Newest eve update hurts newer players

Like RL. You adapt to changes or you fail. EVE is not a kind place this is not Farmville. CCP usually releases monthly changes though too never thought EVE updated too fast my self XD

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It’s not SUPPOSED to be a kind place but unfortunately it’s becoming one.

At any rate, it’s definitely Farmville.


Does Farmville peddle in game skill points for cash too?


If they don’t they obviously should be. Then they too could score their piece of the chinese botting market.

The megathron was literally the first one i did the math on.

If you’ve done the math on the rest, lets see it. But we all know you haven’t.

Ah yes. Argument by assertion : )

Have a pleasant day.

Chinese botting?

Every botting banwave in every game I play is 90% U.S. players. As well, none of the top 10 RMT operations were based in China.

You people need to stop with that ■■■■.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


The Chinese can’t access many of these games without using VPNs, and the US has some of the lowest barriers to entry in the market. They also use American business fronts to launder the money (the same/very similar to the ones that control the “cheap China junk” markets on eBay/Amazon that let you purchase like six cockrings for $1.63 that will then be shipped to you straight from a basement factory in Shenzhen).

Source: RMT literally put me through college. The one job market that didn’t die during the worst recession in human history.

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The news of the new update has me making lots of cash. Mins are up as is speculation so ship stockpiles are worth loads more than they were.

Tipette: some contracts hadnt been updated in a while, toothcombing got me 170m pyerite for 60m

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Looks like all of them except maybe the old tier 3 battleships and the scorpion, will require so much more pyerite that it they will cost more in HS available minerals, not less.

Combined with the moon goo and lower requirements of mega, zyd and nocx; battleships will be more reliant on materials available from highsec than ever before.

And if the price of pyerite continues to rise like people think it will, this reliance will be even greater still.

Edited- after double checking some math

Yeah. Me too.


Converting all my minerals and commodities into Marauders, freighters and faction battleships for the speculators nearly doubled what I paid originally. Sadly, now I’m stuck paying the inflated price for mats as I want to keep building. So the profit margin will be somewhat reduced.

But all in all, not a bad month.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


He could run explos from anywhere from 2-200m an hour depending on the level of work. With no additional training at ALL.

3 bil profit? Congrats. I made almost 2 bill reprocessing stuff in trade hub. I bet that there will be a lot of salt after update.

I like how newbros are talking about newbros problems, instead of vets talking about newbros problems in the shows with zero clue about newbro situation.

On point, man look for better trading contracts, I believe there are services to either haul or buy your stuff.

Yes, some corps give newbros bad prices, and ofc the closest station has refining disable so newbro can’t compress (dunno about ice, just putting this out). Since they did not know better…

No speculation needed.


That is speculation, fueled by the last dev blog. People are hoarding because they don’t know what will come which is forcing prices up.

Funny how you didn’t do the 1 year view so we could see the price pre-resource redistribution.

Also funny how you chose plag versus other high sec ores : )

Weak effort but at least it was an effort.