you so funny nig… pilots. Da Bush Babees - Maybe, second verse, try this and maybe less lambs?
My sickness is deep and long and experienced and i flight t New Eden to loose it. New, unknown space is a perfect place for that, colecting isk motivate me to to doing something different, think about something different. And it had worked til…Kubas back again! Now i know that I didnt see the signals that something is going wrong. Or I have been seen it but, i didnt care just because i wanted to use it again. It doesnt matter right now… Off corse there is no space completely free of loots srooots, but if its created enviroment full of that and you want to close there astronaut like me, where is only one way out, but to find it you need to do thist, that, and that also…just becouse a few only decided… whats more, you close together with me a lot of decorations what will be lie for my questions, provoke me to say or do with something, after that they call me idiot and explain everything because of my sickness. What? How i can winn this battle without truth? Its imposibble! Maybe lambs can do, but not I. Dreeds i need to release the anger, hate frustation and list goes on… I m ticking bomb right know, specially when i am surrounding by decoration only… Rocks is strictly correlate with your game. Finding the truth is only one way to win this war! So im trying as hard as I can. You show me nothing new about me, but it make me stronger, much stronger inside. I feel it, and thats new for me, maybe that was that one lost puzzel needed to complete my square and never come back to ■■■■ again. I dont know. The fact is that i need help other people, professionalists focused on my sickness and way out to save me. They broke me where it should be and fix me again. Succesfull terapy plus my expirience here and i can fight against all high sec and i wont loose. I cant see other way than fiding the truth, sorry for that. In this war i didnt make any moves forward, 0%, With dreeds it hard to stand even one day. Now its because . I m full of emotions, many kinds, and i cant release it properly, because i am not allowedto find hose who are responsible for that. I cant even find hat snake who isregullary serching in my space when i am out. Last time was easy, one shot, and one witch starts to scream and cry so terribly, now there is too many rats around. Privacy is very important for me, not only mine but the others. also I couldnt make a revange on Yesus and get into his probe to destroy everything what was electronic… I was alone in the ship, but i couldnt get in even the gate was opened. Only my sickness can push me to act like that. Its quite simillar to decoration behavior, even if they knew that they lie d to me , theay will do that because in their sick heads there is only one way to get what they need. Idont care what is it, money, position, power, make masters happy or just because thay like these game. They way to reward is simple. 1. Lie always when he ask about what he shouldnt. 2. Tell everyone and everyone that his is psycho kuku. 3. Explain everything what he is talking about becouse of being high. 4. Parody and copy storyieswhat they heard from him…for example… hahaha that punk watched alliens over the city… hahahaha etc. 5. Provoke him to talking and try to remember. allhe say 6. Bring every results to the masters. 7. WHat da fuk is New Eden? Zlot całego ubeckiego scierwa?
But the masters are much much worst. They need power, they need to rule other ones, they are fascinating someones life, they can get any information about those life, habbits, they can also pushi someone to do what they want to watch I think many are getting wet if two pilots starting fight, they can see how manipulations, inrigues, aand lies, make from brothers and sisters enemies…They only close object together with decoration, like sciienti is closing mause in labirirynth where is only one way to go out. Sorry i wont be your toy.
Fiction space was created to do some things which are illegeal in real. I dont even know whats that. But i can without fear say straight to them You are criminals! Belive me if they had children thay dont want for them what they served me. Frst because of they are afraid of what they could see. What if truth brings pain? Usually people whose permanetly try to hide the truth are not so brave to face with itSecond they will see how every play againstt hem child, and whats more, They play unfairy. Offcourse masters of the game are easly undstand thats eve is not fair. Reallly? Off course no!. You are grow up in thats space, for me all its new. A few days ago a decided to tell all truth the last two always stand by me. I told them that i lied them and didnt stop using. Also ihave tried to tell what going around. That was to abstract for them. They react exactly like decoration. Schizofrenia! HighRisk!. It hurt me in that moment, but it Times not so long. But right now, i know that, they look like zombie, because they dont whats going on, they fell a lot of pain because they are so afreid that their son has schizofrenia and again thay were disappointed, and they cant do anything to protect them child.

