New Tutorial Feedback/Comments

IDK what the old tutorial is but I think that the tutorial should go more in-depth on many features or have an encyclopedia-type thing where you can search up how to do things that is available at all times

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Spend just 1 hour in Rookie Help on any given day and you will see the same few questions posted over and over and over again.
The errors in the tutorial and career agents are clear as day and yet CCP seem totally oblivious.
“How to get data sheets”
“How to mine tritanium”
“A module has run out of charges what do I do”
“How to find proof of discovery”



I was only able to finish the Explorer Agent missions after watching youtube about scanning. So I’ve learned that I need several different sources of information if I want to learn how to play EVE.
So there’s ways. Tons of footage. Google responds very reliantly as well.
If a new player thinks that’s too complicated, he or she wouldn’t enjoy the game anyway.

Funnily enough not too long in the past official (CCP made) tutorial videos were linked in the help section of the menu or something and if I recall correctly they were hosted on youtube as well, but were removed from the menu for some reason. :no_mouth:

Edit: Just for reference…

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I have read about some stuff saying that you can get some skill points after completing tutorial. Today I’ve also completed the career missions but I’ve got no SP bonus. Has this been changed?

That was the old, OLD tutorial.
In that version you got a mini skill injector at the end.
Those days are long gone.

Have you even considered asking CCP why there has been NOT A SINGLE PvE MISSION ADDED IN TEN YEARS, or are you so much focussed on manipulating CCP into improving the game for 0.0 alliances that the thought has not even crossed your mind?

What do you mean? CCP added two new mission just this year:

my teenage daughter found the rookie channel to simply be an invitation to lots of recruitment emails. getting questions answered was hindered by too many responders to multiple questions as the text scrolled on by. learning to private convo as part of the tutorial might help
also, a little knowledge seems to be bad. if you already know something and do it before the tutorial expects you to , you get stuck in a loop of non completion. heaven forbid if you activate your afterburner before you are told to.

It can, at times, scroll quickly. I answer questions in there and very occasionally take someone to a side chat so I can deal with a more in depth problem but I find that answering in ‘public’ means lurkers may read something they need even if they did not ask the question.

it may help if she drag drop expands that chat when reading it because small and in the corner is damn fast.


The fact you needed to answer all of this here (thank you) merely reinforces the point that, well, you needed to. As in, it was not readily available somewhere else.

It has to do with the amount of aggression, specifically, player vs player aggression. Though I am a recent arrival, it seems that recent changes in the game are only going to increase this. It is ultimately a combat game. Even if one chooses a different career path it must still be physically defended.

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Y’know when you disable the Sensor Overlay by default?

It’d be good if you changed the tutorials to instruct players to use the ALT-P scanner, as they have no way of turning on the Sensor Overlay unless they ask for help.
Not that the Sensor Overlay was the right tool for the job anyways and that ALT-P should always have been the instruction…

Have you guys tried joined-up thinking, attention to detail or quality assurance?
You should.
It’s actually fun.


I played for years until 2011, and got back into the game a month or so ago.

You’re correct in that this is now more than ever before a PvP game: Aggressive players exploit broken mechanics (like the Kill Rights system and the ability to steal others’ mission loot) in order to harass carebears. They also camp sites where many players go for specific missions, stealing mission critical loot from them.
What’s entirely broken is that there is no way to fight back: If you attack the thief, they and their mates will have kill rights and hunt you down; if you place a bounty they’ll have a corpmate kill their pod ( so you might as well just click “give ISK” rather than “place bounty”.)

Basically CCP is rewarding aggression and exploiting, and has failed to add any protection or possibility to fight back against these exploits because who gives a ■■■■ about peaceful players anyway?

So, erm, have fun getting stolen from, lied to, and podded. I’ll go look for a game where PvP is optional.

:slight_smile: is that pretty much all of them? At least the MMOs.

Eve is a PvP sandbox game. For better or worse it always has been. That doesn’t have to turn you on, but it isn’t especially interesting that it doesn’t.

Have fun playing whatever else you choose. I’m sure you will have a grand old time!

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Why doesnt CCP invite all veteran pilots who sit at rookie help and gather information? About most asked questions? How they are directing them … i might answer same question there at least 2000 times over years… over hundreds of questions with single solution… then we can help new pilots better and more effective … may be CCP respect and value our efforts more productive way instead of wasting us to tell everyday 100 times how to shift drag ? Drop and drag ? Find the sensor overlay ?

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They dont care. Thats the only reason . its simple as its cause and its simple solution … and as long as you me and other veterans sit in rookie help and tell new ones how to do it… they dont need to think about it…

They have all logs tight ? Believe or not we are part of the problem … not the solution here… we are part of the problem that CCP be able to come so far without proper tutorial …

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The tutorial in this game isn’t a tutorial, it’s merely an introduction, if that.
It lacks guidance and info on 98% of the gameplay and the game world.

But I don’t mind. It gives easy isk and I love to figure things out on my own.

the tutorial and also the agent carrier mission are a really good start to learn the basics of the game but in my opinion the missions and enemys u encounter in them are abit too weak, i did oneshot most of em in my starter ship with basic equipment etc

too easy just isnt fun! (my opinion)

how can people struggle with the tutorial?! thats the biggest joke here lol

the tutorial just teaches u the basics!

eve is a sandbox mmo, it does NOT take u by the hand and show u everything!

u have to explore the game by urself and make decisions!


thats one of the reasons why i play eve and not world of warcraft