No viewcount in topics list when browsing on mobile

When browsing topics list on a mobile, you can’t see view counts.

View counts can be checked in topic view in the details section below OP. But this operation increments view count :rofl:

But only after the first reply, no details and view counts if there are no replies.

This post was composed on my mobile ofc :slight_smile:

This is the wrong place, you want to file a bug report with Discourse which is this open source forum software.

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Switch to desktop mode

Never mind, desktop site doesnt do it either

Discourse being a trashheap is not exactly news. This forum alone has a myriad of shortcomings and hilarious bugs thanks to this platform.

Not even in Landscape mode, which provides a boatload of more whitespace to be used for more information cells like Views, does it show this information.

One could justifiably say CCP drew inspiration for Photon from Discourse. :joy:

With Firefox, Desktop view shows topic views for me. You have to scroll sideways to reveal these information cells, though, as they are outside the screen by default.

But I think CCP uses their own fork of Discourse and I am not sure if they pull from the source branch from time to time. I could do what you suggest if it is still a bug in current vanilla Discourse. But will CCP pull it eventually?

Yep, mobile browsing has limited space, so it either needs to cram the same amount of information in less space, or prioritize the information which needs showing.

I don’t really miss the view count myself, to be honest.

Unless ‘mobile view count visible’ is one of the optional settings that CCP didn’t turn on, Discourse is probably who you should speak to to get this changed, as CCP only uses their forum software.

Why the hate for Discourse?

I’ve posted in many (game) fora over the years, and -ignoring the contents- the EVE forum is one of the more pleasant forums to read and write on due to Discourse. Easy linking, easy sharing of pictures, quotes are simple, forum is readable, it’s easy to keep track of who is replying to who… regularly when I see other forums I miss some of these features Discourse has.

What about Discourse is it that you dislike?

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this is known to Discourse and fixing requires editing a template so it is not a bug but rather a matter of layout configuration

so it appears @Io_Koval I’ve posted in the right place :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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That’s not true. Especially in landscape mode, the lines have a crapload of white space that is completely unused. Even in portrait mode, there is a ton of space that can be used to display more info.

Oh boy, where to start. In contrast to the old forum,

  • you do not see the corp of a poster anymore.
  • the forum keeps telling you to start private convos via mail when you reply too often to a user, but you cannot do that because CCP does not allow it.
  • Features advertised by the forums for veterans don’t exist.
  • trying to contact someone like an ISD or GM that suspended you or removed your post or something like that does not work because the moderation messages are automatic and don’t go through to the person responsible for the action.
  • Moderation tells you that you are only temporarily suspended while in fact you are permanently suspended.
  • Muting or Ignoring uses does not hide their activity from the Newest section, thus still notifying you about their activity.
  • for some time now, you cannot unhide flag-hidden posts anymore, which was possible in the past to see what was hidden.
  • receiving notification about replies only says “X number of chars replied to you” to a post or topic lands you in a random spot among these replies and you don’t know who else replied to you without scrolling through everything

Only a small selection of stuff that I noticed over time.

Amd its ccps prerogative to show hidden posts or not. Remember they still have to literally think of children that may see some of the posts considering you dont have to have an account to read the forums.

It looks like somebody is activelly tinkering with it :slight_smile: Desktop view on mobile shows viewcount now.
:crossed_fingers: for it to stay for good :slight_smile:
Not thanking yet until sure it was CCP’s inside job he he

It may be their prerogative, but it was changed only recently, and in all the years prior it wasn’t an issue. It’s just one of many changes that they do to the forum or any other place and never tell you about. Like the, for once, positive change with the newly formatted forum menu (when you click on your char portrait), that is arguably better than the previous version, but strangely enough it still does not allow you to go straight to the Activities.

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