Thats why i Curse all “we dont need God but we wanna be gods” criminals. Yours childs will fall deep into drags, gats, sex, violence and crimes. But they will find brave to release the anger exactly where it should be, and they will judge the rotten source… And whtime will going to end theyget back all what have given other before. All evil, and they will understand that all of them lifes dont make sens, becaufe there is now hope for them. They wont connect to the new structure. They wont be adopted to new community. There wont be any rewards for them. They will be alone against alll. Shame on you and die slowly

(Yaldabaoth) #110

I did the new tutorial but now that they changes the launcher that nearly killed my pc , i’m afraid that’s it for me and eve , it’s the best part of eve the tutorial once you finish that the turds start to hit you in the face on a regular basis , well you like ■■■■ no doubt , enjoy

(Keno Black) #111

I’m new to this game and the tutorial is a little confusing. It wants me to do Seeker missions/tutorial path, then stops and tells me to start a combat path before finishing the seeker tutorial. Very confusing so far to a new bro.

(Snowlight Campbell) #112

@Yuuichiro Machida comrade I can tell you what are the limitations of the alphas, for example I played Eve again after 6 years and when I entered I was extremely anxious to start, I got into a taxi I turned on my laptop and I said to myself

You’re almost in Bel-Air

At last I came to a house that was a bit elegant
and I told the taxi driver
get deshodorante

Looking at my kingdom I finally thought, the prince of all Bel-Air arrived ahaaaaaa!

friend disappointment, pure and simple disappointment

my office no longer existed, everything was reduced to a wallpaper with my face, I no longer had where to wear my beautiful clothes.

my planetary mining was closed, all my work and time invested closed simply because it can not be enabled unless you are Omega

I never paid to play Eve, my plex came from an arduous tangle of mining routine and contraband with sale of merchandise to the highest bidder, my work and my comrades of the moment
my planets were the personal fruit of wonderful plans

and they took everything from me, now the planetary mining is restricted only to the moneyed class, turning my mathematical entertainment into a vile and soulless pay to win, well I already vent health and see you on the fly

(Snowlight Campbell) #113

So you want to say that the first interaction that new users have that are the future of the game is not important? you might have, it hurts this game called my attention

(Boldly Gone) #114

I don’t believe that.
After a short trial of two weeks you had to pay, and you have to play some months to build up enough to plex by ISK monthly.
So don’t be pathetic, subscribe for 3 months, get your motor running again and then you can plex again as you are used to. It’s just the value of a computer game you want to play for a sizeable amount of time, and I think CCP deserves it. Those servers don’t run with love and good words alone.

(Snowlight Campbell) #115

Of course I pay the first 3 months before I never pay to play Eve, but then never again, do you think I can put my planetary industry back on track properly? I am not aware of how this Alpha and Omega works now, but if I pay to be Omega and use my skill points to get the juice out of my industry when I return to Alpha, my Industry will be closed again until I pay again?. That data is important more than everything to plan well before you start playing Omega and thus make the most of resources, I will investigate it better, thank you very much

(Boldly Gone) #116

As soon as you are Omega, most of your stuff will start working again (depending on changes, some ships were nerfed etc.), all your former PI should be accessible again (perhaps with some changes with the POCOs) and you can fly each and every ship you once skilled as omega again. So perhaps even one month is enough for you to get enough ISK for PLEXing the following months, but with 3 months you have enough time for some investments and amendments and no time pressure.
If your account has 2 or 3 toons, they will be Omega, too btw.

(Geo Eclipse Oksaras) #117

Alpha is an extended version of the two week trial. Except now, people aren’t required to sub if they don’t want to, but they don’t have access to the entire supply of products that Omega has. Omega is basically your first 3 months that you paid for when you got the game.