New Tutorial Feedback/Comments

(Asrand Anuli-Tselec) #118

I jumped the gun on the Business Career Agent and completed the whole thing before letting Aura hand me off, so now I can’t complete the quest because there’s no mission to accept. Does this have a workaround?

(Uriel the Flame) #119

If you haven’t figured out a solution yet you can send in a support ticket so a GM solve it if they can.

(Avinu) #120

Just compare it to Guild Wars 2 Tutorial/Intro/Storyline - Nuff Said. The underlying pve game mode suck - no story/background for each faction and race. I wish a campaign which is based on your race->empire->faction, Choices should matter. For example you choose Caldari faction- there should be a main storyline for Caldari, in the middle you should choose a NPC faction like Navy or Mordus and at the end battle Sansha or Drifter Invasion. Expansions should spin the story forward. Also a very big hit would be Guild Wars 2 like daily login reward gifts which could include T2 gear/ships, SP injectors, crafting materials, ammo and skins for paid accounts. Make event based activities which bring players together like incursions. Add daily activities - mining, pvp, mission chain, exploring which shuffle new every day for everybody. System security level should scale everybody down to same level so the only advantage would be better ships and real life skill. Introduce “Bosses” - Pirate Officers in Empire / Empire Officers in Null which would appear after certain events are triggered and always drop loot for every participant.

Look at Guild Wars 2 gameplay mechanics - the core game is free and apply all the benefits like level scaling, events innovation, horizontal progression, masteries and exploration of it into EVE.

(Isabella Loja) #121

I like GW2 alot and have played it by myself, but you can’t compare GW2 with EVE because the mechanics and the spirit behind these two games are completly different. Your idea about the storyline based on your race is cool and I would support this, but most of the other ideas wouldn’t be good for EVE.

No, if you put this as gifts (especially t2 modules or ships) you will kcik every industrial in the a**. Just because it is working in GW2 doesn’t mean it will work in EVE

If the skins are new and only available per login reward system it’s ok, otherwise also no.

That’s quite a good idea, but there are many events around EVE, like incursions, FOBs, Ressource Wars etc. And they bring players together, so basically this already exists.

Ok, so LVL 4 Missions will only be able to fly in 0.5? or 0.6? This won’t work in EVE, just put your Citadel in 0.9 System, because everyone attaking it will only make 200 DPS and sit there forever. This is also a feature wich works well in GW2 but would break EVE, big fat NO.

(Avinu) #122

GW2 has huge industry - legendaries, ascended and a central market, the gifts are not disturbing the game economy. BTW its so crazy - old school mmorpg has better market - single access market for whole world and crafting than EVE.

If you played GW2 you know how zone scaling work - a noob and a level 80 char have same level there only the gear is different.

EVE is dead now, I sold all my 3 accounts from 2012 on ebay for 250 euro.

(Boldly Gone) #123

“Eve is dead”-count: 25152 in 15 years in the forum.

(Isabella Loja) #124

And if you would take a closer look to EVE you should know, that this wouldn’t work in EVE

(Leah Crowleymass) #125

That’s what we like to call RMT. Enjoy your ban.

(Sugar Smacks) #126

Something about the new player experience that doesn’t seem right to me is placement after you have made your character. Many of the stations you get started at don’t have career agents stationed at them. While a station normally may be only a few jumps away, asking people who have just started to be comfortable even with that trip in my opinion is asking a bit much.

The current answer is to get comfortable with the agency immediately so you can determine where you need to go. Instead several better choices are you start at that station immediately.
Why make people travel at all? Especially after they are brand new, wouldn’t it be more prudent to have the station they start in have those options immediately in front of them?

(Aydius Sky) #127

Was good. First time I took the tutorial, besides the account I had a loooong time ago. Much better than it was back then. I didn’t finish it then either actually.

This time I did. Was good.

There was one mission where they give u a ship, and send u in to detonate it. I had the same ship before hand and it was fitted with stuff, I should have read better. Was a good lesson haha.

Good all around. I actually finished all Career Agents, in a row, so you must have done something right.

*** It was the new Agent UI Interface, and the standings graph etc made everything alot more understandable with all the rest you need to learn in the game.

(Arthur Kerensa) #128

I had never played the game before, however the tutorial is not really what showed me what to do, I watched a youtube video of someone else going through the tutorial, and then copied it.

Eventually I found I could do stuff, however the tutorial does not explain refining ores very well, I got stuck on this for hours.


(Leah Crowleymass) #129

I agree that the tutorial does not do nearly as good of a job introducing the player to the game as the old one. However, EVE is so large and there are so many things to do, a single tutorial cannot even begin to touch everything.

Once you finish the tutorial, it will send you to the Career Agents. These are special agents that focus on different areas of the game like exploration, industry, mining, etc. and they get into much more detail on some of these areas of the game. You definitely want to go through those as well- they are a git of an extended tutorial.

(Kradick Kahn) #130

The final mission for SOE arc was co pmicated as who to turn it into.

There was no direct link to “warp to-” at the end of the mission.
I had to ‘open conversation’ on many of the quests to get the propper notification that i had completed what was necassary.

To find where to handin the final mission i clicked on the beacon where the mission giverwas in space.
It was not yellow snd there were no pop ups.

I wasnt sure even when i got there that i was at the right spot until opening up a conversation yet again.

There was no final message from SOE whos arc I had just run and i was uncertain i had even finished the arc untill i opened the events tab to check.

It would be nice if a warp yo was offered andthe mission person turned yellow just to clarify things.

Thanxs very much.