No new PVE content - current PVE is boring grind and has zero impact on the universe, race-conflicts meaningless- Suggestion

No. Incursions require a player fleet.

I am saying have a new special L5 mission. You are limited to T2 cruiser down. You command a fleet of NPC ships supplied by the faction you are working for to kill the enemy fleet. You would have to broadcast targets, keep an eye on ships in the watch list and broadcast which needs reps, etc. It would involve no other people but push the player into a more active FC role to beat the mission.



On the other hand, I would like to see a step in-between.

How about a few missions where you have a few NPC ships with you to do your mission. They would honestly be treated like drones (maybe with a bit more ‘independent-mindedness’) and would only show up in a deadzone (meaning you couldn’t leave with them for free back-up outside the mission).

The key would be in using the escorts correctly in order to accomplish the mission. Maybe the mission is a bit more puzzle-solving rather than kill-thing-steal-and-return-loot.

–Contemplating Gadget


Homeworld in EvE. Interesting concept and and exercise I would never think of.

Hint - If you multibox in EvE you already get that type of content :wink:

Now that is a good idea!

Could you define your version of “too high for high-sec” ? be specific. Because in my version of the risk vs rewards delve is now the safest place to rat in Eve and it hit almost 10 Trillion ISK in December alone ( ) which is not including NPC loot. Now why don’t you go ahead and add up all the HS rewards, all the LS rewards, and all the NS rewards, lets see these “too high reward” numbers.

In fact, largely due to AFK cloaky intel bots (which all need to be perma banned) and in large part due to multiboxing full or partial bots (for example player in a BS followed by 2 logi + 2 Gilas + 10 Algosses all controlled by same person = partial bot).

Meanwhile, lets see who gets the most destruction and highest risk hmmm …

O WoW !!! Its not Null Sec nor Low Sec !!! Surprise !!!

And these are only for December, do you even have a remote clue as to how long this has been going on for ? Or are you completely ignorant ?

So now lets see YOUR sources for your claims. Your argument might have held sway what ? 4-5 years ago when it was actually somewhat true ? Now you, yours and your thinking are nothing but past tense and full of outdated BS (and I don’t mean for that to stand for Battle Ships).


Meh-tier, may be one of very few pve activities that is marginally interesting (at first, at least) and is rewarded enough for risk involved (assuming you do it in lows/nulls/wh). Due to this fact you’ll be doing it a lot and it will quickly get old.

Boring grindfest

Boring grindfest

Boring grindfest, go try to find somebody who’ll bite those days.

I’m not 14 yo edgy teenager, have no interest in it.

That may be profitable, but, again, boring grindfest

A combo of harrasing and scamming, same issues

See scaming

Boring grindfest

A “straight way to clinical depression”-grade of boring grindfest

Boring grindfest, most of the time.


Suitable for minor percentage of people who have it in them to be leaders and organizers.

10 times worse than mission running

Are you even serious?

Yes, because in what comes to pve (and most of other activities), Eve is a boring grindfest. It’s just crappy gameplay, not a “special snowflake gameplay”.


Thanks, I had a good laugh thanks to your post :smiley: And I don’t mean a derisive laugh, but I mean of genuine entertained amusement - too bad that the main reason it’s funny is that it’s true…

EDIT: So why the hell when I reply to someone, it shows it’s a reply the whole time I’m composing it, but as soon as I complete it, it shows up as a standalone post?

If you’re replying to the post inmediately above yours, it doesn’t shows a reply mark.

Oh, that’s it then - in all the cases I noticed this in, that was indeed the situation. Thank you :slight_smile:

It could be more fun, even if it is a sandbox and the basic lines are drawn and everyone’s dancing inside the circle. The CCP team, in my opinion lacks imagination. Big time. But they can do a fine job at refining complicated stuff. So you do have mental stamina but you lack the genius spark. It’s still a good thing.

Social gameplay and involvement is the key. Introduce the unexpected factor in the game. Stop being so dull.
DOH focus on selling skins :slight_smile:
DOH give admins uber ships (for them to lose lol)
DOH fire some old farts who are wanking around on the forums :wink: and hire some writers to continue epic stories

Give people A SHOW to watch, not just a game you expect to bring you some cash.

These are now in low sec too

I agree that there should be more in game lore events that we can participate in that ultimately shape the universe. For example, events similar to how tactical destroyers were determined to be released or Caroline’s Star.

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Its only unexpected the first time the content is consumed. After that its just a grind.

And lets be honest, how many PVE focused players do you know that actually struggle their way through new content? The majority wait a couple of days until they can look up a guide, so the vast majority of PVE players already know what to expect before they ever consume the content.


Eve survival was a serious thing, and among a certain group it still is.

You are correct. If you think like CCP does. Install a new repetitive mongoloid rat trap. Why don’t they promote real admins to in game faction generals who can lead battles, create unexpected situation, or just flying through space along with the normal “capsuleer” thus creating group adhesion, introducing new mini isk sinks through unique items and ■■■■■■■ joy to see powerful human driven content. AKA lack of imagination.

Exactly. And FOBs are extending the incursion mechanics and principle to the standard rats. After all, EVE is MMO. To get FOBs ripped of your system, we give some tips here :

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This already exists. Its called gang warfare and there are players who do this very well.

A couple of years ago there was a CCP led fleet I to null sec (dont remember the occasion, I just know that it was a fairly big deal at the time) and they got demolished by player corps.

Players do it better. The genius of CCP is recognizing this and letting the players drive the game content.

Let CCP focus on what they do very well, provide the framework for a living universe where players drive the content and the storylines.

EVE is what you make it. Its not like the theme park mmos that hold your hand and guide you down a path(storyline) where you eventually become an uber hero.

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Sit down and relax. Here’s what CCP does best : Reddit - Dive into anything
How about the users with hundred and thousands accounts who amased incredible amounts of isk, or who control 40 alphas from a single computer. DOH, or Marmites who claim to have a guy in their alliance with a corp filled with 500 active accounts Screenshot by Lightshot

I am talking about the social aspect of the game. How CCP interracts with their 20 usd a month/account loyal subjects. You are saying what I have said above. Excepting the mouth foam and comparisons with Super Mario Bros or Sims online.


What about it? How did this go from “CCP pweese gimme sumting 2do cuz I’m 2 not in to figure wet out muhself” to CCP giving someone a stack of sgips who probably spent a couple, if not a few thousand real life dollars to attend fanfest?

You want to get stacks of ships, make thousands of accounts and whipeth out that credit card and attend fanfest or eve Vegas or something.

What you are crying for has absolutely nothing to do with that reedit post.

Who cares how much isk people have been able to make because of a gazillion accounts… If you want that kind of in game currency then figure out a way to get it.

You want to multibox with a bunch of accounts? Then multibox with a bunch of accounts.

But if you are going to whinr like a child because CCP isn’t giving you some kind of epic story arc then go play a game that does.

You people act as if you are stuck here.

Moe, your remark on the destruction values is kind of invalid. Anywhere there is a trade hub or a bottleneck, you will find high destruction costs due to ganking, corp warfare, or gatecamps. However, in general, you’re right - null is actually safer than highsec. Look at a null region and then look at Jita. Their destruction is very similar.

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